Newsletters 2018-05 MAY

2018-05-01Is radar the cause of the cancer cluster (ocular melanomas)?

2018-05-02Doctors in Europe ask for Precautionary Principle re. 5G –> moratorium

2018-05-03 – Rate of Malignant brain tumors (glioblastomas) doubles in UK

2018-05-04 – BC Ferries putting Wi-Fi transmitters on private land.

2018-05-05 – Cellphone-related nerve pain

2018-05-06 – Samsung’s dangerous new 5G router approved by FCC

2018-05-07 – Evidence that no agency in BC has been looking at scientific evidence that RF is harmful

2018-05-08 – Are Health Canada and ISED in violation of the Nuremberg Code?

2018-05-09Telecoms going live with 5G in several US cities later in 2018.

2018-05-10 – Internet of Things is failing 75% of the time

2018-05-11 – Why won’t smeter companies allow customers/rate payers know contractual details of deal made with utilities??

2018-05-12 – The effect of EMR on behavior of children, especially those with autism.

2018-05-13 – RF signals affect medical implants, potentially causing great harm or death.

2018-05-14Smeter program rejected in Massachusetts.

2018-05-15 – Research shows Wi-Fi / EMF increases MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities)

2018-05-16US infrastructure could become more vulnerable to cyber threats.

2018-05-17 – Law school blog — “Technology and Human Rights

2018-05-18 – Warning: Cyberattacks target electric grid

2018-05-19 – US military’s use of milliwaves as weapons

2018-05-20Raising awareness with officials re. Microcells

2018-05-21 – Newsweek article re. microwave radiation harming nature

2018-05-22  – A great interview on NPR *public radio* with Devra Davis and Mark Hertsgaard (author of The Nation article)

2018-05-23Green Party webinar to discuss EMR Precautionary Principle.

2018-05-24Lawsuit against Monsanto may lead the way to Telecoms

2018-05-25 – A lawyer considers civil rights of those who are sensitive.

2018-05-26Telus holding “info session” on 5G in Maple Ridge, May 28, and another smeter fire.

2018-05-27 – The Health Minister still ignores recent important studies

2018-05-28Milliwave frequencies likely much more dangerous to insects than lower frequencies

2018-05-29 – CBS presents 5G and questions health concerns

2018-05-30 – National Cancer Institute ignores NTP study

2018-05-31 – Honey bees dying — but no mention of EMF as a contributing factor

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