2014-12-01  – Yet more examples of industry twisting science

2014-12-02  – Tragic fire in Nanaimo. We must be told the truth.




2014-12-11 – Letters to the BC Auditor General

2014-12-12 – More blow back from the Ontario AG report.

2014-12-13 – Large increase in Hydro bills –> young family having power cut

2014-12-14 – Power surge in Summerland. Were $meters involved?

2014-12-15 – BC is weakest province re. human rights

2014-12-16 – US FDA cautions people to limit use of ultrasound during pregnancies

2014-12-17 – EHS and Human Rights

2014-12-18 – An early Christmas gift from Adrian Dix

2014-12-20 – Fortis is threatening people, using Hydro’s tactics.

2014-12-21 – Idaho has wired meters that are safer and each one cost $400 less than ours

2014-12-22 – UK study shows energy consumption is not reduced

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