2017-10-26 Another utility allowing people to keep their analogs permanently.

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1)    In the USA, one of the primary defenders of the indefensible products is Peter Valberg [https://gradientcorp.com/bio.html?id=35&staff=Valberg] who defended the cigarette industry for years. Now he has switched to defending, working as a “Gradient” scientist, promoting toxic chemicals and microwave radiation. Follow the money, that must be his motto.  He has presented at various Public Utility Commissions hearings and, like William Bailey of Exponent, presents faulty, false, or “alternative facts” which, for some reason, are taken as pure science. Here is a flyer prepared by someone in Massachusetts with Valberg’s history.  These “bent scientists” are like hired guns: they will go wherever to defend anything for a price.

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2)    A new gimmick that many (for example, Electrical Engineer William Bathgate) suspect will mislead people who want to go solar by locking them into the utility companies’ grasp, making those with solar totally dependent on the grid and without any of the “crediting” benefits that are realized by selling surplus power back to the company.

New connection technology is cutting cost of solar installation

ConnectDER, as it’s known, generally eliminates the need to enter a home and it greatly reduces the amount of electrical work required.

“It allows you to inject the solar on the customer side of the meter prior to getting into the home,” said Michael Shonka, a solar installer who has put the new equipment in a half-dozen homes in the Omaha area. “This means we can cut out $1,000 to $2,000 worth of cost in the system because you don’t need electricians to go through foundations trying to get to the service panel, and you don’t need to rearrange the panel.”

Some people know it as “plug and play” solar.

The ConnectDER “collar” plugs into the meter socket, typically on the outside of the house, and then the meter plugs into the ConnectDER, meaning that the solar panels’ inverter connects directly with the meter without having to go through the household service panel.


3)    Another utility (this one in Oregon) that allows its customers to keep their analogs, for a proposed opt-out fee of $20 a month. This is being protested.  BC Hydro is the only utility I’ve seen that says it cannot allow analogs because it would disrupt its grid. Just one more “alternative fact” from our crown corporation.

Guest opinion: Smart meters are coming

“The PacifiCorp filing with the CPUC states in part, “PacifiCorp proposes to charge both residential and non-residential customers an initial opt-out fee of $75 and a monthly meter reading fee of $20, with a 20 percent discount on both the initial opt-out fee and the monthly meter reading fee for PacifiCorp’s CARE program customers. PacifiCorp proposes waiving the initial opt-out fee if a customer elects to opt-out prior to a smart meter installation.” A protest has been filed by the Office of Ratepayer Advocacy ORA, so these fees may be lower depending on the CPUC’s final ruling.

If the waiver for the initial opt-out fee remains, the most it would cost to keep your analog meter would be $20 a month, which as I said might be lower.


4)    Nova Scotia Power has submitted an application to the Public Utility Commission for a smeter program. We could help these people by sharing our experiences, our knowledge and real information.

The email contact for a Letter to the Editor is: news@ngnews.ca

[The News of SaltWire Network – http://saltwire.com/assets/dist/pdf/newsroom_directory.pdf]

“On its surface, the application looks attractive. Smart meters collect and save electricity consumption data from the customer every 15 minutes. NS Power says the smart meters will reduce its costs and have advantages to customers who engage with their own data. But the Ecology Action Centre says there are serious concerns with the proposed plan and its claims relating to energy affordability and renewable integration, and a striking lack of co-ordination with the energy-efficiency utility, Efficiency Nova Scotia.”


5)    A newsletter from Catherine Frompovich. I highly recommend you take a look at the first video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T9M4ziMaqY,

from about the 10 minute point, where Dr. Magda Havas speaks to the different types of antennae, their power, their shapes and distances they reach. Rob Metzinger shows the different sounds and strengths associated with the various wireless devices in most homes. I am not sure about the validity of some of her assertions that the police should take action against cell tower owners, and, ultimately, in one YouTube charges that the police themselves should be arrested if they do not force the cell towers to be turned down. I do not know but I am not convinced that there exists a law that is definitive enough to result in arrests. I wish there were. I agree we are being assaulted, but, IMHO, until we have evidence of harm that is upheld by a court of law, there is nothing solid that any enforcement agency can use to arrest these defilers of our environment.

from https://smartmeterharm.org/2017/10/22/poster-5g-radiation-exposure-the-largest-biological-experiment-ever-nature-is-at-risk/

Anything To Learn From Nature About Microwave Radiation?

What do birds know and are ‘telling’ us by their actions, which we are not paying attention to, especially since birds, reptiles, and insects use Earth’s magnetic field for navigation?  Some think birds have a “built-in GPS” [1] navigation system!  It is thought that whales use echolocation.  So, we have to wonder if man-made frequencies interfere with Nature’s creatures and all of creation, including us.



