Newsletters 2018-04 Apr

2018-04-01France says smeter cannot gather minute by minute data, that it is not needed for billing, without obtaining consent

2018-04-02Multiple glioblastomas in a small area, unexplained

2018-04-03 – Environmental reporter traces history of Site C as a disaster in so many respects that is supported by politicians, both Liberal and NDP.

2018-04-04 – A power surge in Slocan Valley resulted in damages and FortisBC denies responsibility.

2018-04-05Number of cases of glioblastomas in Florida town triples from earlier figure.

2018-04-06 – Excellent media coverage of cell phones, cancer and how industry hides the truth

2018-04-07 – A new generation of ITRON smeters that can gather more data

2018-04-08 – Erin Brockovich interested in multiple glioblastomas in Florida

2018-04-09 – Inside info about the peer review of the NTP report.

2018-04-10Men more likely to have DNA damage that leads to autism

2018-04-11 – Application for smeters in New Mexico denied!!

2018-04-12 – Are LED streetlights connected to smeters?

2018-04-13 – Copper cable landlines are available

2018-04-14Children suffering psychologically due to wireless gadgets

2018-04-15BC Hydro wants to build substation under/near a school in Vancouver!

2018-04-165G will be much worse/stronger than we’ve been told.

2018-04-175G going to be tested in Toronto and Ottawa

2018-04-18No Update

2018-04-19No Update

2018-04-20No Update

2018-04-21No Update

2018-04-22No Update

2018-04-23 – BC Hydro applying to BCUC to reduce net metering benefits

2018-04-24 – Utility companies planning on use of detailed data gathered by smeters

2018-04-25Health risks associated with CFL and LED light bulbs

2018-04-26 – A huge resource document re EHS

2018-04-27 – Time sensitive: April 30 proposal by Green Party to implement Precautionary Principle. Need members to support.

2018-04-28Wireless charging is now a reality.

2018-04-29 – Good interview re magnetic fields

2018-04-30 – Time for Prov. Health Officer to recognize the Precautionary Principle — it’s her duty.

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