2017-12-09 Nine years after a UN protocol to help protect the rights of the disabled was written, Canada has yet to sign.

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1)  The United Nations has several committees and has passed several protocols that protect the rights of the disabled. Shamefully, Canada has not signed on to some of them. One, the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2008 established the “Optional Protocol to the Convention” which hears complaints by individuals who believe their rights have been violated.THE COMMITTEE ON THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES

“The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is the body of independent experts which monitors implementation of the Convention by the States Parties.

All States parties are obliged to submit regular reports to the Committee on how the rights are being implemented. States must report initially within two years of accepting the Convention and thereafter every four years. The Committee examines each report and shall make such suggestions and general recommendations on the report as it may consider appropriate and shall forward these to the State Party concerned.

The Optional Protocol to the Convention gives the Committee competence to examine individual complaints with regard to alleged violations of the Convention by States parties to the Protocol.”


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This past week, 9 years after the Optional Protocol was established, it has been tabled in Parliament. Tabling of a document can be ceremonial only, but let’s hope that this is passed into a law that it will protect the rights of all disabled persons, including those suffering from environmental exposure, such as EHS.

Statement by Minister Hehr on International Day of Persons with Disabilities – Employment and Social Development Canada

Today, one in seven Canadians reports having a disability. And that number will only increase as our population ages. Here in Canada, we are planning to introduce new federal accessibility legislation which will help improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities in areas under federal jurisdiction. The fact remains that people with disabilities are more likely to be unemployed, to live in poverty and to earn less than people without a disability…

A few days ago, the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was tabled in the House of Commons. The Convention protects and promotes the rights and dignity of people with disabilities without discrimination and on an equal basis.”



2)    Please read the very provocative letter below. Why has BC Hydro been allowed to deceive us?

3)    It seems that the only consideration for Site C’s continuation is financial – how much will it cost to end or continue. Even on that basis, $4 billion is less than the estimated $10 billion. But what about other costs? Hopefully, the Greens will convince Premier Horgan and the Cabinet that there are other reasons to cancel this unnecessary project.


As dam decision looms, Greens urge email flood to premier’s office

“As the decision looms on the future of the B.C. Hydro Site C dam, the NDP government faces pressure from both allies and opponents in the legislature and even in their own MLAs’ constituency offices.

Green Party MLAs appealed to Site C opponents this week to flood the government with messages just days away from an announcement on the $8.8 billion project.”http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/site-c-decision-looms-for-green-liberal-ndp-mlas-1.4439998

(Not directly sm related, but for sure to do with the NDP, which now holds the reins on the sm program.)

“Yesterday I was both amazed and discouraged the NDP was even thinking about going ahead with Site C, especially after what so many of us have said and the report recommending no.  But this morning I woke up with the cautiously optimistic speculation that they purposely created the element of doubt to provoke a response from the public…as a final step in their decision-making process (what a concept!).  Anyway, whatever’s going on I think it’s important they get lots of No!’s over the weekend, which is why once again I’m encouraging everyone I know to follow the recommendations in the email below.  A simple No! is all that’s needed…all they’re looking for is how many respondents agreed with their decision vs how many didn’t…but nothing wrong with echoing what many have said, which is if they ok Site C that’ll be a betrayal of their election promises and/or that they’ll never vote NDP again.”

4)    In October, Maine’s ‘smart’ grid went down in a storm, with smeters disabled.


Storm in October took down CMP’s $200 million smart-meter network

“The October windstorm knocked out power to half a million Mainers and a $200 million smart-meter network that aimed to improve outage communications and storm recovery.


Maine Public reported that Central Maine Power representatives say the meters accurately  charted the climb in outages until they flatlined midday.”



From: Marcus Schluschen  (name used with permission)
To: david.eby.mla@leg.bc.ca; Claire.Trevena.MLA@leg.bc.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; Michelle.Mungall.MLA@leg.bc.ca; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca
Sent: December 08, 2017
Subject: What happened to our human rights?

Re:  BC Hydro’s Deliberate Smart Meter Deception

To: Attorney General, Eby
Premier Horgan
Minister Mungall
Minister Trevina
Minister Dix

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There appears to be a disconnect between elected officials and the public since the NDP moved from opposition into Government.  Even though we supported your party many elections, hoping that the NDP, ‘the party of the people’, would return decency, justice and moral standards back to BC, we find ourselves, just like before with the Liberals, shut out of the ‘Fortress of Government’ with no response from government officials, including our very own MLA.

Have BC Hydro’s smart meters become the ‘Untouchable Holy Grail’?

Why are our questions, regarding this government sponsored hubris, remaining unanswered?
Many of you received plenty of information regarding fire safety, violated constitutional rights, deception and countless serious health concerns, but nothing appears to be read by those who are supposed to be our representatives.”I don’t care about your health” was the reprehensible remark of the Liberals’ Rich Coleman.  A callous comment like this should have resulted in the immediate termination of the minister’s position.
Where does the NDP Government stand on this issue?  Do you care?Thousands of British Columbians were betrayed by the Liberals, giving BC Hydro the right to deceive, harass and even extort the public who opposed the installation of a biologically UNTESTED, microwave radiation transmitting device on their homes!
If private business owners would conduct business in such a sleazy and corrupt fashion as BC Hydro, they would find themselves standing in front of a judge in an instant.
Why is this Crown Corporation and their employees above the law?  I, as well as thousands of British Columbians who opposed Smart meters on their home, would like to know why no-one is held accountable for deliberate public deception by this Government?

