2018-11-01NTP study reports non-ionizing radiation might cause DNA breaks!

2018-11-02No Update

2018-11-03 – 157 scientists & MDs find ICNIRP ignoring science

2018-11-04No Update

2018-11-05No Update

2018-11-06No Update

2018-11-07No Update

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2018-11-09 – Hundreds of birds falling from the sky

2018-11-10No Update

2018-11-11No Update

2018-11-12No Update

2018-11-13 – French court recognizes EHS as “work-related handicap”

2018-11-13Europeans push to own their data, not the corporations.

2018-11-14 – Regulators in USA don’t think smeter benefits justify costs, leading to fewer smeters installed

2018-11-15North Vancouver city office received applications for 78 microcells

2018-11-16No Update

2018-11-17No Update

2018-11-18No Update

2018-11-19ITRON is using smeter for purposes other than billing in North Carolina.

2018-11-20No Update

2018-11-21How to move meter from home, in detail.

2018-11-22No Update

2018-11-23Telus selling public on 5G

2018-11-24 – More terrific articles by Jerry Flynn

2018-11-25No Update

2018-11-26 – Americans for Responsible Technology , 5G, legislator education

2018-11-27Attorney General David Eby needs to hear from us.

2018-11-285G Pilot projects in several cities including Vancouver

2018-11-29 – US Congress Report on Smart Grid — our concerns are justified

2018-11-30 – Why is BC Hydro “hot swapping” smeters??

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