2016-10-16 New $$meter lawsuit in Virginia

1)    Lawsuits will become more common as people connect the dots between exposure to RF from things like smeters and their health problems. One has just begun in Virginia. Her situation is similar to many in BC – where her utility refused to move the smeter even after her doctor ruled out all other sources of her problems, and then they lied to her – telling her the transmitter had been turned off when it hadn’t been.


[County of Rockingham, Virginia] Donna Kinsey, Plaintiff v. Virginia Electric and Power Company, Defendant – Civil Action No. CL14 00701-00 – Case 5:16-cv-00058-EKD – Document 17-1 – October 10, 2016:

2)    Lots of you, I know, are keeping track of studies and reports on health effects related to RF exposure. Here is a website of studies that might prove to be a very good resource, especially when someone like Dr. Perry Kendall, Health Minster Philpott, Health Canada or the BC Cancer Society says that there is no evidence that RF might be harmful.

WiFi and Device Studies – 136 Studies Showing Health Effects from WiFi Radio Frequency Radiation by Kevin Mottus, California Brain Tumor Association:

3)    The US FCC just made $54.6 billion by selling off areas in the radio frequency spectrum that TV stations used to use. Lower frequencies, such as those in the FM range (100 Mhz) are more dangerous than those that are in higher frequencies because they travel farther and penetrate buildings (and bodies) more easily.  Governments are in a position where they make huge amounts of money selling off public airways to the telecom companies who are emitting RF radiation into our environment, endangering our health. This is a major conflict of interest because a government is supposed to protect us.  And look at the costs for this in terms of our health care. We’ll pay with our health and our taxes.


Latest FCC Spectrum Auction Clearing Cost Drops To $54.6B

By Jenna Ebersole

Law360, Washington (October 13, 2016, 6:47 PM EDT) — The broadcaster side of the second stage of the Federal Communications Commission’s incentive auction wrapped Thursday with a $54.6 billion cost to clear a targeted 114 MHz of spectrum, a $30 billion drop from the first stage but still well above the figure wireless providers were willing to bid on the FCC’s initial target.

The auction is meant to reallocate portions of low-band spectrum held by TV broadcasters — valuable for its ability to travel long distances and penetrate buildings — for use in wireless broadband….


4)    I doubt it is just a coincidence that the US FCC is granting 2,000 more FM licenses at the same time more of the spectrum perhaps in the FM range has been auctioned.

These are just two of the nearly 2,000 FM stations across the country that have received new licenses from the Federal Communications Commission  over the last two years. All are classified as Low Power FM — operating at 100 watts with a broadcast range of roughly five to 15 miles, depending on the surrounding terrain and the proximity of other FM transmissions. About a third are already on the air.

All of these new stations have received their licenses free. The F.C.C.’s only requirement was that the applicants be nonprofit organizations committed to broadcasting locally originating programs.


5)    Did anyone who lost power during the storms over the weekend notice an improvement in getting power restored “thanks” to the smeter and $$mart grid? I noticed in Victoria they were giving phone numbers to call to report outages, with advice (a day in advance) to make sure there was a landline hooked up because cell phones wouldn’t work! How do you get a landline in a day?

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