2016-04-30 – Do $$meters violate the Nuremberg Code?

2016-04-29  – Microwave Radiation and Autism

2016-04-28  – Member getting anonymous harassing phone calls from BC Hydro

 2016-04-27– Hydro is telling installers they cannot install analogs!!

2016-04-26  – Fallacy of cost savings using off peak hours with time of use billing.

2016-04-25 – What type of wireless water meter does Vernon have?

2016-04-24 – In Ontario, (TOU) time of use rates increase again on May 1

2016-04-23 – Duncan is planning on installing Smart water meters

2016-04-22 –  Smart cities beginning in North America

2016-04-21 – Major International Group reviewing privacy of data re. IoT

2016-04-20 – Big News from Israel, major city bans Wi-Fi in schools.

2016-04-19  – EPA was prevented from classifying RF radiation a 2b Carcinogen in 1990

2016-04-18  – Subsidies for corporations but Bennett and BC Hydro say seniors must pay reconnection fees.

2016-04-17 – UK has major concerns about $$meter program and its costs

2016-04-16 – Ontarians are seeing another rate increase — they conserved too much.

2016-04-15 – An amazing man speaks about dangers of cellphones (RF)

2016-04-14  – Spinal cords are great antennae for RF radiation.

2016-04-13 – Telus is spending billions to increase the level of RF

2016-04-12 – Creative bookkeeping by Liberals result in BC Hydro borrowing to pay dividends.

2016-04-11 – Study shows the more people know about smeters, the more concerns they have.

2016-04-10 – The fallacy and risks of time-of-use (TOU) billing

2016-04-09 – A potentially precedent-setting lawsuit

2016-04-08   – Smart meters that tell utility the meter base needs repair, at home owner’s cost

2016-04-07 – Time of use (TOU) — Ontario

2016-04-06 – A bill in Argentina calls for wired devices in all schools and hospitals

2016-04-05 – BCUC told of Hydro’s unilateral change in rates

2016-04-04 – EMR may be contributing to the death of coral reefs in Hawaii

2016-04-03 – Industry planning expansion of the grid to include digital communications and more

2016-04-02 – Smart meter fire in Florida kills 12 race horses

2016-04-01 – Member asking for help for her grandson


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