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No Update for 2017-08-03

2017-08-04 – Ad for full time permanent smeter installers due to short lifespan

No Update for 2017-08-05

2017-08-06Resistance to smeters in eastern USA due to health, privacy and cost benefits.

2017-08-08 – California Legislature is accommodating people with EHS.

2017-08-08(a) – Milliwaves (5G technology) used in airport scanners linked to cancers

2017-08-09 – People in Washington town allowed to keep analogs permanently.

2017-08-10 – Reasons to demand moratorium of microcells

No Update for 2017-08-11

2017-08-12 – Dr. Mercola, reduced male fertility and EMR

2017-08-13Cell tower in Saanich, and major privacy issues re smeters.

No Update for 2017-08-14

2017-08-15Short-term exposure to same frequency used by Wi-Fi and ZigBee chips can damage pancreas, especially in fetus.

2017-08-16Melted smeter reported in Penticton

2017-08-17 – Complaints in Victoria re US aircraft noise

2017-08-18Is the Nuremberg Code being violated when we are used as guinea pigs re. RF?

2017-08-19Recommendations for strengthening the Environmental Protection Act, with legal ramifications for negligence or harm

2017-08-20Recommendations for improving Environmental Protection Act include some re. EMR

2017-08-21California Doctor fighting microcells and 5G

2017-08-22 – More pressure by experts to label EMR from all wireless devices as a carcinogen.

2017-08-23Important information re. microcells for local governments

2017-08-24 – Canada’s industry-friendly Precautionary Principle

2017-08-25Sale of data bigger business than oil.

2017-08-26 – Industry acknowledges privacy invaded by “smart” devices

2017-08-27 – Are smeters being “mandated” in a discriminatory fashion?

2017-08-28 – New Energy Minister needs educating on smeters

2017-08-29Virtual Reality headsets with smartphones being promoted by public libraries and schools.

2017-08-30 – 5G milliwaves could promote skin cancer

2017-08-31 – Emerging Human Rights Issues — UN Guiding Principles on Business

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