Newsletters 2016-03 MAR

2016-03-31 – Rate increase April 1. Read your meter.

2016-03-30 – A lawsuit in Colorado re smeters’ RF

2016-03-29 – RF is like asbestos — there is no safe use but Health Canada allows both

2016-03-28 – Another smeter fire in Ontario

2016-03-27 – Bent scientist Peter Valberg exposed

2016-03-26 – Hydro replacing concrete poles with wooden ones… RF causes metal to corrode more quickly.

2016-03-25 – US Companies seeing use of data as source of revenue

2016-03-24 – More US utilities allowing customers to keep analogs permanently

2016-03-23 – Study showing ICNIRP guidelines not adequate

2016-03-22 – Public bodies, including Hydro, misuse FOI to hide info from public.

2016-03-21 – Tyee article about Hydro’s “service” to Hartley Bay residents

2016-03-20 – More people with extremely high bills, reduced by Hydro

2016-03-19 – Explanation of CSA standard re. exchanging meter with power on

2016-03-18 – Studies showing health effects are frequencies used by $$meters

2016-03-17 – Canadian Privacy Commissioner Office on “The Internet of Things” including $$smeters

2016-03-14 – A member begins hunger strike to protest govt. inaction on his health claims.

2016-03-13 – How the Liberal governments have driven BC Hydro into debt, and we’re left paying.

2016-03-12 – Let’s press BCUC for a review of the Tariff.

2016-03-11 – My submission to BCUC as intervener

2016-03-09 & -10 – Utilities offer incentives to get control of appliances

2016-03-07 – Brain cancer most common cancer in adolescents

2016-03-05 – Rashes gone when smart meter farther away

2016-03-04 – Electromagnetic fields –>depression

2016-03-03 – Hydro “offering” online bills with a new account number. Beware.

2016-03-02 – Why the massive push by BCHydro all of a sudden?

2016-03-01 – In the EU energy savings are far below those promised. Benefits don’t justify the costs.

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