2017-07-01 – Happy Canada Day!

2017-07-02BC ferries increasing “connectivity”.

2017-07-03 – Info about solar electrical systems and their inverters

2017-07-04 – Industry admits smeter growth stunted due to “uncertainties” !

2017-07-05 – Another report confirms smeters do not provide the benefits promised.

2017-07-06 – French scientist penalized for not revealing conflicts of interest to court.

2017-07-07Loss of landlines of major importance in California – Could it happen here?

2017-07-08Health Canada continues to support erroneous statement

2017-07-09Compare German cell phone warnings with Health Canada’s and Perry Kendall’s

2017-07-10Telus said to have plans to eliminate landlines.

2017-07-11 – Theory that the 5G system Telus is installing will use smeters to invade our privacy even more.

2017-07-12 – A free lecture series on Cancer by internationally known specialists

2017-07-13 – Increase in brain tumours among children

2017-07-14 – AARP in USA working to keep landlines

2017-07-15 – Telecoms target schools for cell towers

2017-07-16 – A major cancer cluster in children — rare brain tumours

2017-07-17 – Some very interesting websites with info to help reduce RF exposure

2017-07-18 – Cell tower application rejected by Sooke Mayor and Council

2017-07-19New more powerful smeter being installed in areas where current smeters cannot communicate with the grid.

2017-07-20BC Ferries public meeting Aug. 18

2017-07-21 – Excellent YouTube re. 5G, smeters.

2017-07-22 – ISED (formerly Industry Canada) wants our comments re 5G by Aug. 4

2017-07-23 – Industry says 5G may not make economic sense. We can only hope.

2017-07-24 – Could microcells result in public liability?

2017-07-25 – Major fertility issue: Sperm production down more than 50% since 1973.

2017-07-26Telus had a “successful” 5G pilot test in downtown Vancouver

No Update for 2017-07-27

2017-07-28Smeters causing fires in UK — poor installations?

No Update for 2017-07-29

2017-07-30 – A coming storm for wireless in the form of lawsuits?

2017-07-31US Navy rec’d permission to conduct EMR wargames for the next 5 years.




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