Microcells Regulatory Cluster Chart – BC (1)

Some terrific letters published in local newspapers:

More to the story



Earlier letter regarding the microcell situation, printed in April.



From: Ron McNutt   (name given with permission)
Sent: October 26, 2017
To: premier@gov.bc.ca; Lisa.Beare.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Subject: Re: smart meters

Dear Mr. Premier:

I can only imagine how busy you must be. You appear to be making many positive changes early in your tenure and we’re behind you on most of them. But there is one very large intentionally submerged issue that you need to deal with. Politically, I can understand why you don’t want to. But you must, because it’s not going away and if not dealt with properly it will ultimately take you down.

‘Smart’ meters. Sure you’d love to forget them, but we’re not going to, and we elected you. Please note the article I’ve pasted in below indicating the Arizona smart meter people were lying to their citizens. What a surprise! Well, not really.

The ‘Smart’ meter project is illegitimate, ill conceived, and dangerous. It could only be executed based on the ignorance of an uninformed population, which is why it was handled as a blitzkrieg before anyone knew what was going on. And now it’s time to deal with it properly. Sometimes it’s better to let a wound bleed freely than to let poisons fester below the surface.

To begin, it is incumbent upon you to deal openly, professionally, and expeditiously with Sharon Noble’s recent smart meter fire report. All the questions around that report need to be dealt with, leaving no ‘grey’ areas. The citizens of British Columbia are potentially at serious risk to their health from fires, and deserve this report investigated and respect. If the author is wrong in her conclusions, so be it. Prove it with evidence, then let’s move on. If she’s not wrong, then changes need to be made on a priority basis.

Regardless of the outcome of Sharon Noble’s report, I am calling on you to put the entire smart meter program in front the BCUC for a thorough and long overdue investigation. It was exempted from review for obvious reasons.

This review must involve the health aspects of submerging an entire province in wireless radiation, for which there is no proof of safety, and overwhelming evidence of harm. Such an investigation of potential health effects was done by the Santa Cruz Ca. Health Officer.

Dr. Poki Namkung slammed the brakes on smart meters in that area. But this was all conveniently ignored in British Columbia where inquiries are met with a form-letter featuring the official spin of ‘no convincing evidence of harm’. Which really means there is ‘evidence of harm’, but whoever signed the letter is not convinced, for whatever unexplained reason.

When we look at who ‘is convinced of harm’ we see it includes people like the tens of thousands of scientists involved over the years in producing tens of thousands of studies suggesting harm, or the 200+ top international scientists who have recently lobbied the World Health Organization for urgent changes to wireless exposure limits. But these are not considered when we give the green light to industry to put smart meters and ‘microcells’ outside everyone’s home and radiate children in schools.

In addition to a BCUC smart meter review which must include health effects, there needs to be action taken on a priority basis to ensure the independence and integrity of the Provincial Health Office. The job of the Provincial Health Office is to protect the health of the British Columbia population. They need the freedom to make decisions on the basis of health alone. This office needs to be completely severed from the influence of politicians and the nefarious sway of corporate influence. The volume and quality of recent science showing harm makes this office undeserving of using the word ‘health’ in its name.

But all is not lost. By making these corrections, which are reasonable, entirely possible, and within grasp, we can build a safer and more secure electrical grid, and create a public health apparatus that is exclusively focused on looking after public health. I encourage you to have the moral courage to deal with these issues…as people are suffering because of them now. These issues are not going to go away until dealt with responsibly.

Thank you.

Ron McNutt
Maple Ridge

October 5th, 2017 – Warren Woodward Wins Smart Meter Battle at Arizona Court of Appeals – Unanimous decision by COA opens the way for public disclosure of corruption by the Arizona utility commission (ACC) and the Arizona Dept of Public Health. The two state agencies had conspired together to publish a false report alleging no health problems with smart meters. Mr. Woodward used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain documents showing such conspiracy. Heavily redacted documents were provided to him by the two agencies. He took both agencies to court to force disclosure of the redacted material. A trial court judge gave him the unredacted documents but placed a gag order on his public disclosure of same. The Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the gag order was improper and that Woodward is now free to publicly disclose the unredacted documents. The case was remanded back to the trial court for further proceedings consistent with the appeals court decision.

This case shows what can be accomplished by a determined and disciplined individual who persists and persists. The value to our smart meter resistance movement is that the Arizona public will now learn that no honest health study was ever done and that an attempt to fake such a study was made instead. This will undermine public confidence in the whole smart meter program.

Click here for account in the Arizona Capitol Times.

Click here for the Appeals Court opinion and decision.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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