2016-10-12 Fed. Health Minister says no scientific evidence that RF is harmful!!

1) C4ST has sent out the following press release about the Health Minister’s denial of any health effects from microwave radiation. We need to respond strongly about this, and I have asked Frank Clegg what actions his group is planning so we can work together. As soon as I hear anything, I will let you know. I expect he will wait until her response to the “recommendations” are released this week. This is shameful, and makes me wonder if Minister Philpott has any conflicts of interests.  So much for the science-based decisions Trudeau promised.


Health Minister Caught Misleading Canadians about Safety of their Wireless Devices

OTTAWA, Oct. 11, 2016 /CNW/ – Canada’s Health Minister Jane Philpott has contradicted the findings of a Parliamentary Health Committee report which recommends the government start warning Canadians that their wireless devices can cause cancer.

In response to letters from parents whose children have developed symptoms from exposure to wireless devices Philpott wrote: “There is no scientific evidence of health effects,” from cell phones or Wifi.

This contradicts Parliament’s Health Committee which sent recommendations to Philpott last June stating there are dozens of scientific studies showing that microwaves from common wireless devices are harmful. The Committee even recommended a national education program for safer use of cell phones and Wifi, especially for Canadian children.

Philpott is expected to officially respond to the recommendations this week.

A Canadian cancer specialist who testified before the Parliamentary Committee says Philpott’s failure to acknowledge the Committee’s findings is dangerous.

“We are already seeing increases in Glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer,” said Dr. Anthony Miller, a cancer epidemiologist with the University of Toronto, who has been an advisor to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

“This type brain cancer has been directly connected to cell phone use,” he said, referring to the findings of a $25 million US government study released in June.

Philpott’s claim contradicts one of the strongest Health Committee reports in recent history.

“The Health Committee not only found there is a growing scientific basis for warning Canadians about wireless radiation, but it was unanimously supported by all parties,” said Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians For Safe Technology.

“Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a warning to limit children’s time on cell phones and Wifi because of the harmful effects of microwave radiation,” said Clegg who is a former President of Microsoft Canada and now devotes his time to educating Canadians about the safe use of wireless devices.

“Wireless radiation is recognized as a possible human carcinogen,” said Dr. Miller. “It’s high time we started admitting it and act to reduce human exposure to radiofrequency fields.”


2) A member on Salt Spring sent this info re. Telus’s fiber optic/microcell program. I would recommend organizing your neighbourhood, perhaps getting a petition signed. We should have control over what is outside our homes especially if it is emitting a 2b carcinogen into our homes.

There are now big ugly back cables along the road (3 strands of them) and I saw a Central Tel truck parked at a major junction at the end of my street, as if abandoned, over Thanksgiving weekend. Fiber optic installation, repair & maintenance | Campbell River, Nanaimo, Duncan, Victoria

 3) An interesting editorial in the Times Colonist addressing the issue of Provincial Health Officers being tied to the government officials. This puts them in a situation where they have 2 masters: their bosses who pay their salaries and their professional ethical requirements (e.g. Hippocratic Oath). The author speaks of some who have decided to fulfill their jobs which are, ostensibly, to protect the public and ended up facing loss of jobs or other ramifications.

Public needs independent health officers by Trevor Hancock – Times Colonist – October 12, 2016:
– http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/columnists/trevor-hancock-public-needs-independent-health-officers-1.2362832

4) A presentation  by Dr. Nagy about the relationship between chemical sensitivity and EHS, along with some possible causes, e.g. exposure to molds.




From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: October 11, 2016
To: Jane.Philpott@parl.gc.ca; justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; Catherine.McKenna@parl.gc.ca; Navdeep.Bains@parl.gc.ca; Jim.Carr@parl.gc.ca; Nathan.Cullen@parl.gc.ca; Jean-Yves.Duclos@parl.gc.ca; Jody.Wilson-Raybould@parl.gc.ca; Harjit.Sajjan@parl.gc.ca; Ralph.Goodale@parl.gc.ca; Kirsty.Duncan@parl.gc.ca; Patty.Hajdu@parl.gc.ca; Karen.Vecchio@parl.gc.ca; Ed.Fast@parl.gc.ca; Diane.Finley@parl.gc.ca; Brian.Masse@parl.gc.ca; Colin.Carrie@parl.gc.ca%20; Don.Davies@parl.gc.ca; David.Anderson@parl.gc.ca; Rheal.Fortin@parl.gc.ca; Gabriel.Ste-Marie@parl.gc.ca%20; rob.nicholson@parl.gc.ca; Murray.Rankin@parl.gc.ca; James.Bezan@parl.gc.ca; Randall.Garrison@parl.gc.ca; Mike.Lake@parl.gc.ca; Rona.Ambrose@parl.gc.ca; Elizabeth.May@parl.gc.ca; Larry.Miller@parl.gc.ca; Erin.OToole@parl.gc.ca; David.Christopherson@parl.gc.ca; Marilyn.Gladu@parl.gc.ca; Kennedy.Stewart@parl.gc.ca; Gabriel.Ste-Marie@parl.gc.ca%20; Sheila.Malcolmson@parl.gc.ca; Monique.Pauze@parl.gc.ca; Robert.Sopuck@parl.gc.ca; Rachael.Harder@parl.gc.ca; AnneMinh-Thu.Quach@parl.gc.ca

