2021-04-07 German lawyer calls for Precautionary Principle re. EMR/5G

1) “In the article “The precautionary principle in the expansion of G5” (NuR (2021) 43: 16-20), Professor Hans-Jürgen Müggenborg, chairman of the environmental law committee in the German Lawyers’ Association, discusses whether the legal principles that apply in environmental law when introducing new products and substances. He comes to the conclusion that this is not the case and that this is a violation of the precautionary principle.”

5G: The chairman of the environmental law committee in the German Bar Association, Prof. Müggenborg, calls for compliance with the precautionary principle

The ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) is not objective

“The ICNIRP is not an official EU institution, but a Munich-based organization registered as a private association that is formally recognized as a non-governmental actor and official partner by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) European Commission advising the side Investigative journalists of the daily newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel” described the ICNIRP in January 2019 as a cartel” that systematically invalidates all studies that prove possible dangers to human health. It was revealed that its members are active in all relevant institutions at the same time and thus control the official discourse. The ICNIRP is not subject to any controls, but controls itself and keeps dissenting opinions away. So it is probably no coincidence that the headquarters of the ICNIRP are located in the building of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection in Munich. A detailed study dealt with the professional backgrounds of the members of the ICNIRP and thus revealed the one-sided weight of the mobile communications industry. Objective statements can hardly be expected from such an association….

Plea for a minimization requirement and the separation of indoor and outdoor supplies

“From this it can also be deduced that 5G may be of outstanding use for the control of production processes and also for the control of autonomous driving and should also be approved in these areas. However, this in no way justifies exposing all houses and apartments to radio waves and to endanger the people staying there, because this would mean that people and thus also electro-sensitive people can no longer avoid the radiation. Your own apartment must be preserved as a place of retreat and shelter, which is also technically possible.


2) Telus’s CEO received a huge increase to his already obscene salary. Perhaps it’s due to his emphasis on “customers first”. I wonder who these customers are….

Telus CEO is the king of telecom executive pay by a wide margin

“A big raise for Telus Corp.’s T-T +0.24% increase Darren Entwistle made him the top-paid Canadian telecom CEO in 2020 by a wide margin. Mr. Entwistle, the longest-serving chief executive officer among Canada’s three biggest telecoms, saw his total compensation jump to $16.04-milion, a 24-percent increase from 2019′s pay of $12.92-million, according to the company’s proxy circular filed on Thursday

Telus says it revised its performance goals after the first quarter of the year to reflect the COVID-19 pandemic. Its “COVID-revised scorecard,” in place for the final three quarters of the year, shifted emphasis from financial goals and placed more emphasis on “culture and brand” and “customers first.” It also removed financial metrics for mobile network revenue and strategic growth, focusing solely on an increased goal for cash flow. (Telus ultimately missed the increased cashflow goal.)

Click to access Darren-Entwistle-Telus-CEO-is-the-king-of-telecom-executive-pay-by-a-wide-margin-by-David-Milstead-and-Alexandra-Posadzki-The-Globe-and-Mail-April-02-2021.pdf


3) This is one of the recent studies in Dr. Moskowitz’s catalogue, but it is significant enough that I am highlighting. This is just one more study that shows that exposure to RF from cellphones has a deleterious effect on sperm quality and quantity. As fertility rates are dropping due to various environmental toxins, why not eliminate one that is under individual control?

Current progress on the effect of mobile phone radiation on sperm quality: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis of human and animal studies

“Different study areas contributed to the heterogeneity of the studies. In East Europe and West Asia, mobile phone use was correlated with a decline in sperm density and motility. Mobile phone RF-EMR exposure could decrease the motility and viability of mature human sperm in vitro. The pooled results of animal studies showed that mobile phone RF-EMR exposure could suppress sperm motility and viability.”



Wendy Cockburn on behalf of C4ST re. OTARD in the U.S. This could happen here, too.

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The wireless industry/FCC changed the Over-the-Air Reception Device (OTARD) Rule. It used to be you could have a satellite dish on your roof for your own one-way reception signal.

Now they’ve changed it so the industry can knock on your door, and offer free wi-fi in exchange for putting a two-way cell tower or 5G small cell antenna on your private property — with no permit process, no warning to the community, and no risk information on the toxic radiation you will be pulsing 24×7 at your loved ones and neighbors.

Thank you to Dafna Tachover, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense for suing the FCC over the change to the OTARD Rule. They tried to put an emergency stop stop to it until their lawsuit has its day in court, but the judges sided with industry again.

This ruling went into effect on Monday. Industry is already contacting neighborhoods in Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas, likely elsewhere too. Any unwitting property owner would be enticed by fast wi-fi, they may even throw in a new free 5G phone too. Thank you, Elizabeth Kelley for the heads up. Folks are welcome to springboard off her letter and share it in your own communities.

Be on the lookout for the industry pitch. Just say no. Talk to your neighbors as well, lest they put up a close-range cell antenna that can not only harm you and your loved ones, but pets and pollinators too — and reduce your property values.

Kind Regards,
Wendy Cockburn

URGENT APPEAL TO THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA to Suspend the 5G Rollout and to Choose Safe and Reliable Fibre Connections:   https://www.appel5gappeal.ca/


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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