2018-05-21 Newsweek article re. microwave radiation harming nature

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1)     A new book that emphasizes that Alzheimer’s seems to be an environmentally-related disease, with microwave radiation being one of the significant contributing factors.

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Alzheimer’s The Number One Killer: Prevention and Reversal of Cognitive Decline Paperback – May 14, 2018

“Alzheimer’s was a rare disease before the beginning of the modern consumer society and introduction of processed and fast foods, and all these conveniences of transportation and combustion engines and turbines, and, most of all, communication by pulsing microwaves used in mobile phone and TETRA communications impacting our brain cells and tissue, destroying them. We will eventually, perhaps in 30 to 50 years, have killed a sufficient number of our children, youth, grown-ups, particularly in the heavy polluted metropolitan areas of New Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, Cairo, London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and other metropolises, creating an unmanageable backlog of Alzheimer’s patients, burgeoning cost of medical care which is bankrupting private and socialized health care insurers, and eventually the world’s population will shrink back to the 2 billion when I was born from the present 7 billion, at a time when we did not have these radiations and toxicities destroying our brains and killing us softly but surely.”


2)    Newsweek has an important article re microwave radiation and the environment in its tech and science section of the current edition.


Radiation from Cell Phones, Wifi Are Hurting the Birds and the Bees; 5G May Make It Worse

“Technology is quite literally destroying nature, with a new report further confirming that electromagnetic radiation from power lines and cell towers can disorientate birds and insects and destroy plant health. The paper warns that as nations switch to 5G this threat could increase.”


3)    Cell towers are still being erected in the midst of settled residential neighbourhoods; for example, the one in Langford.  There are many studies that show that people do not want to buy homes near a cell tower or, if they are willing, the price would have to be dramatically reduced.  Many anticipate that having a microcell outside a home will have the same result. Certainly, it is possible that if people have a choice between a home with one mere feet from a bedroom or one without, the home without the microcell would be preferred.  Most people are not aware that ISED’s policy allows for more than one transmitter to be put on the same pole or building without any notice or consultation. As well, the height of the pole can be extended without notice. Once these microcells are outside our homes, we lose all control over the amount of radiation is emitted by any number of transmitters.

Cell Phone Towers Lower Property Values: Documentation And Research on Cellular Base Stations Near Homes

“Research indicates that over 90% of home buyers and renters are less interested in properties near cell towers and would pay less for a property in close vicinity to cellular antennas. Documentation of a price drop up to 20% is found in multiple surveys and published articles as listed below. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) considers cell towers as “Hazards and Nuisances.””


4)    Advice for parents and teachers for protecting children from exposure to Wi-Fi in schools and elsewhere. This info should be shared widely and hopefully, teachers, School Board trustees, principals, and the Minister of Education will get involved. It’s time to work to have schoolrooms (and homes) safer next September.

For Parents to Know

“12. These symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, pressure in the head, feeling faint, chest pressure, difficulty concentrating, irritability, weakness, fatigue, an irregular heart beat, etc.

13. Children are beginning to show signs of dementia, where they cannot remember basic things, a phenomenon being called “Digital Dementia”

14. RF increases endorphins and is addicting. Children do not have the understanding and discipline to pull away, and parents need to regulate use of any RF-emitting technologies

15. Exposure guidelines are based on average exposures yet the body responds to peaks, not to averages. In schools with WiFi, children can be exposed to peak pulsing way above the safety guidelines recommended by independent scientists for a significant portion of the day, with the worst symptoms many times happening during those peak times

16. Schools use industrial grade WiFi that is significantly more powerful than home WiFi, and designed to go through cement walls, brick and to travel into outside areas of the school. Newer systems use potentially more dangerous directional radiation patterns in addition to the higher power.

17. RF in a school bus, car or train exacerbates the RF exposures due to the radiation reflecting off the metal vehicle.

18. Children with metal braces are especially prone to symptoms from RF…”


How Do You Make Your School Safe From EMFs?

1.“Hard-wired cable or fiber optic communications networks, replacing over-the-air WiFi transmissions.

2. Workstations with Ethernet connections available throughout the school for laptop internet access.

3. Students and school personnel taught to disable WiFi functionality on laptops and personal devices.

4. ‘No Cell Phone’ policy on campus.

5. Personal hotspot devices not permitted.

6. Wireless ‘smart boards’ removed.

7. Hard-wired computer peripherals, such as mice, keyboards, etc.

8. Hard-wired printers, with WiFi function disabled…”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”
~ A. Einstein


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