Here are some suggestions that we have gathered from the web and people in BC.  Most of the suggestions are just common sense.

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1 – Turn off lights when not using them

2 – Turn down the thermostat if using electric heat.  Get used to a cooler home and dress accordingly.  Remember sweaters?  A house temperature of 2 degrees cooler should save you $$ on your bill.

3 – Dry clothes on a drying rack or clothes line instead of using the electric dryer

4 – If your home has single pane windows then add a clear plastic inside cover to trap the cold air.  I have used this often and it really works and is very cheap to do.

5 – Seal the areas around doors and windows where cold air will enter or the warm air will escape.  In year past people used to have a “door snake” to seal the crack at the bottom of the door to the outside.  Do a google on “door snake” to see 100s of options.

6 – Do your dishes by hand.  The standard dishwasher uses a lot of power to do your dishes.  If you have the time then this will save $$.  Also, the dishwasher uses lots of hot water and if this water is heated in an electric hot water tank then that costs a lot of $$.  At the present time, water heated by natural gas is cheaper than that heated by electricity.

7 – Install Solar Panels if you live in a house that has good solar view.  The installation of Solar Panels is not simple and the benefits are not always there.  You must do lots of research before you jump into this project.

8 – If you are building a new home and have lots of extra cash, then investigate geothermal.  In some areas of BC, the break-even on the investment is about 10 years.  Warning – some installations get saturated and the efficiency drops over time.

9 – Go off-grid and have NO bill for electricity.  This is a huge step, takes lots of effort.


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