2017-02-07 – Major document: WHO guilty of allowing wireless radiation to cause irreparable harm.

2017-02-08 – BC paper publishes article re. cell phones

2017-02-09 – Tweeter needed.

2017-02-10 – TV company guilty of spying on customers

2017-02-11  – More about 5G that Telus doesn’t want us to know.

2017-02-12 – Microcells in Comox and Port Coquitlam

2017-02-13 – IoT and planned obsolescence & wireless tech. require huge amounts of energy

2017-02-14 – IoT is making our homes vulnerable through anything (even toys)

2017-02-15 – World renowned Italian institute confirms results of National Toxicology Program

2017-02-16 – BC Hydro still installing “disabled” smeters that are sending RF signals

2017-02-17 – “Smart” light bulbs can lead to “hacked” infrastructure

2017-02-18 – Illegal in Germany for companies to breach privacy with hidden devices

2017-02-19 – US govt. looking at “cell-to-cell” communications, weapons of the future?

2017-02-20 – Pacemakers can be hacked.  (List of Doctors – knowledgeable about EHS & EMFs)

2017-02-21 – Industry document confirms that smeters have many problems that are not being addressed [Sensus]

2017-02-22 – Dr. Havas re. danger of substation under a school

2017-02-23 – Some US mainstream media coverage of RF dangers

2017-02-24 – Exposure to 900 MHz (the same used by smeters) harms DNA of plants

2017-02-25 – RF levels from microcells appear to be increasing.

2017-02-26 – Smeters have Infrared ports that can share data with strangers

2017-02-27 – A victory in Calif — report re. cell phone risk must be released

2017-02-28 – Maryland Council recommends replacing Wi-Fi in schools with hard wired connections — A FIRST



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