2017-08-10 Reasons to demand moratorium of microcells

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1)    Concerns raised by a Michigan smeter resister regarding approaches to resistance to utilities. Great caution is needed before following recommendations for legal actions from someone who is not trained in the law or who might have an agenda that is not evident.

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In December of 2014 Mr. del Sol came to speak following a showing of his film at the Royal Oak Art Theater. He and an associate, Cal Washington, used this time for an illustrated presentation in some detail, of a process for (supposedly) stopping utilities from installing smart meters. Documents to be used were presented on the big screen and discussed in some detail. In these documents, liberally punctuated by biblical references, there was much about holding individual utility executives and politicians personally liable financially by using merchant law, and sending them a series of letters which would ‘notify them of their liability’… 

There is a problem with all this: the process does not work.”



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2)    Reasons to demand a moratorium on the installation of microcells which are intended to hold 5G transmitters, as presented to the California legislature.  Please consider sharing these with your Council and Mayor, asking them to support the demand for a moratorium in BC which will be presented to the Union of BC Municipalities annual conference in September [scroll down to CivicInfo BC (Municipalities) – Find People – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/].

This was sent by Ellie Marks who is dedicated to educating people about the health effects associated with microwave radiation:

We are fighting hard to defeat CA SB 649 which is flying through our legislature at the speed of light. We (a group of dedicated experts and activists) started the California Alliance for Safer Technology and we raised funds and hired a communications strategist to help us in our endeavor to stop SB 649. If this has not yet come to your state it will be coming soon. 

​Here​ is one of the videos produced for us thus far. It is only a little over a minute. Please view it as it will explain a bit about the bill (and I think you will enjoy it).


Basically the state is taking all authority of the siting of cellular facilities for 4G and 5G away from cities and counties which means YOU and your local government will have no say in where this ugly, noisy, dangerous (fires and health) equipment ends up. They will need “small” cell equipment in front of every 5-12 homes as 5G cannot penetrate walls. The small equipment can be as large as a refrigerator on a large pole in the right of way in front of your home.

One must consider what this will do to the beauty of our neighborhoods. Fiber optics is a much better solution but industry does not want to spend the money on that.  

​Firefighters received an exemption in SB 649 because they understand the health ramifications. Don’t our homes and schools deserve the same consideration? ​


3)    Here is a link to an August newsletter/website dedicated to informing about 5G / IoT.


[2015 stats re % of Smart Meters / USA State – http://whatis5g.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image001.png]


From a member in Maple Ridge

Dear Medical Health Officer:

Are you flying anywhere this year?

I’ve pasted two articles below regarding the scanning devices you’ll pass through at the airport (no, I go around them thanks, having researched it).  The articles describe DNA damage and cancer among TSA (Transportation Safety Agency) employees. Not to mention the tens (hundreds?) of millions of passengers being DNA damaged and put at risk without their knowledge.  Thanks.

Now, you probably don’t fly every week, but your overly-friendly local wireless company (you know who they are) has a surprise for you soon. They’re planning to put a 5G ‘microcell’ antenna on your block which will blast you and your family with a similar frequency (a brand new microwave frequency range just for us, on which absolutely no safety testing has been done) in the ‘millimeter’ wave band. Just like the ones used for the airport scanners that gives people cancer, or the military ‘active denial’ systems that cause extreme pain. Oh, and they won’t be asking your opinion either. Since everybody in charge has rubber-stamped it all as ‘safe’, in spite of overwhelming and undeniable evidence to the contrary, they don’t have to. There are no laws around this in Canada, just a convenient ‘guideline’ called “Safety Code 6”.

No one has a clue what the millimeter band frequencies will do to our health. But looking at the TSA people standing next to these things, it doesn’t appear to be helping. And none of our Provincial Health Offices, it appears, has a clue either. After you’ve dutifully repeated the wireless industry mantra ‘no convincing evidence of harm’ for 15 years, while enabling a massive blitzkrieg commercial deployments of wireless ‘smart’ meters on an unsuspecting population, it’s pretty hard to change direction suddenly, isn’t it?

Like tobacco, asbestos, DDT, lead, agent orange, thalidomide, and all the other hazardous products that decimated lives while we stood quietly by, the same is apparently happening with ‘wireless’. The recent National Toxicology Program study preliminary release (a warning from concerned scientists) which demonstrated brain cancer and malignant heart schwannomas got nothing more than a letter on the Provincial Health website attacking the credibility of the study. An anonymous letter, in fact. This attack on the NTP study’s credibility was refuted and corrected by the study designer, Ronald Melnick, but the misleading and unsigned document remains a festering sore on the Provincial Health website. This appears to be BC’s pathetic tribute to what is reported as the best designed and most meticulous study of wireless health effects ever done, anywhere in the world. We are nothing, if not gracious, to the telecom industry in BC.

Anyway, next time you go through the airport scanner, and I’m betting you will because it goes hand-in-hand with denial, maybe you’ll think of these studies that are showing cancer from the ‘millimeter’ band and reflect for just a moment on what your job was meant to be. I think it had something to do with protecting the public health. Good luck to your DNA. You’ve got lots, a few mutations probably won’t matter.

I encourage you to do your own research and help bring some integrity to ‘public health’ in British Columbia. Sometimes, when the public keeps telling you things over and over and over again, perhaps you should just shut up and listen. I didn’t until I had a brain tumor. Maybe you’ll need one too.

Thank you.




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”
~ A. Einstein

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