2017-12-01 – An industry “bent scientist” starts rumour about NTP study

2017-12-02 – New report re. $mart phones — 400% increase in brain cancer in teens

2017-12-03Tossing net neutrality could help 5G spread more quickly

2017-12-04 – A response to MLA “Shame” Simpson re. hydro bills

2017-12-05 – Another study showing changes in brains of those who suffer EHS when exposed to EMF

2017-12-06 – Brain abnormalities in Cuba Embassy victims

2017-12-07 – Adam Olsen wants Horgan to cancel Site C

2017-12-08 – Let’s make BC Ferries have Wi-Fi free areas

2017-12-09 – Nine years after a UN protocol to help protect the rights of the disabled was written, Canada has yet to sign.

2017 -12-10ICNIRP is reviewing RF guidelines which have been unchanged for 20 years.

2017-12-11Horgan sided with Christy Clark against all reason and logic today

2017-12-12 – Dr. Martin Pall provides many thousands of references with evidence of harm

2017-12-13 – Major press release by California Dept. of Public Health re. cell phones

2017-12-14 – Study shows exposure to EMF may increase risk of miscarriage

2017-12-15 – CBS News reported on California’s cell phone warnings.

2017-12-16 – In US EMR war games, Navy is not using best available science.

2017-12-17 – A monk finds that cell towers killed his bees

2017-12-18 – An apparent smeter fire in Florida swept under the rug. As in BC, no tracking.

2017-12-19 – (2) examples of ICNIRP’s dangerous “recommendations” that affect us all.

2017-12-20 – The Provincial Minister of Health’s office knows nothing about smeters or RF.

2017-12-21 – The US government is pushing 5G for “security” reasons

2017-12-22BioInitiative Updates, with as many as 90% of new studies showing harm.

2017-12-23 – New call for stricter standards in the Nicosia Declaration

2017-12-24Merry Christmas  2017

2017-12-25 – No Update

2017-12-26Smart home, effect on insurance, fire cause determination

2017-12-27 – An update on the US Navy’s War Games and the fight to stop them by “Save the Olympic Peninsula”

2017-12-28BC Hydro’s problems attracting attention in the USA

2017-12-29EMR named as one of the top emerging issues for Global Conservation

2017-12-30Compare how smeters exchanged in Texas vs. by BC Hydro

2017-12-31Best Wishes for 2018


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