2018-08-08 BC Hydro letters re. legacy removals being received.

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1)   Several people have told me that they have received THE” letter from BC Hydro, the one threatening that if they are not allowed to attach the smeter to your home, they will charge a $65 delayed installation fee [https://app.bchydro.com/content/dam/BCHydro/customer-portal/documents/projects/smart-metering/measurement-canada-certificate-expired-notification-letter.pdf].

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**In order to avoid appliance damages, don’t forget to turn the power off for the whole house before the meter exchange.**

It has been quiet for a time but suddenly they are raising their ugly voices again. Remember, you have the choice to have the transmitter turned off but by so doing, the RF emissions are eliminated but the other problems remain: dirty electricity, fire hazard, ease of hacking, higher bills. One option to reduce the fire hazard is to have the smeter removed from the home and put on a pole some distance away. An electrician can give the costs for doing this.

BC Hydro – Meter Choices – https://app.bchydro.com/accounts-billing/rates-energy-use/electricity-meters/meter-choice.html

(video) Smart Meter with Radio-Off! Why’s it still broadcasting BC Hydro? – https://vimeo.com/169954584

Anyone with a medical implant, such as a pacemaker or deep brain implant, should investigate the possibility that the RF signals could interfere with the device.  This could pose a major health problem and BC Hydro would be responsible.

Adrian Dix, Bonnie Henry, Perry Kendall
– https://globalnews.ca/news/3985027/kendall-retires-bonnie-henry-steps-up/

We must continue to fight these horrible things any way we can. Sadly, the NDP is just as negligent as the Liberals – they have yet to acknowledge my Fire Report [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/bcuc-smart-meter-fires-report-july-2017-2/] or any recent RF studies. Efforts are being made to present recent studies to Dr. Bonnie Henry to see if she will be more open to scientific evidence than Perry Kendall was. Let’s hope she is.

2)    In addition to sending a letter re Huawei to my MP, Randall Garrison, I also wrote to Elizabeth May.  My MP has yet to respond, but then he never has to anything I’ve written…  but Elizabeth responded immediately. My letter and her response is below. There is a real possibility that she will raise the issue in Parliament when it sits mid-September. I believe it would be helpful for her to have support from other MPs.


Would you please consider writing to your MP (feel free to use any or all of my letter) and ask for them to work to have this company banned from working in Canada, especially in the major infrastructure projects?  If you would bcc me, I could share and we could try to keep track of feedback and potential support for May’s efforts.


3)  Concerns about Wi-Fi in schools specifically but general exposure of children to EMF is becoming more of a concern in many countries. This from the UK.


As more countries ban Ipads and cell  phones from the classroom, could wifi be giving our children cancer?


4)  A real estate agent in Vancouver included info about the problems that could be caused by having a “$$mart house” —  Smart Homes: The Way of the Future or a Risk to Homeowners?”
It doesn’t  mention the health issue but the info that was provided should cause people to pause and investigate further. The article sent in his newsletter is below in Letters.



From: Elizabeth May [mailto:emay@magma.ca]
Sent: August 7, 2018
To: Sharon Noble
Subject: Re: Huawei — a major security risk

Hi Sharon,

I am very concerned about 5G technology. And this additional wrinkle – of Huawei – is interesting.  Please keep me posted.  it is most effective if I raise it in the House once we resume mid-September.  i was the first MP to raise the Aecon take-over issue… and we got it canceled! so i know i can move things in the House.


= = =

From: Sharon Noble
Sent: August 5, 2018
To: Elizabeth May <emay@magma.ca>
Subject: Huawei — a major security risk

Dear Elizabeth,

I hope this finds you well and able to relax while enjoying this wonderful summer weather.

Appreciating that you are very concerned about issues such as these,  I am alerting you to a major security issue here in BC and elsewhere in Canada.

Telus is installing microcells approximately every 100-200 meters along streets, mere feet from homes, across the province. More than a year ago many were installed in Colwood and Langford in preparation for 5G technology. There is a 5G pilot project in Vancouver right now.

Each microcell has transmitters inside which emit microwave signals into homes, and these transmitters were made by Huawei.  I received this information directly from Telus. Confirmation of the Telus-Huawei relationship is attached.

For some time now the intelligence agencies of many of Canada’s allies have banned Huawei from operating in or working with companies in their countries.  These agencies have warned other countries, including Canada, that Huawei is under the control of the Chinese government and is considered to be guilty of cyber-espionage. Finally it appears that Ottawa is taking notice.

Morning Update: Ottawa’s worries grow over Huawei’s global ambitions

Canadian officials will not say what measures Canada might take against Huawei, but the senior government insider said national-security officials have been consulting their counterparts in Australia, which is reportedly preparing to ban Huawei from supplying equipment for its planned 5G wireless network. Huawei has already been virtually shut out of the giant U.S. market because of national-security concerns and effectively banned from that country’s future 5G network.


Here is the entire article.  https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-ottawa-sees-chinese-owned-huawei-as-major-security-threat-senior/

These transmitters and the technology can be obtained from Canadian and American companies so there is no reason for Telus to be putting our security, privacy and safety at risk by contracting and partnering with Huawei.

It is very possible that viruses and/or other flaws have already been installed in our electrical grid, which could lead to future catastrophic events. But to limit our exposure to this risk,  I ask you, Mr. Garrison, to work with your fellow MPs to ban Huawei from working with Canadian corporations in Canada, and demand that all Huawei transmitters and other infrastructure be removed immediately.

I hope that you will be kind enough to advise me on the actions that you are taking to raise this issue with your fellow MPs and Prime Minister Trudeau.

Wishing you all the best —



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Smart Homes: The Way of the Future or a Risk to Homeowners?
By Liz Dominguez
Glitches of early iterations aside, smart home technology has an increasingly active presence in the lives of homeowners who are looking for convenience and savings in a pushed-for-time era. From adaptive thermostats that automatically gauge energy usage and alter temperatures for optimal savings, to smart home speakers that use sophisticated artificial intelligence to provide services and information in real-time, a homeowner can now cross off a variety of menial tasks from their daily to-do list without doing more than speaking a phrase out loud or clicking a button on their mobile device.

But what is the true cost of this convenience? Some gadget adopters are reporting invasion of privacy, security risks, and more. These are a few of the reported instances thus far:

  1. Gadgets May Be Susceptible to Hacking
    Last August, Wired published a story about a British security researcher for MWR Labs, Mark Barnes, who was able to install malware on an Amazon Echo device, turning it into a surveillance device that silently streamed audio to his own server. While newer models cannot be jailbroken this way, Amazon has not released any software to fix the issue with older units.
  2. Smart Technology Could Lead to Location-Based Tracking
    Earlier this month, security investigator Brian Krebs reported on a privacy vulnerability for both Google Home and Chromecast—found by Craig Young, a researcher with security firm Tripwire—that leaks accurate location information about its users. According to Young, attackers can use these Google devices to send a link (which could be anything from a tweet to an advertisement) to the connected user; if the link is clicked and the page left opened for about a minute, the attacker is able to obtain a location.
  3. Glitches Could Lead to Invasion of Privacy
    According to local news stations in Portland, Ore., a local resident received a disturbing phone call from one of her husband’s employers telling her to shut off her smart home devices. After using Amazon devices throughout her home to control temperature, lighting and security, Danielle was made aware that a private conversation was accidentally recorded by Amazon’s artificial intelligence system, Alexa, and was sent to a number on the family’s contact list…..



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