Subject: Corruption! Health Canada, the WHO and ICNIRP are NOT protecting Canadians from ‘pulsed’ N0N-thermal RF radiation!




When will the Government of Canada stop today’s worst-ever case of corruption, which is also the most harmful ever – not just to people but to all living things? Beginning in the late 1970s, the corruption today is pandemic and involves Health Canada’s ‘Radiation Protection Bureau’, their colleagues in Industry Canada, the R. Samuel McLaughlin Research Centre, the WHO (World Health Organization), ICNIRP (the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) and the US Military-dominated ICES (International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety) – none of whom is protecting – or ever has protected – Canadians from man-made “low-level pulsed, NON-thermal Radio Frequency radiation” or Extremely Low Frequency (or Powerline 60 Hz) radiation. Scientists around the world say this is now a global crisis!

When will the Government of Canada direct the RCMP to conduct a thorough and comprehensive national criminal investigation of this, what truly is, an outrageous ‘crime against humanity’?

In the interim, I respectfully urge the Minister of Health to impose the “Precautionary Principle” on:

1) all wireless radio products/devices – including baby monitors and ‘smart’ meters; and,
2) on all new or proposed Extremely Low Frequency (or Powerline 6 Hz alternating current) electrical apparatus, devices, installations etc.

The attachment contains more than ample evidence to support all that is said above.

James Gerald (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (retired)

= = =

October 10, 2016

No One is Protecting Canadians From Man-Made Radiation!


‘Radiation,’ in this sense, means low-level, ‘pulsed’ NON-thermal ‘energy’ in the form of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), of which there are two basic types:

1) Radio Frequency or RF EMFs (RF includes microwave frequencies), which are emitted by all consumer wireless products/devices as well as ‘smart’ meters and ‘smart’ appliances; and,

2) Extremely Low Frequency or ELF EMF, also known as Powerline (60 Hz) Frequency EMF, which are present in anything in which 60 Hz alternating current electricity flows, e.g., in overhead power lines, substations, distribution lines, ‘smart’ meters, household electricity and appliances, electric vehicles, tools, etc.

Relevant Historical Facts

With respect to RF EMFs, in 1953, the US Navy adopted the 10 mW/cm² (or 10,000,000 µW/m²) limit proposed by former German scientist, Dr. Herman P. Schwan, as its ‘safe’ limit for human exposure to microwave energy – which afforded protection only against the thermal effects of RF radiation! It was also meant to be THE maximum or cumulative amount of radiation humans could be safely exposed to from any and ALL sources of radiation!

In 1961, the American people were warned by then US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his farewell speech to the nation, “to be on guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex (MIC). The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” (This is the root cause of today’s global problem!) [1]

In 1965, the US Army and US Air Force formally adopted Dr. Herman Schwan’s proposed ‘safe’ Exposure Limit of 10,000,000 µW/m² for RF radiation or EMFs. Again, this was based strictly on the thermal effects. In 1966, the industry-sponsored American National Standards Institute recommended it as a guideline for worker safety. Today this same thermal-only ‘standard’ applies to all Western countries – including Canada. Since Day One, this standard has been defended at all cost, as lowering it would curtail the expansion of military EMR (i.e. wireless) use and cut into the profits of the corporations that supplied the hardware. It would also have left both parties open to crippling lawsuits! [2] [3] [4]

In 1968, then US President Lyndon Johnson, in his State of the Union Address, promised the American people to protect them against hazardous radiation from TV sets and other electronic equipment! [5] (Here he was referring to NON-thermal EMFs!)

