2018-04-13 Copper cable landlines are available

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1)    Some good news for those who would like to have the copper cable landline phone. As I have told you, when I agreed to have fiber optic cable service to my home, Telus, without telling/asking me, disabled my landline and installed a VOIP phone. I cancelled the Telus service when I discovered that my TV and internet had not been connected to my home’s wires but, instead, Wi-Fi modems were hidden.

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When I returned to Shaw, Shaw installed their digital phone. Until we had an outage, I didn’t know that we didn’t have an old fashioned, dependable landline. During the outage, we had no phone. Shaw told me when I complained that the battery is supposed to last for 8 hours – but ours was dead after one. What if I had to call the fire department, doctor, ambulance, etc?  One member, who was concerned after hearing my concerns, called Shaw and one honest rep told her that most Shaw battery cases have only one battery and the longest time it will provide service is 4 hours. What if the battery is faulty or not fully charged? You might get 1 hour or less, as I did.

– https://www.shaw.ca/home-phone/

I was considering lodging a formal complaint with CRTC and thought first, I would try to get in writing the fact that Telus took my copper cable landline and I couldn’t have it back. But when I called and spoke with a Telus rep., he asked me why I was concerned and I explained that my husband has health issues and I want to be able to know that I can call an ambulance. He said “no problem”.  He also said that anyone who is over 65 or has similar concerns can have the connection made, that the copper cable is not removed, just disabled. Of course after my recent experience with Telus, I was skeptical. But this morning, right on time, Telus came and hooked us up to a landline that is not VOIP, does not have a battery, and is more secure in many ways.

BTW, while I was speaking with the rep about my reasons for wanting a landline, he said I could use my cellphone. I told him I didn’t have one, but what if I did, and it was not fully charged, or the power was out so long that it didn’t work, or the cell tower lost power. I reminded him that even young, healthy people might have an emergency, for example, with a baby. What to do??? At that, he said he hadn’t thought of that and did sound as if he would.

2)    Please see below, in Letters, an email shared by someone in the USA about magnetic/electric fields in laptops/tablets, etc.

Voltage & Current – A Comparison of Electric & Magnetic Fields – http://altered-states.net/barry/newsletter143/booklet.htm

3)    An internet provider in the USA is offering a new Wi-Fi modem that will make sure every inch of the home is radiated.

Panoramic Wifi From Cox

Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi – http://bgr.com/2017/06/13/best-wifi-router-not-cox-anything-else/

“Wireless Extenders
– Extenders available to eliminate any dead zones in the home

– Wireless Extenders are optional; however, they can help to cover every nook and cranny of your home, including hard to reach dead zones.



I’m writing this because I have found a common denominator in those that are EHS. In no way am I implying that this is the only cause. There are others, such as ground current, that are going unnoticed by the EMF community but a very powerful exposure.  In the video I use an industry standard battery operated oscilloscope so the results are not influenced. Touching the Macbook Pro produces over 80 millivolts internally.


Why I didn’t use a multimeter to measure body voltage, with the ground as a potential? It’s a poor way to measure and here’s why.

1. Not endorsed by the IEEE.

2. It uses the earth instead of the body as a potential.

3. The earth can be filled with high frequency and voltage.

4. Touching 2 different types of metal creates a battery effect. Example, someone wearing a gold ring and a brass or metal rod.

Why is the exposure such a concern? Because the NIH confirms it is a huge problem.

From pages 26 and 27.

“Through the EMF-RAPID Program, considerable progress was made in the area of in vitro research on ELF-EMF. Many of these studies of ELF-EMF exposure focused on end-points commonly associated with cancer (e.g. cell proliferation, disruption of signal transduction pathways and inhibition of differentiation). Convincing evidence for causing effects is only available for magnetic flux densities greater than 100 µT (1,000mG) or internal electric field strengths greater than approximately 1 mV/m.”

“Numerous laboratories performed studies to evaluate potential ELF-EMF effects on cellular end-points related to signal transduction pathways which, if altered, might be carcinogenic. Overall the body of evidence suggests that ELF-EMF exposures at magnetic field intensities greater than 100 µT and electric fields greater than 1 mV/m have shown effects on signal transduction pathways. Studies at lower exposures are inconclusive.”

May this help you and your family,


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowledge is Power.”
~ Sir Francis Bacon, 1597


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