2017-10-01Cell tower proposed in Mission near homes

2017-10-02 – More smeter fires.

No Update for 2017-10-03

2017-10-04 – Arizona man wins case charging health info. re. smeters was withheld

2017-10-05 – Pressure to replace landlines with VOIP

2017-10-06 – More petitions to Fed. Auditor General re. cell phones/radiation

2017-10-07Auditor General petitions available to read.

2017-10-08 – Report: Canada’s privacy laws inadequate for “smart” devices

2017-10-09 – Investment analyst warns of storm of lawsuits re. wireless

2017-10-10 – “Science for Sale” by Center for Public Integrity

2017-10-11 –  Appeals Court upholds Berkeley’s “right to know” about cell phones

2017-10-12 – Report suggests increase in heart disease linked to RF exposure

2017-10-13Smeter resolution at NDP Convention Nov. 3-5

2017-10-14 – Evidence that Health Canada has a history of corruption

2017-10-15 – North Korea’s cyber-hacking ability increasing


2017-10-175G, bees, and our environment

2017-10-18 – Gord Downie dies of glioblastoma (brain cancer linked by studies to cell phones)

2017-10-19EMF from computers can affect thyroids

2017-10-20 – Telecoms are turning light poles into “smart” surveillance tools and transmitters

2017-10-21 – One explanation for diplomats in Cuba becoming ill could be radiation, according to one neurologist

2017-10-22 – A very important video revealing another ugly side of telecoms, computers, new technology “Death by Design

2017-10-23Meeting in Duncan re.microcells Oct. 25.

2017-10-24 – Some excellent microcell letters that need to be circulated

2017-10-25 – Mobile Communications and the disappearance of bees

2017-10-26 – Another utility allowing people to keep their analogs permanently.

2017-10-27 – Another power surge that caused smeters to explode and burn.

2017-10-28 – Info on the Ontario power surge that caused smeters to explode and burn

2017-10-29 – A letter from Minister Mungall that shows she needs educating re. smeters

2017-10-30 – Important Industry article re. 5G – We must understand this if we are to fight it.

2017-10-31 – In USA, industry wants access to 120 million utility poles for microcells & 5G

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