Newsletters 2018-02 Feb

2018-02-01No Update

2018-02-02  – Stop Smart Meters Update

2018-02-03No Update

2018-02-04No Update

2018-02-05No Update

2018-02-06No Update

2018-02-07 – The NTP Cell Phone Cancer Study

2018-02-08 – Investors raising concerns with tech companies about mental health of children

2018-02-09New Brunswick smeter plan’s costs exceed benefits

2018-02-10 – More from Dr. Oz re. 5G

2018-02-11 – In USA, big donations to elected officials could result in microcells.

2018-02-12 – Elizabeth May warns of huge financial consequences if Site C continues after China buys Aecon

2018-02-13 – Why 5G and is it a Trojan Horse?

2018-02-14BCUC does not refute my Fire Report.

2018-02-15US Intelligence warns against Chinese company that Telus has invited into our grid.

2018-02-16EMF –> Possible increased risk of miscarriage

2018-02-17 – We need to spread word re. Telus and Huawei

2018-02-18 – Major cybersecurity concerns in UK delaying smeters

2018-02-19 – A Duncan doctor re. cell towers

2018-02-20 – A major Italian study confirms the findings of NTP

2018-02-21Dr. Mercola continues to help educate his readers

2018-02-22Canadian Govt. finally spending money on cybersecurity and protecting data.

2018-02-23SaskPower has not found a safe smeter to replace ones that caused fires

2018-02-24 – New “magic” wireless electricity

2018-02-25Telus misleading people, taking landlines

2018-02-26 – Review of cancers in military –> RF is a carcinogen

2018-02-27 – A major court ruling re pesticides in California could lead the way.

2018-02-28 – In New Brunswick hearing, experts say smeter program is an uncertain, risky investment.


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