Cell Tower Radiation

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[Mission, BC] (video) April 18, 2017District of Mission on the Fraser – Regular Council and Public Hearings – 13. Presentations & Agenda p.23-27:

Ted Archibald, a long-time and key member of the Coalition, gave a presentation to the City of Mission Council regarding cell towers.  The telecom company says more traffic is requiring more cell towers. What about all the microcells – can’t they handle the traffic? Does each company have to have transmitters in every neighbourhood?  These Councillors and Mayor need to be educated on the dangers of allowing these things in residential areas or near schools.  The owner of the property needs to know that he will be held liable when he is sued for causing someone cancer, like the case in Italy and the other in India. It will happen and there will be no insurance to cover the risk.

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This July 09, 2012 slide presentation (pdf) by Prof. Girish Kumar of Bombay, India is one of the BEST presentations about the hazards and dangers of Cell Phone Towers.  This is a must read by all who live near cell tower.

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