Smart Meters and some Digital Meters emit strong pulsed Radio Frequency Radiation (RF Rad).

This RF Rad has been shown to interact with the human body and create health issues; some minor but some very serious.

There are many studies that have proven that RF Rad does impact the health of people.

The industry that promotes devices that use RF Rad for communication have been very effective in keeping the general public ignorant of the dangers of RF Rad including influencing various government agencies.  In Canada the Safety Code 6 is a prime example of the power of Industry to influence the setting of standards.

It is the opinion of many that there will be a time in the future when the public will understand what has been perpetrated by the communications industry and aided and abetted by the various levels of government.  When this tipping point arrives then there will be major political disruptions.,  huge class action lawsuits, major criminal cases for fraud and crimes against humanity.

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  1. I found your site thru ‘’
    First off i would say ,buy smart detectors such as cheapest version tri -field meter100xe for under $150.00.There are other meters that will cost more.But there is a more simpler way and cheaper to find emf in your home for around $20.00 .Find emf in lcd monitors ,cell phones, fluorescent light bulbs,microwave ovens.etc
    Use a handheld 9v battery operated transistor radio set A.M and tune it until you hear scratchy noise
    scan it over your tv ,microwave,cell phone,cordless phones and florescent bulbs [you can find these at the Source Stores ]or used vic etc,You will be amazed.

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