2019-01-27 BC Health Report ignores wireless radiation

1)  Health Report by Dr. Bonnie Henry, our provincial public health officer, ignores a prime preventable cause of health problems – wireless radiation. She continues to ignore current and recent science, such as the NTP and Ramazzini reports. Seldom does she respond to letters but when she does it’s to say according to the “experts” at BCCDC (none of whom have any relevant experience or training) confirm that there is no evidence of harm.  She refuses to implement the precautionary principle, especially in schools, thereby neglecting to perform her job which is to protect the public from harm.

British Columbia News

Provincial health officer releases public health report


“Dr. Bonnie Henry, provincial heath officer (PHO), has released the report, Taking the Pulse of the Population: An Update on the Health of British Columbians.

The report shows that overall, British Columbians’ health is good by many accepted measures. Diabetes incidence, mortality due to preventable causes, smoking during pregnancy and the incidence of hepatitis C all continue to decrease.”


2)  In Europe, major concerns are being raised about 5G. Is it safe? Is it necessary? Many articles in various languages, with English translation of the titles.  Below is a link to one article, which I hope is consistent with the others. If anyone translates or finds translations of these articles and finds more info, please send to me at:

dsnoble@shaw.ca  with “EU 5G translation” on the subject line.

Big promises, unknown risks

“A growing body of science that warns of health risks  from long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation by mobile  technology. There is almost no research on the effects of the higher frequencies  needed for 5G.”


Europe Ignores Possible Cancer Risk of 5G

“Mobile communications technology is suspected of damaging health. But governments are steadily promoting the expansion…

The EU Commission and European governments have so far rejected this demand. The “application of the precautionary principle” to mobile telephony technologies is “too drastic a measure”, explains the head of cabinet of the incumbent EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis.”


3)  Telus is facing pressure to stop partnering with Huawei. But it seems that Telus is misleading the public when it says that Huawei equipment is not used in the core of the grid. Is not the microcell core to 5G?? Is Telus not partnering with Huawei in building the infrastructure, including implementing the pilot projects?  It appears that Telus is willing to trade our security for its profit.

Will Telus Corporation (TSX:T) Stock Take a Hit if Canada Bans Huawei From Its 5G Network?

Telus has not used Huawei equipment in its core network. It has, however, used Huawei radio equipment atop cell towers. This equipment handles calls, texts, videos, and an assortment of other data sent from cellphones before entering the Telus network. Telus has been a vocal advocate of Huawei’s tech, especially when it comes to constructing the future 5G network. However, Telus has reiterated that it has not yet issued major tenders to provide equipment for this new network.  Telus has said that government action against Huawei would be a “lost opportunity” considering Huawei has a “12-to-18-month lead” on its competitors.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse”  ~ Edmund Burke


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