Newsletters 2018-08 AUG

2018-08-01 – Internet-connected devices banned from French schools

2018-08-02Cell phone banning in Canada getting international attention

2018-08-03 – “Generation Zapped” getting into public libraries

2018-08-04 – Regulators in Maine found fault with smeters during outages

2018-08-05Airport Wi-Fi especially vulnerable to hacking

2018-08-06 – A major victory: New Mexico utility’s application for smeters denied

2018-08-07 – In California utility remotely turned off air conditioner during heat spell

2018-08-08BC Hydro letters re. legacy removals being received.

2018-08-09 – Anyone with advice about moving smeter away from home?

2018-08-10CBC Marketplace asking for ideas for programs

2018-08-11 – An important win in court — Monsanto’s Roundup caused man’s cancer.

2018-08-12 – Globe and Mail prints Health Canada’s misinformation!!!

2018-08-13 – No Update

2018-08-14 – No Update

2018-08-15 – No Update

2018-08-16 – No Update

2018-08-17 – USA Court acknowledges smeters are invasive, but not “unreasonable”

2018-08-18 – Why the push for 5G?

2018-08-19 – A letter of consent re. 5G microcells.

2018-08-20Bumblebee on endangered species list.

2018-08-21Cancer Societies seem not to be concerned about cell phones.

2018-08-22 – Ontario schools to discuss banning cell phones (revised #2)

2018-08-23No Update

2018-08-24 – BC Hydro has no accounting for our extortion fees

2018-08-25No Update

2018-08-26No Update

2018-08-27No Update

2018-08-28No Update

2018-08-29More microcells being installed throughout province

2018-08-30(30) smeter “incidents” in last 6 months

2018-08-31 – Report linking mystery illnesses in Cuban embassy with microwave radiation

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