2017-02-15 World renowned Italian institute confirms results of National Toxicology Program

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1)    New light bulbs that eliminate the blue light, improving sleep.  If you haven’t done so, I would strongly recommend that you download the f.lux program (it’s free) https://justgetflux.com/  that will reduce the blue light on your computer screen. I have input my location coordinates as being Newfoundland so the light is changed earlier, reducing the glare on my screen.


2)    A report from 2008 that identified the gaps in knowledge about RF radiation. I read a lot of it and found that not much has changed. For example:

“Presently, there is negligible or relatively little knowledge of local SAR concentration (and likely heating) in close proximity to metallic adornments and implanted medical devices for the human body. Examples include metal rim glasses, earrings, and various prostheses (e.g., hearing aids, cochlear implants, cardiac pacemakers). Research is therefore lacking to quantify the enhanced SARs close to metallic implants and external metallic adornments.”


3)    From someone in Greece who is very concerned about the reduction in the number of birds being seen. She is writing to various environmental and nature groups trying to educate them about how RF from cell towers, etc. can harm all wildlife, but notably birds. She told me about the Motus Tracking System here in Canada which I had never heard of.


I asked her for contacts and she kindly wrote the following. 

“ I really would like to see people protest the Motus Wildlife Tracking System being done by Bird Studies Canada. See previous email. Imagine attaching a pulsating wireless receiver to a bird’s back! This is animal cruelty to the nth degree as these trackers may do one or all of the following: interfere with the bird’s heart rhythm, render the bird sterile, affect its immune system, interfere wih its ability to orient and navigate properly, and cause other birds to avoid it. There is quite a complete list of people on their website, including emails, but I’ll give you the first 5 on my list:”

Stephen Price <sprice@birdscanada.org>, Jon McCracken <jmccracken@birdscanada.org>, Gregor Beck <gbeck@birdscanada.org>, Dr. Denis Lepage <dlepage@birdscanada.org>, Dr. Kiel Drake <kdrake@birdscanada.org>

I hope you will take a few minutes and write to these people. There are studies that you can reference, e.g Ulrich Warnke’s study on bees and birds:


4)    Re. a recent important conference, from an attendee. A very good translation of the article was done by one of our members and is below in Letters. The results of recent studies show serious health effects at levels of radiation much lower than that reported in the NTP National Toxicology Program’s study.

I am here in Israel at a conference on wireless radiation and health at Hebrew University, Israeli Institute for Advanced Studies. It was announced on the first day by Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi, Director of the well respected Ramazzini Institute, that their most recent study found an effect from levels of radiation 1000 times less then used in the NIH study. She has reported that they found low birth weight in the rats. This means that an effect was found at a very low level. She stated that she could only reveal these findings at this time and by the end of the year would have the report of the entire study. However, the NTP also found reduced birth weight in the rats born after prenatal exposure.

The study included thousands of rats and exposed them to cell tower levels of radiation – environmental levels – in order to see if there was a carcinogenic affect. They have completed three fourths of the pathology and will be working with  N I H for a final review to be published by the end of the year.

I attached a translated PDF of the news coverage but it is a rough translation.

In addition – at this conference that brought together experts and scientists from eight countries, including those who were involved in the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classification such as Anthony Miller MD, Ron Melnick PhD and Dariusz Leszczynski PhD. The working group of the conference on epidemiology concluded that evidence was now met to increase the classification to a probable carcinogen for radiofrequency radiation.

Italian article translated by Google attached [below in Letters].

Link to Italian coverage here: http://www.corriere.it/salute/sportello_cancro/17_gennaio_27/cellulari-ricerca-italiana-rilancia-l-ipotesi-loro-pericolosita-dc6a23ac-e49e-11e6-bab2-81c2e6263bbb.shtml


“Later this year we will make public our final data on the phone’s risks. In our studies there is confirmation of the danger of the electric fields.” The announcement, at the Forum of experts organized by the Ministry of Health of Israel, is of the kind destined to re-open a controversial and debated public health topic: can cell phones be carcinogenic? Especially considering that to make the declaration is biologist Fiorella Belpoggi, Research Area Director of the Center for Research on Cancer Cesare Maltoni, which is part of the authoritative Ramazzini Institute of Bologna. If data from the Ramazzini Institute were to confirm those published last May by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in the USA, which showed an increase in brain tumors and rare tumors of the heart in rats exposed to these waves, according to experts the regulatory agencies should seriously consider restrictive measures on exposure to mobile phone waves.


