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A few articles about interference from Smart Meters.

Interference – EMR Health Alliance of BC –



One reader’s smart meter experience in Ireland by John Weigel – Kelowna Daily Courier – January 05, 2013:

Boeing engineers use spuds to improve in-air Wi-Fi – Sacks of potatoes stand in for passengers as Boeing engineers work to improve onboard wireless by Jason Keyser – Associated Press – Yahoo! News – December 22, 2012:
Boeing uses potatoes for in-flight wireless test by Aaron Cooper – CNN – December 20, 2012:
(video) Potatoes on Planes – Bizarre tests of electronics in flight:

Smart Meter Interference – Assessment of Chatham-Kent Hydro Smart Meter Implementation (Ontario, Canada) by Austin Wright – VE3NCQ – Chatham, Ontario – Citizens for Safe Technology – March 31, 2012:
Smart Meter Interference – Industry Canada Certification – Unlicensed Frequencies – Transmitters Comments:

There is a very interesting site that I review every once in a while, and every time I find something new that I had missed before, or, more likely, I found something to research before I got that far. There is a lot here.

This says that smeters unlicensed frequency is certified for one single connection, not a mesh grid set up with 1000s of transmitters. Industry Canada seems to condone it and I guess it will until/unless the operation interferes with a licensed transmitter.

This interpretation is incorrect, according to Industry Canada, and could land Chatham-Kent Hydro in some expensive trouble. There is nothing about this system which is designed to “co-exist” with other users. Even though each TUNet module is Industry Canada certified, compliance with the regulations is not guaranteed. When these rules were implemented, Industry Canada and the various stakeholders which contributed input to the bandplan did not envision a mesh network of 32,000 such devices effectively monopolizing the entire band in a geographic area. The certification is for a single TUNet module, not an entire network. Further interpretation of the rules indicate that the radio receiver used by this system, which must also be certified, is to operate on a 1:1 basis; that is, one transmitter (TUNet module) must correspond with one receiver using the same 50+ channel hopset.

Homes robbed of TV signal by new 4G mobile network will get up to £10,000 to be reconnected by Vanessa Allen – Daily Mail – November 12, 2012:

The ARRL Smart Meter FAQ Page by Jerry Ramie, KI6LGY – AARL The national association for Amateur Radio:

Smart meters not phone friendly by Beth White – Simi Valley Acorn – September 07, 2012:

Just say no to smart meters


Steamboat’s ‘smart’ water meters under fire from Internet providers by Scott Franz – Steamboat Today – August 14, 2012:

Smart meter infrastructure causes internet problems in Silverton by Jan McMurray – The Valley Voice (page 1) – July 11, 2012:

Dog collar shocks coming from pole, not meter: Hydro by Sarah Simpson – Cowichan Valley Citizen – June 13, 2012:
BC, Canada Man Wonders “What the Bloody Hell is Going On?” as Dogs Shocked by Smart Meter – Stop Smart Meters! – June 09, 2012:
There would be no harm in a quick home visit – Cowichan Valley Citizen – June                                  08, 2012:
Dogs, owner shocked by Hydro by Sarah Simpson – Cowichan Valley Citizen – June 08, 2012:

Just how smart is my smart meter? by Jim Baumer – Digital Doorway – March 27, 2012:

4G TV interference: Up to a million homes ‘need filters’ – BBC News – February 22, 2012:

Utility Smart Meters Screwing Up WISPs, Home Routers – Charging Customers Fees to Disable Wireless Functionality by Kari Bode – Broadband DSL – February 17, 2012:
Smart meters knock out WISP by arisk – Broadband DSL – February 16, 2012:

Smart Meters Interfering With Home Electronics by Robert Vamosi – Security Week – November  23, 2011:

Test Tools Help Identify and Eliminate Interference in Smart Grids by Mark Helmbach – Utility Products Magazine – Vol.8, Issue 10:

Smart meters trigger Wi-Fi Blackout by Martin LaMonica and Luke Hopewell – ZDNet – November 22, 2011:

[Maine, USA] Smart Meters Causing RFI by Dan KB6NU – KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog – November 21, 2011:
Electronics on the fritz?  Could be smart meters – The new meters have been interfering with customers’ household devices, CMP says. by Edward D. Murphy – The Portland Press Herald – November 19, 2011:
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Smart meter wireless interference can be fixed – The Herald Gazette – November 17, 2011:

[FCC – USA] Part 15 Catch 22 by Smarter Meters – September 21, 2011: –

What’s Going on in Canada? by Ken Tapping –





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