2018-10-23 Japan & Korea to verify NTP results

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1)    Researchers in Japan and Korea are planning on doing a slimmed down version of the NTP study to try to replicate the findings which showed direct causal relationship between cancer and cell phone radiation.

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NTP & Ramazzini Institute Studies
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESRIubk9iAM

Japan and Korea Planning Their Own Cell Phone Animal Studies Verifying NTP Cancer Findings.

“Japanese and Korean officials are working on a partial replication of the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) animal study on cancer risks from cell phone radiation. The project is expected to be approved and get underway late next year.

– https://ehtrust.org/science/facts-national-toxicology-program-cellphone-rat-cancer-study/

Though collaborating on a common experimental design, each country will carry out its own exposures with animals from the same breeder. If the designs are similar enough, the two sets of data will be combined in a joint analysis.”


[Overview of GLORE 2017 by Martin Doczkat, FCC – December 01, 2017 – https://microwavenews.com/sites/default/files/docs/GLORE%202017.pdf]

 2)    Local authorities in an Oregon county are pressing utilities to not charge people who opt out from having a smeter. A debate ensues, can local authority overrule the utility commission?

Josephine County, Oregon Commission Ban on Pacific Power Opt-out Fees – https://kobi5.com/news/smart-meter-ordinance-moves-to-second-hearing-88170/

Smart meter ordinance moves to second hearing


“What’s being proposed on the ordinance is a ban on utility companies from charging and collecting an opt-out fee and would fine the company if they did. However, Pacific Power says not only do they believe it’s illegal and conflicts with state law, the company doesn’t even set pricing on such rules and regulations. It’s all covered by the Public Utilities Commission of Oregon, a state agency.”       


3)  Someone in a USA group found and shared a very interesting report from 2015 about a discovery that might explain many neurological disorders. Might it hold a key to understanding/diagnosing/treating EHS?

Lumphatic System and Neurological Diseases – https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/06/150601122445.htm


Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications

“In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist. The discovery could have profound implications for diseases from autism to Alzheimer’s to multiple sclerosis.”



& https://www.bchydro.com/search.html?site=bchydro-com&client=bchydro-com&proxystylesheet=bchydro-com&output=xml_no_dtd&q=smart+metering+program

Here is a letter to BC Hydro about replacement of the analog with a smeter, with some excellent explanations why this person has refused. They ask that you not copy this letter and send as your own but, rather, use the info provided to write your own letter. Copied letters, generally, lose impact.



My frustration is showing….


From: Sharon Noble
Sent: October 22, 2018
To: EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca

Subject: My personal data is not for sale

Dear Minister Mungall,

I have yet to receive even an acknowledgement of my email below, which, unfortunately, is not surprising.  Please understand, Minister Mungall, that such lack of basic courtesy has repercussions.

You received a very important report on Smart Meter Fires for which I spent more than 3 years gathering and preparing documentation, and then months writing.  I spent a lot of time and money organizing a binder and sending this directly to your office via registered mail on Sept 4, 2017.  Neither you, Premier Horgan, nor any NDP MLA responded in any manner even though the information I provided concerns the well-being of everyone in British Columbia.

Your lack of courtesy is bewildering — after people take time and energy, do research, and write sincerely to your office with ideas and concerns, you, a public servant who works for and is paid by us, ignore us, which you do consistently.

You should know that there are many thousands of people in the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, and I communicate with them on a daily basis. We have a website which thousands more visit each week.  Many of these people  have shared the fact that they have been treated similarly by you, your office and your government, and they resent this treatment.  I will share these emails with them.

I voted for the NDP in every past election, but the consistent disregard (contempt)  that you, your office and this government show British Columbians will not be forgotten when you next ask for my vote and the votes of the many thousands with whom I am in contact.  I will make sure they remember.


Sharon Noble

= = =

From: Sharon Noble
Sent: September 22, 2018
To: EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca

Subject: My personal data is not for sale

Dear Minister Mungall,

Many have hypothesized that the smart meters were intended to do more than just measure our power usage. We’ve feared that our privacy would be invaded when our personal data is gathered and, potentially, shared with third parties.  ITRON has now admitted that this is indeed the plan, and has been all along.  

Itron’s brochure foresees using our homes as a commercial base for corporations other than BC Hydro and FortisBC.   “Edge” devices will connect to the IoT (Internet of Things) via the smart grid, to be a major part of the smart cities program by having multiple types of transmitters from multiple companies in the ITRON smart meter, to gather and “create business value” from all the data being gathered. 

These statements are from ITRON’s own information page:


“The Active Grid demands both high-performance communications and reliable connectivity. That means a communications solution that combines multiple communication media – RF wireless, powerline carrier and Wi-Fi – on the same chipset and in the same edge devices. Edge devices are able to intelligently select the most appropriate path, data rates and communications mode (e.g. mesh, point-to-point, peer-to-peer, local broadcast) to assure the highest level of communication performance and reliability to support an entirely new portfolio of smart grid, smart distribution and smart city use cases. We call this Adaptive Communications Technology and it delivers assured connectivity at the highest possible speed.

Not a Meter; a Grid Sensor and Computing Platform

With a powerful distributed computing platform, the Active Grid transforms the smart meter from a consumption measurement device to an advanced grid sensor with metering being one of multiple applications. That means embedding the equivalent computing power of a smart phone or desktop computer in every device, enabling real-time analysis of high-resolution data (1-second or better) at the edge, while eliminating latency and loss of data resolution during transfer over the network. This distributed computing platform also provides the ability to run multiple “apps” on meters and other edge devices, thereby unleashing a growing ecosystem of developers to innovate on the platform…

This type of self-directed device interaction has always been central to the vision of a smart distribution network but never possible until now…

One of the key trends identified in the latest Itron Resourcefulness Index, an annual survey of utility executives, industry stakeholders and consumers to gauge progress in achieving more effective management of energy and water resources, was that utility executives are very concerned about creating business value from all the new data coming their way.”


At no time has ITRON been granted permission by any customer, by BC Utilities Commission or, at least as far as I know, by any government to use private residences for commercial purposes or to allow meters on residences to be used for anything other than to measure power usage. To expand use of the smart meter for “multiple applications”, transforming it from a “consumption measurement device”, should not, must not be allowed.

Neither has any customer, BCUC or any government, to my knowledge, agreed to allow personal data to be used to “create business value”. 

BC Hydro and FortisBC customers have been misled about the benefits, costs and risks associated with the smart meter program from day one – and to this day this deception continues. Both the Liberal and NDP governments have turned a blind eye to the way this program was implemented, leaving the citizens with no choice because of the Clean Energy Act which precluded the BCUC from regulatory oversight.  Now, with this new information from ITRON itself about what is intended, what has “always been central to the vision of a smart distribution network, the NDP government, and you as Minister responsible for BC Hydro,  must do your job and halt this invasive program. 

I will not agree to allow my data to be used for commercial purposes and neither will I allow my home to be used by ITRON or BC Hydro as a platform for its “multiple applications” on the Active Grid. Only analogs meters are safe, dependable, non-intrusive, low maintenance and long lasting. 

There is no reason for smart meters and many reasons not to have them.

I await your response.


Sharon Noble

Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“When there is a doubt, when it comes to our children, there is no doubt.”
~ Haifa’s mayor, Yona Yahav


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