2017-06-22 Radiation levels on BC Ferries provided

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**Sorry for the short update, but I’ve been busy finishing my major Smart Meter Fire Report which I hope to have ready to share soon.**

1)    Many people wrote to BC Ferries asking for consideration for those who do not want to or cannot be exposed to Wi-Fi. Several have sent me the same form letter they received in response (please see “Letters”).

Attached to that letter was a copy of the report that was done by what BC Ferries calls an independent consultant. That report is at this link.


You should know a couple of things. First, Planetworks, the company that did the “survey”, is closely affiliated with the telecom industry and is not an independent surveyor. A look at its website shows that it works with and for the telecom industry: http://www.planetworks.ca/ . There are independent surveyors but Planetworks, in all fairness, cannot be considered one of them.

Second, the report makes it sound as if the levels found on the ferries is low, so low that no one needs to be worried. The allowable level of RF allowed is 534 microwatts per square centimeter. Planetworks took measurements based on Safety Code 6 protocol, that is for 6 minutes in a location, and reports that spikes were “only” 20% of the allowed levels.  This is nearly 107 microwatts per square centimeter!! Remember, scientists say that there are biological effects at levels less than 1 microwatt per square centimeter. Scientists have found that it is the spike that does the major damage – stressing the cells.

Here is just one chart showing some biological effects at levels way below .00034 microwatts per centimeter squared. Occasional ferry riders are exposed to dangerous levels during the ride but those working on the ferries are exposed for many hours at a time.  I hope you will consider writing to BC Ferries about this. It would be major if there would be consideration for people in this regard – a major first step.


And Planetworks says that the ferries are no worse than other places they’ve tested, including schools. We’re supposed to be reassured by this.


Letter sent to many who wrote to BC Ferries.

From: Customer Relations <customer.relations@bcferries.com> wrote:


Thank you for writing to share your concerns regarding radio frequency (RF) emissions while travelling with BC Ferries.

In response to passenger concerns brought to the attention of BC Ferries regarding the safety of the public from radio frequency (RF) emissions, BC Ferries ordered RF field intensity testing from an independent consultant to be conducted on the Spirit of BC and Coastal Celebration vessels and at the Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen terminals.

The purpose of the testing was to insure that BC Ferries was in compliance with the emissions measure of permissible exposure outlined in Health Canada’s “Safety Code 6” document.  Measurement samples were taken from  passenger accessible areas located nearby Wi-fi access points over a 2 day period.

All test results measured significantly less than the permissible limits and comply with the Health Canada RF power density requirements for Uncontrolled Environments ie. Safety Code 6.  The results observed are consistent with other public spaces including schools, offices, urban outdoor space and shopping malls.

Wi-fi service is only available on vessels and terminals servicing our major routes between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay, Departure Bay and Horseshoe Bay and Langdale and Horseshoe Bay.   A Wi-fi free travel option between Vancouver Island and the Mainland can be found on our Duke Point, Nanaimo to Tsawwassen route as the Queen of Alberni and Coastal Inspiration vessels do not offer Wi-fi onboard.

I’m sure you can appreciate that we have limited real-estate when it comes to available space onboard our vessels, along with operational requirements during sailings. For these reasons, we are not able to guarantee an area free of RF emissions during your travels.

Kind regards,
Jill Hawe
Assistant Manager, Customer Relations,
Customer Care
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
The Atrium
Suite 500, 1321 Blanshard St., Victoria, BC V8W 0B7
T: 250-978-1185 F: 250-978-1240



From: Petrina Gregson (name shared with permission)
Sent: June 22, 2017
To: Customer Relations <customer.relations@bcferries.com>
Subject: Re: BC Ferries

Dear Ms Hawe,

Thank you for your response.  I will be sure to avoid the Tsawwassen to Victoria ferry.

I’m a bit shocked and dismayed that you put your faith in the out-dated and inadequate “Safety Code 6”. It is based on heat. This is an obsolete standard and not considering current science which shows cellular and organism harm from non-thermal effects. I feel fairly certain that you cannot be unaware of the many scientific studies and reports that reveal the inadequacy of this “Safety Code”.

While the presence of continual Wi-fi may not cause perceptible physical reactions to most of your passengers, it is causing biological changes in all of them, and more important, to the crew — who are being exposed continuously for longer periods. EHS can develop suddenly and unexpectedly, causing horrendous handicaps in our EMF-engulfed environment. Accumulation of EMF heightens the risk of developing EHS. EMF is no longer just a possible carcinogen; it is a probable one.

Our son developed cancer at age 32. I urge you to do research on this topic and use the Precautionary Principle. Surely you must not wait for lawsuits? The tobacco industry scorned the safety of the public. It seems the telecom industry has the same blindness, putting profits before health.


http://www.aseq-ehaq.ca/online-conferences-of-may-12-2017/?lang=en (see videos below)

I’m greatly disappointed in your apparently uninformed response. I can only hope that someone in your field begins to get uneasy enough to do his or her own research, instead of relying on Health Canada, the minister of which is just another puppet.

Petrina Gregson





Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”
~ A. Einstein

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