2016-03-20 More people with extremely high bills, reduced by Hydro

  • In response to the facebook statement about the suspected manipulated consumption figures after smeter installed, this from a member. This is totally unacceptable. Meters that have been certified by Measurements Canada are supposed to be accurate. That is the only thing about these meters that has been certified  Complaints should be made to Measurements Canada, Bill Bennett, John Horgan and the media. Either these meters have been manipulated to run fast or they are worthless in every respect – they can’t even measure consumption accurately.

 “I had this problem with BC Hydro. I was getting huge hydro bills after the smart meter. I had less people in the house and used way less hydro but my bills went up at least 4x higher in charges. I demanded they come out and check the meter. They finally agreed and did and all of a sudden my bills were cut in half after that. My neighbor did the same thing and they had the same results where after they complained and had it checked their bills were cut by 1/3. So there is definitely an overcharge happening with the smart meters and BC Hydro. They refused to give me an explanation other than my usage must have changed. It hadn’t.”

 If anyone has received inexplicably high bills and had a similar experience, please email me with “high bills” on the subject line. If there is a problem or if something is going on, let’s find out and take action.

  • Martin Pall, who has written extensively on the health risks posed by microwave radiation, describes the research available that shows radiation like that emitted by smeters is especially dangerous because of the pulses. Many have noted that smeters differ from many wireless devices because of their sporadic short, strong pulses which shock the cells. Yet Dr. Perry Kendall refuses to consider these effects.

“There are some 4000 studies of pulsed microwave therapy which make up the largest literature on non-thermal biological effects. Unfortunately we don’t have enough detailed knowledge of these pulsation effects to be able to predict how biologically active EMFs with different patterns of pulsation will be. With very complex pulsed fields like those from smart meters or smart phones, prediction becomes still more difficult.   (pg 3)

 Panagopoulos et al [25] have recently argued that complex pulsation patterns such as produced by smart phones and smart meters produce higher biological activity. (pg. 6)

 In dirty electricity, transients produced by various devices, produce transients in electrical power wiring such that the wiring acts as an antenna, producing in turn, human exposure to EMFs. All digital technology has the potential to produce such dirty electricity, but digital technology involving high current flows may be the major challenge, such as broadcasting antennas, digital power supplies and inverters.  (pg. 6)”



  • The US Dept of Energy believes that new battery technology could lead to cleaner and greener power grid.

“The research arm of the US Department of Energy (DoE) claims to have discovered game-changing energy-storage technologies that could accelerate the uptake of clean energy and make everything from smartphones to electric vehicles run for longer.

Ellen Williams, director of DoE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), says it has achieved several breakthroughs in energy-storage technology that could transform the electrical grid.”




From: X
Sent: March 19, 2016 8:15 AM
To: commission.secretary@bcuc.com; jessica.macdonald@bchydro.com
Cc: Smart Meters <SmartMeters@bchydro.com>
Subject: – March 19th, 2016 – RE METER # 21220xxxxxx- ACCOUNT NUMBER 94750xxxxxx

Dear Ms. MacDonald,

I have had enumerable exchanges of e-mail between myself and “Michael” from the SmartMeter program. No last name given! I would imagine you have contact with this person and can see all that has been written between us.

I am, to draw the line in the sand, saying my meter base (which is owned by me and 100% my responsibility) isn’t CSA certified for combustible electronic meters Therefore, I will accept a combustible electronic meter only upon receipt of a letter signed by a BC Hydro professional engineer saying that doing so is a safe practice and that, should any fire damage occur as a result, BC Hydro will assume full responsibility.

I have indicated to “Michael”, enumerable times, I will not consent to a digital meter radio off or on. I have paid (your extortion charges) for well over a year and I chose to do this because I want to keep my analog meter. If, what I am being told is true.BC Hydro is claiming they do not have anymore analogs. I know analogs can be purchased, and I am requesting, yet again, that Hydo get busy and purchase analogs for those of us who want to keep them.

Trusting my position is clear. I am sending this letter to your attention by registered mail as well.




Sharon Noble




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