Newsletters 2018-10 OCT

2018-10-01 – Is govt. putting our security at risk?

2018-10-02Lithium batteries depend on child laborers

2018-10-03 – A couple of time sensitive items: Picketing on Friday and Info for Candidates in local elections.

2018-10-04 – 5G Flyers

2018-10-05 – Chance to sign on to Dr. Pall’s comments to ICNIRP — deadline Oct. 7

2018-10-06Reader’s Digest warns about cell phones

2018-10-07Wireless Silent Spring

2018-10-08No Update

2018-10-09 – Steps to take for an exchange of meters.

2018-10-10 – 5G going live in Sacramento

2018-10-11 – Dr. Magda Havas asking for your help.

2018-10-12 – Canada’s use of Huawei in 5G could endanger the communications with allies

2018-10-13Technology to get kids to play

2018-10-14 – Our Public Health Officers are totally ignorant about the dangers of EMR and seem unwilling to learn.

2018-10-15 – The financial costs of autism

2018-10-16 – An emergency speech about climate change.

2018-10-17Dr. Héroux presents to Michigan Leg. committee re. 5G

2018-10-18Insects are disappearing at alarming rate — thanks to microwave radiation.

2018-10-19 – Milliwave technology (5G) — MUST BE STOPPED!!

2018-10-20 – Utility companies blame Measurement Canada for our having to have smeters

2018-10-21 – Chinese province bans cell phones and tablets from schools

2018-10-22 – Why can we receive no responses from anyone?

2018-10-23 – Japan & Korea to verify NTP results

2018-10-24URGENT For Those With EHS — DEADLINE For Submission re. Accessibility

2018-10-25More Evidence of ITRON’s motives to expand use of smeters

2018-10-26 – FortisBC charges late fees on all bills

2018-10-27BC Hydro admits analogs are available in the marketplace but we can’t have them.

2018-10-28 – Provincial Health Authorities are ignorant of the science, proudly so

2018-10-29BCUC is proving itself to be worthless.

2018-10-30 – Why are policemen checking up on smeter installations?

2018-10-31No Update


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