2017-06-01BCUC wants our feedback

2017-06-02 – Canadian corporations guilty of human rights abuse?

2017-06-03 – Great microcell flyers to help educate Councils, public.

2017-06-04 – Report from france — 9 out of 10 cellphones exceed guidelines.

2017-06-05 – Pender Island cell tower being planned and resisted

2017-06-06 – Doctors are urged to warn parents about “screen time”

2017-06-07 – Smeters and medical devices, among other things.

2017-06-08Growing cancers among young — Devra Davis

2017-06-11 – Another apparent cancer cluster in a California school

2017-06-12 – Russian cyber-weapon could disrupt power grid

2017-06-13 – Scientific group discussing exposure to Massive amounts of electrosmog being a criminal act

2017-06-14 – In some US states, bills are being pushed through re. microcells and 5G. Here, there is no debate at all.

2017- 06-15 – Electrical Engineer says UL certification of smeters is a farce

2017-06-16 – Remind Weaver about his statements re. legacy and opt out fees.

2017-06-17 – Six things everyone should know about the IoT

2017-06-18 – Lots of new cell towers in the planning process.

2017-06-19 – Scientists appeal for moratorium on 5G

2017-06-20 – Parents in schools in California being misled about cell tower and RF, while kids are getting cancer

2017-06-21 – The WHO’s review panel is loaded with industry loyalists.

2017-06-22 – Radiation levels on BC Ferries provided

2017-06-23 – A very important paper by Dr. Hardell re. WHO, military, and industry

2017-06-24 – In France a class action lawsuit re. smeters invading privacy

2017-06-25 – “smart” water system hacked in 5 USA cities

2017-06-26 – 6 million homes in UK refuse smeters due to privacy & cybersecurity.

2017-06-27 – Firefighters in California exempted from having microcells at fire stations.

2017-06-28Cyberattack warnings re. smeters specifically.

2017-06-29 – Time to pressure Horgan for recall of smeters.

2017-06-30 – A powerpoint shows how funding affects results of RF studies




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