In 2005, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS, the National Institute for Environmental Health) in the US, with its branch of research called the National Toxicology Program (NTP) and the Ramazzini Institute began a parallel study on radio frequency radiation (RFR) in use by the cell phone communication system (GSM) using guinea pigs as laboratory rats. “The American colleagues have studied electromagnetic waves of mobile phones related to the near field, that is, the waves emitted from the antenna of the phone and the phone itself , explains Dr. Belpoggi. We, on the contrary, have studied the environmental exposure which comes from the antennas of the base stations, that is the antennas that we see scattered throughout the territory and around the world.


“First of all – says the director – it was communicated that the magnetic fields generated by the electric current flow (CEMBF), administered alone, do not seem to cause an increased risk for cancer. But when the same are associated with the concurrent administration of a chemical or physical agent, you get a synergistic effect and an increased incidence of certain malignant tumors. These results require an urgent review of the classification made by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), in that the situation of possible synergy between mixtures of compounds / agents is the situation in which the general population is. As for the RFR fields of mobile telephony, last May the NIEHS has published the first data on the increase of brain tumors and rare heart tumors in exposed rats. A decrease in the weight of newborns given birth by mothers exposed to RFR was also noticed. This result was also confirmed by the study by Ramazzini Institute, while the evaluation of the brain and heart tumors is still in progress and the goal is to raise within the year the funds necessary to complete the study and publish the data. Meanwhile, we recommend extreme caution for children and pregnant women.


Experts therefore call for greater prudence in the use of mobile phones, but also insist on a new standpoint by the Agency of the World Health Organization dedicated to cancer which is based in Lyon. “Already in the ’80s – says Fiorella Belpoggi – some epidemiological studies, both in the US and Europe, have shown an increased risk of lymphoma and leukemia in children exposed to magnetic fields generated by the flow of electric current. Based on these studies, the Agency IARC has classified electrical magnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic (class 2 B). There were not in fact sufficient experimental results on laboratory animals to classify CEMBF as probably carcinogenic (ie in class 2A). Just as it happened in the early 2000s about the fields generated by mobile phones, for which, however, an increase of tumors of the brain and cranial nerves was shown for heavy users of at least 10 years. Due to lack of experimental data, although the epidemiological evidence was sufficient, the RFR fields were classified as possibly carcinogenic (2B). To clarify the actual danger related to exposure to magnetic fields of any kind, both the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of the USA and our Bologna Institute have started the program of experimental studies on these waves, administered alone or in combination with chemical or physical agents at doses considered safe. In light of the results, we demand that now the CEMBF be reclassified from “possible” to “probable” and the appropriate measures be therefore taken.”


Which? “The industry should produce systems that can be less invasive, that is, to protect more people talking on the phone and this can only happen if you force people to maintain a certain distance from the unit. At the same time it must be avoided that each company install its antennas and that there is such a spread of mass deployment of electromagnetic waves, also other measures should be taken which decrease the exposure in any way.” A dream book? Claims by “environmental extremists”? “We are not fanatics who say no to mobile phones – responds Belpoggi – but we inform the population that exaggerated exposures should be avoided exposure where not needed. This is not to abolish a technology that in many ways is essential, but to make technologies safer and, at the same time, to educate citizens to a safer use.”


The international expert forum which met in Jerusalem will shortly publish a series of recommendations and advice related to the responsible use of mobile phones and WiFi, to prevent that the new generations be exposed from birth daily and needlessly to electromagnetic waves for which there are already many studies that highlight the danger. The Ramazzini Institute is a spokesman for the Forum of Jerusalem in Italy and already in the next few months will begin an education campaign in schools and information on the territory. The Institute has launched a fundraising campaign to complete its study by the NGO Environmental Health Trust.  So far, contributions to cover about 10 million euros for this study have come from Members of the Ramazzini Institute, the ARPA of Emilia Romagna Region, the Ministry of Health, INAIL, the banking foundations of the Monte di Bologna and Ravenna and the Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna, as well as liberal donations by citizens and philanthropists, including the UK charity Children with Cancer and Environmental Health Trust.

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