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2019-01-01 – No Newsletter

2019-01-02Light (Li-Fi) could replace Wi-Fi

2019-01-03 –  A cancer cluster in small area of Indiana with at least 143 cell transmitters

2019-01-04  –  Across the US, wireless service cut — no emergency service for millions

2019-01-05 –  Radiation levels 100 ft. from microcells similar to 300 ft. from cell tower

2019-01-06 – Has the telecom industry corrupted the UN, too?

2019-01-07 –  Important letter from medical expert, Dr. Beatrice Golomb

2019-01-08  –  Researchers looking to use smeters to help people with dementia

2019-01-09 –   Big Data Pilot Project, in Canada, using smeter data

2019-01-10 –  Microwave cooking can make food dangerous.

2019-01-11 – Health Canada warning about health risks of vaping, not EMR

2019-01-12 – Health Can. rejects industry studies re. food guide but not wireless radiation

2019-01-1320,000 satellites circling the earth all with multiple 5G transmitters

2019-01-14 – No Newsletter

2019-01-15 – Another Calif. city council rejects 5G

2019-01-16 –  Major court ruling in Italy to inform of dangers of cell phones

2019-01-17Boston Globe — can your cellphone’s EMF make you sick?

2019-01-18 –  Dr. Arazi’s “phonegate” vital in Italian Court ruling.

2019-01-19Cancer Societies consistently mislead re. EMF

2019-01-20 – Chinese companies like Huawei could put cities at risk

2019-01-21 –   Possible link between BBB and Alzheimer’s

2019-01-22Huawei being pulled from UK’s 3G and 4G networks

2019-01-23 – No Newsletter

2019-01-24 –  New Cell Tower in Penticton being planned.

2019-01-25Deliberate attempts to mislead are international

2019-01-26 – TSA worker tells all about millimeter scanners

2019-01-27 –  BC Health Report ignores wireless radiation

2019-01-28 –  What happens in Calif. could impact BC

2019-01-29 –  FCC being investigated re. 5G

2019-01-30 – 5G still many years away so why the microcells?

2019-01-31 – No Newsletter

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