2016-10-01 – New Jersey Ed. Ass. re. Health Risks from electronic devices

2016-10-02 – BCHydro’s financial report proves incompetence

2016-10-03 – More warnings from American Academy of Pediatrics

2016-10-04 – Time to prepare for 5G.

2016-10-05 – Environmental Sensitivities Symposium (free)

2016-10-06 – Cell towers on schools

2016-10-07 – Australian smeter group pushed health authority to recognize RF health effects

2016-10-08 – A request from C4ST to help get MPs to help us.

2016-10-09 – Sharon Noble’s Final Argument re. the Tariff changes being made by BC Hydro

Update 2016-10-10 – Testimony by Dr. Marino re. smeters and EHS

2016-10-11 – Is Hydro really testing meters when customers believe they are running fast?

2016-10-12 – Fed. Health Minister says no scientific evidence that RF is harmful!!

2016-10-13 – Electrical Engineer says ITRON meters are dangerous.

2016-10-14 – Utilities aren’t sharing benefits with us or taking on risks.

2016-10-15 – Video re. EHS presentation by Dr. Rea

2016-10-16 – New $$meter lawsuit in Virginia

2016-10-17 – Health Minister Philpott’s disturbing report — no evidence of harm!!!

2016-10-18 – Smeters used in UK, made in China, raising major security concerns

2016-10-19 – A letter from Dix re. corruption in BC Hydro

2016-10-20 – Disconnections taking place on Vancouver Island

2016-10-21 – A major hack has been attributed “smart” devices connected to the internet.

2016-10-22 – More info about the many disconnects on Vancouver Island

2016-10-23 – RF pollution threatens biosphere.

2016-10-24 – In USA smeters are being replaced long before 20 years.

2016-10-25 – BC Hydro disconnects without notice because the Tariff allows it.

2016-10-26 – Unidentified strangers threatening to cut power

2016-10-27 – Smeters in large centres being read manually. Why??

2016-10-28 – Telus microcells irradiating homes.

2016-10-29 – Another ITRON meter fire in Michigan

2016-10-30 – Health Canada has a history of silencing its scientists

2016-10-31 – Industry puts pressure to keep public in the dark


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