Newsletters 2021-04 APR

Many companies are sending 1,000s of satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).  Most of these satellites will be transmitting information to locations on earth to allow everyone to have full internet access.  This sounds good until you understand that the RF Radiation being transmitted has been shown to have serious HEALTH consequences.  You must understand what is going on because it may be damaging you, your family and the whole ecosystem.

2021-04-01- New/more vulnerabilities in 5G network

2021-04-02  – Major report on Vulnerability of Grid from “smart” devices

2021-04-03 – No Newsletter

2021-04-04 – No Newsletter – Happy Easter!

2021-04-05 –  Time Sensitive: Tuesday 11:00 am PT live re. wireless in schools

2021-04-06 –  A practical example of what 5G will do!

2021-04-07 German lawyer calls for Precautionary Principle re. EMR/5G

2021-04-08 –  CREST towers, more coming

2021-04-09 –  Corporate Takeover of Poles outside our homes

2021-04-10 –  Another lawsuit: cellphone–>brain cancer

2021-04-11 –  AT&T suing Pittsburgh over microcell fees

2021-04-12 –  Is Tech Cooking the Planet?

 2021-04-13 –  EMF exposure at low levels–> oxidative stress

 2021-04-14 – A call for local government input re. 5G microcells

 2021-04-15 –  Survey re. health effects following satellites launched

2021-04-16 –  The next step in 5G

2021-04-17 –  CREST/Rogers partnership beyond Salt Spring

2021-04-18 –  Proposed amendments to CEPA exclude EMF

2021-04-19 –  New paper re. Covid and 5G/RF–immune health effects

2021-04-20 –  Hunger Strike against increased EMF

2021-04-21 –  No Newsletter

2021-04-22 –  An Earth Day Presentation

2021-04-23 –  Canada’s Connectivity Strategy

2021-04-24  –Telecoms working to strip local govts in California

 2021-04-25 –  What could happen in Canada to facilitate 5G

2021-04-26 –  The truth about one of Health Canada’s “experts”

 2021-04-27  – Time Sensitive — C4ST announcement

2021-04-28 – Frank Clegg Challenges Rogers on Safety of Cell Towers and 5G

2021-04-29 – High rate of cancers among Israeli soldiers running Iron Dome

 2021-04-30 –  Reported “energy attacks” near White House

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