There have been many FIRES that have been shown to be related to the installation or operation of SMART METERS.

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    1. This is just one of the reasons smart meters are causing fires, but a major one. The testimony in Texas involved ITRON meters, the same model used in BC, and the linesman there said there were palettes of meters that had failed and burned . the most common cause he found was the thin blades leaving a gap which resulted in arcing and fires.
      These meters are being put into a base that was designed and certified to hold an analog meter and nothing else. it’s like putting a light bulb in a toaster — these weren’t made to work together.
      I have told Hydro, the BC Safety Authority , the BC Utilities Commission, all the MLAs — and they all are ignoring the fact that we have fire hazards on our homes. fires have occurred and will continue to occur until these are removed.

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