When I became a citizen of Canada, the judge informed me during a lengthy interview that NO ONE, not even Government, has the right to override my decisions regarding my life and my home!
We, citizens of Canada, have a legal right to refuse a smart meter!

Since our Charter Rights were callously usurped by the previous BC Government, will you return our Constitutional Rights or will you wait until the BC Hydro smart meter fiasco turns into a financial and public health disaster before anything is done?

Due to the explosion of public wireless radiation pollution, my wife became so severely electronically hyper sensitive (EHS) in recent years that we had to move to a remote area of BC, far away from family and friends.  ALL the pleasures of life that we used to take for granted are no more!

Because of my wife’s severe EHS affliction, which made her sensitive to any form of microwave radiation no matter how small, we called and sent countless emails to BC Hydro asking for an analog meter.  All in vain!
What we received from BC Hydro were lies, orchestrated deception and meaningless form letters.

I personally experienced this deliberate public deception by BC Hydro’s smart meter agents, lobbyists and contractors not only once but many, many times!  Here is a sampling of this appalling deliberate public deception that I am willing to testify in court to:

1.  Smart meters are only radios and do not emit anything!   – False!  They have 2 microwave transmitters.

2.  Smart meters have no transmitters.   – False!  They contain 2 microwave transmitters.

3.  They only emit 3 to 4 times a day.   – False!   We personally metered thousands of powerful transmission spikes with the aid of a digital RF meter which records radiation spikes on a histogram.
Itron, the makers of BC’s smart meters, acknowledged that smart meters can emit up to 190,000 (One Hundred Ninety Thousand) radiation spikes a day!

4.  They are as safe as pickles.  – deliberate attempt to mislead by omission!
Deliberate omission of the word “toxic” that the WHO applied to a specific product from China.

6.  Analog meters are not available anymore  – False!  New analog meters are readily available.

7.  This is not a smart meter  – False!  Pure deception!

8.  This meter is a modified, non-emitting smart meter, that does not transmit anything – False!

This stunning bold faced lie by senior BC Hydro staff was captured on video and witnessed by many bystanders.

There are far more issues than what I listed, which can only be described as extortion tactics to force the financially insecure population of B.C. to submit to a smart meter installation against their will.

A.  Why is deliberate public deception, by a public utility, tolerated by your Government?

B.  Why is deliberate public deception, by public employees, tolerated by your Government?

This ongoing deliberate deception by BC Hydro, where no one is held accountable for their actions, undermines the integrity of your Government if no action is taken to correct this highly unethical and repugnant behavior.

Deception is the act of causing one to believe information that is not true, or an untruth, or not the whole truth.  An act or practice of deception is a misrepresentation, omission, or practice that misleads the consumer to his detriment.

Would thousands of British Columbians, who were deliberately deceived by BC Hydro and their agents, have allowed the installation of biologically untested microwave transmitters on their home with full knowledge that, in 2011, the World Health Organization elevated exposure of wireless radiation into the Class 2B list of Carcinogens?
This change in Cancer classification applied to ALL non-ionizing radiation, no matter the source.  Recent research strengthens the level of evidence regarding carcinogenicity and biotoxic effects to life. Today, scientists the world over are calling for a minimum of a 2A, and even a 1A, Cancer Classification rendering Canada’s Safety Code 6 obsolete and biologically non-protective.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine
“The AAEM strongly supports the use of wired Internet connections, and encourages avoidance of radiofrequency such as from WiFi, cellular and mobile phones and towers, and “smart meters.” The peer reviewed, scientific literature demonstrates the correlation between RF exposure and neurological, cardiac, and pulmonary disease as well as reproductive and developmental disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer and other health conditions. The evidence is irrefutable.”

Would British Columbians have allowed smart meter installations on their homes if they would have learned the true facts that were deliberately withheld by BC Hydro?
Would they have allowed ‘biologically active’ smart meter radiation to penetrate their home and the bodies of their children, thousands of times, day and night?  I think not!

No matter how many ‘Acts’ are passed by Government, lies and willful deception by BC Hydro and public employees remains a deplorable, treacherous act of public deception!

According to democratic principles and the Nuremberg Code which is still relevant today, the decision to accept or reject a biologically untested smart meter must lie in the hands of the homeowners.  A forced smart meter installation constitutes an uncontrolled biological experiment without consent, in violation of the the code to which Canada is a signee.

1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

When Government tolerates unprincipled and unscrupulous behavior by a Crown Corporation, all that remains is the illusion of governmental honour and integrity.
Will your Government return integrity and honesty to B.C.?  Will your Government return our irrevocable right to make choices in our lives, including the right of a smart meter refusal?
Your meaningful, unscripted reply would be greatly appreciated.Kind regards,
Marcus SchluschenSharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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