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Notice a New Electric Meter on your home? 

Are you are wondering if you have received a “Smart Meter”?  Please Review the following two meters very carefully so you can be certain which kind you have.

BC Hydro “digital” meter ( Itron Centron C1S )

To our knowledge has NO WIRELESS functionality to it, and was likely installed before July 2011.×578.jpg


NOTE : These can be MODIFIED, Antennas ADDED,   measure the RF Levels to be sure its not transmitting

BC Hydro Smart Meter( Itron Centron II with OPENWAY )

which has WIRELESS functions.

It also can use Zigbee Wireless, Cellular phone network, Ethernet or Phone lines

according to Itron Patents and Itron Annual Reports

#1 :  FIRST CHECK FOR THESE WORDS OPEN WAY which are located at the Bottom

#2 : The distinctive “V” pattern on the right,  this is a Dock for the hydro company to read the Smart Meter when there in person.

#3 : Notice the Black BUTTON for controlling the digital Display,  Its only on a Smart Meter.

#4 : Installed after JULY 1st 2011









Three Antennas Inside a Smart Meter

An Investigation of Radiofrequency Fields

Associated with the Itron Smart Meter

page 34

“For the Itron equipment that was the subject of this investigation, Two separate transmitters are contained in

the end-point meters. The wireless mesh network can be referred to as an RF LAN (radio frequency local area network).

The Itron RF LAN operates in the 902-928 MHz license free band using spread spectrum

transmitting technology. A second, separate transmitter that operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency range (2405

MHz to 2483 MHz) uses direct sequence spread spectrum technology that is referred to as a Zigbeeradio.

This Second transmitter is included for use with Home Area Networks (HANs) allowing customers, for

example, to control certain electric appliances or systems within the home. When fully implemented, the

customers will be able to connect wirelessly with the HAN radio and set times at which various appliances

and/or electrical systems may operate, thereby taking advantage of those times during which electricity rates are lowest.

The RF LAN provides data communications among the various end-point meters and an associated cell relay meter.

Cell relays are end-point meters that contain yet a THIRD Transceiver that is designed for wireless connection to the cellular WWAN,

i.e., relaying of the data received from the various end-point meters over a private connection to the electric utility company.

The transceivers use the same frequency bands used by cell phones.

Two different frequency bands are used by these cell-relay transceivers, either the 850 MHz band or the 1900 MHz band.

7 Figure 2-3 shows a cell relay with the flexible dual band antenna located on the inside surface of the meter cover.”


Fiona Taylor of BCHYDRO claims that “CELL RELAY will NOT be used, and all will be Pole mounted SMART GRID CELL ROUTERS ”

Watch a Video from California showing an ITRON CELL RELAY in operation

Zigbee Antennas 

Itron & Zigbee



“ Transmission range is between 10 and 75 meters (33 and 246 feet) and up to 1500 meters for zigbee pro, although it is heavily dependent on the particular environment. The output power of the radios is generally 0 dBm (1 mW).”



BC HYDRO – Smart Meter Collector ( Wireless / Constant )

FORTISBC GAS  ( Wireless Collector networked to Smart Meter )

WATER METERS  ( Wireless activated by Drive By Collection )

11 thoughts on “Identify your METER”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for all this information. We just found out today our analog metre was replaced by a smart metre which apparently is radio off without our knowledge or consent. Has anyone used a sine tamer? If a sine tamer can help reduce the harmful effects and reduce unnecessary power usage of the smart metre I well strongly consider taking BC Hydro to small claims court to attempt to force them to pay for the installation of the device as well as pursue damages or other negative aspects of the radio off smart metre.

    1. Hi Steph. Yes, BCH is playing hardball and it seems that they are converting every analog to ROSM (radio off SM).
      Sine Tamer – I think that is primarily for decreasing DE=dirty electricity or high freq transients.
      If your home has high levels of DE then a Sine Tamer may work. Many people suffer from high levels of DE. You should measure first and after.
      Also, try plug in DE filters but some people suffer from the mag fields these give off if near bed or front room.
      BC Hydro small claims for little benefit is a stretch.
      You are better off to keep the ROSM from being flipped into a full on SM

      1. Thanks Ted for your response. Hardball is is a kind word for being forced to not have rights to keep my home safe. These are terrible times we live in.

        1. Hi Steph
          Yes and it is getting ugly.
          I recommend that you purchase and read The Invisible Rainbow by Firstenberg. Now available for abt $USD 26. This explains everything and why we are in an almost impossible rock and hardplace situation,

    2. Hello, I too am very concerned about having this Smart Meter installed on my home without any regard for my health and safety. I have found this website to be very helpful.
      Also there is currently a petition going to Justin Trudeau regarding a new 5 G technology that is even more harmful to our health. Check it out here: Let’s band together and demand change.

  2. Hello, I live in Illinois and have Ameren as my gas and electric provider. Last Friday a new meter was Put on my house. I had been paying extra to have an analog meter, This new meter is digital. I immediately started having a problem sleeping, stiff neck and back, head ache, nausea, and my skin feeling like it is crawling. I called Ameren and they claim that it is a non smart mart meter even though it is digital. The name on it is. OEM Itron Vision. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.

    1. Digital meters run on electricity and emit harmonics/dirty electricity on your home wiring. This could be the cause. You should have a building biologist check the level and perhaps you should put a filter (see Stetzer filter) on the lines. Many people get relief from this. Do you have anything wireless in your home, cell or cordless phone, wifi, etc? If so, get rid of it and go wired. At night go to your circuit breaker and shut off the electricity in the bedroom and adjacent rooms. The wiring in t he walls are close to your bed and can disrupt your sleep.


    2. Hello I am now in the exact position you are in but I am in Florida. Were you able to get the meter off?

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