2016-10-01 New Jersey Ed. Ass. re. Health Risks from electronic devices

1)    Magda Havas sent this article which speaks to ground current. This dangerous situation is not limited to farms, as she explains.  She is sharing with us “Courtesy of Ayr News Limited”.



2)    A member sent in this 15 minute video of a presentation by Dr. Erica Mallery Blythe who speaks about the rights of children with regard to health effects of RF radiation, especially in schools.  He noted that at the 7 minute mark she speaks about the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, to which Canada is a signee.  Those who are fighting Wi-Fi in schools, and those with children and grandchildren in schools, should take this to the Principals and School Boards and insist that they live up to this commitment. Hold our politicians’ feet to the fire for ignoring this international agreement.


3)    Additional material in the New Jersey Education Association about wireless devices and how to minimize risks.  Again, excellent material to share with teachers, parents and principals.

For radiation exposure

  • Keep devices away from the body and bedroom.
  • Carry phones in briefcases, etc., not on the body.
  • Put devices on desks, not laps.
  • Hard wire all devices that connect to the internet.
  • Hard wire all fixed devices such as printers, projectors and boards.


4)    The story of how a successful business person became an EHS refugee.



5)    A suggestion from a member for a simple way to disable the Wi-Fi modem:


“In response to the section in your September 30 update, I have some suggestions for decidedly non-techie people like me:

  1. If you have an account with Telus, log into the Live Chat function and ask them to totally disable the wireless function of your modem while you wait. You will need the account number on your Telus bill as well as your PIN (which I believe is the last four numbers of your account number disregarding the very last number). I had this done and could see the light go off when the Wi-Fi was actually turned off, and it has never come back on again. They were very helpful and I’m sure other carriers provide a similar service.
  1. As for disabling your own computer’s wireless ability, I can only speak for Windows 7 Home Edition (I’m still successfully resisting Windows 10), but here’s how I check: Click the Start icon, then Control Panel. In the search space, type in Manage Wireless Networks, then click on these words that should appear under Network and Sharing Center. Mine currently says “Wireless is not currently enabled.” If the wireless function is enabled, follow the steps to disable it – I did it myself a few years ago, so it can’t be hard.

6)    Thousands of $$meters are mis-communicating with Hydro One in Ontario, resulting in over-stated bills and many problems. How does anyone know when the $meter is working well or not? If the smeter is incorrect and Hydro takes it into its “lab” to test, it will read differently than it does on a home because the environment is different, and Hydro can control things.


“Estimated billing is where Hydro One takes a historical look at what the customer has used in accordance with the same time last year. It then provides an estimate for what the customer should be charged currently. Leal said most times those estimates are grossly inaccurate. Smart meters improperly communicating with Hydro One is one of the larger reasons community members are facing such high hydro costs.”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.      
~Thomas Mann



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