In 1971, then US President Richard Nixon’s own Management Advisory Council warned that the (NON-thermal) radiation levels in and around American cities, airports and homes may already be biologically significant. Those at risk may well be the entire population.” The consequences of undervaluing or misjudging the biological effects of long-term, low-level exposure could become a critical problem for the public health, especially if genetic effects are involved! [6]

In 1975, the US Military’s Tri-Service EMR Bioeffects Research Plan said: “Lower standards will significantly restrict the military use of EMR (wireless technology) in peacetime and require the procurement of substantial real estate around ground-based EMR emitters to provide buffer zones.” (They’d require an estimated 498,000 acres at a cost THEN of many billions of dollars!) [7]

In 1994, Microwave Research Department of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research states, “Microwave energy in the range 1 to 5 GHz, a militarily important range, penetrates all organ systems of the body and thus puts all organ systems at risk.“ Yet these are the very frequencies used in today’s devices, including baby monitors and ‘smart’ meters! The military said: “Effects on the central nervous system are considered very important.” [8] [9]

In 1995, then US President Bill Clinton signed a Memorandum stating that cell phone towers should not be placed on schools or near residential areas! [10]

On Sept. 13, 1995, the US Senate Committee on Appropriations stripped the $350,000 that had been budgeted for the US EPA’s EMF work. It also wrote in its report, “The Committee believes EPA should not engage in EMF activities”—thereby ensuring that this regulatory effort would never be resumed. (Since the deployment of wireless technologies depended on the premise that there are no non-thermal effects, EPA’s efforts threatened the very existence of this fledgling industry.) [11]

Responsibility for EMFs was then given to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which had no environmental expertise and no biologists on staff. In fact, its mission is to promote communications technology!

North America’s Inexcusably Silent News Media

North America’s news media have remained sinfully silent on this whole man-made radiation issue for the past 50 years, thus ensuring that the general public remain ignorant of what is and has been happening to them.

The US Military-Industrial Complex

Since 1966, the US MIC have gradually gained control over the elite ‘radiation’ scientists in Health Canada, the WHO (World Health Organization) and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) – none of whom today will admit that NON-thermal microwave radiation can harm people (and all living things)! Like the US MIC, all Western health agencies recognize ONLY ‘thermal’ EMF radiation (which heats the skin, much as microwave ovens heat food/liquids) – even though NON-thermal effects have been recognized by Russia and Germany since the 1930s! [12]

Mobile phones and other wireless devices began taking serious hold in North America in the 1980s. It is unthinkably evil for the US MIC and the Western-aligned health agencies – including Health Canada – to deliberately and knowingly ignore that ALL of today’s extremely profitable wireless consumer products – including baby monitors – as well as ‘smart’ meters and ‘smart’ appliances emit pulsed NON-thermal radiation! Why would this be? A number of reasons:

1) The US military’s vast array of sophisticated electronics-based radars and/or guided missile weapon systems, and its highly complex Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence systems were designed and based on the 10mW/cm² or 10,000,000 µW/m² standard. For the US Military to now lower its 50+ year old standard, they fear it would threaten their National Security;

2) The US MIC also fear the inevitable lawsuits that would ensue from current and former service personnel as well as civilians who, for decades, have suffered adverse and even life-threatening health effects attributed to microwave radiation!

3) The US military fears the Soviets/Russians will abandon their far more stringent ‘safety’ limits (which are 100 times lower than those of the US military and its allies) in any future conflict; and,

4) In the words of world-respected German EMF scientist, Franz Adlkofer, MD: “The current safety limits that are solely based on the radiation’s heating (thermal) effect are essential for the economic success of the mobile communication technologies. To safeguard it, politics and industry misuse their position of power mainly to prevent further gains of knowledge.” [13] [14]

Tellingly, the Soviet standard to protect its workers exposed to M/W radiation for an eight-hour work day is 0.01 mW/cm² – which is 1,000 times lower than that of the US and its allies! [15]

Two Pivotal Scientists Whose Actions Made Possible Today’s Crime Against Humanity

  1. The previously-mentioned Dr. Herman P. Schwan (1915-2005) was a Fellow of IEEE. He founded and became a member of the organization that has since evolved into today’s US Military-led ICES TC-95. In 1965, long before there were any consumer wireless products (i.e. NON-thermal EMFs), Dr. Schwan determined what was then – and still is today – the ‘safe’ RF EMF Exposure Limits – for thermal effects of RF radiation!
  2. Michael Repacholi, established the ‘safe’ RF exposure limits for all three non-USA health agencies: 1) Health and Welfare Canada (now Health Canada. i.e., Safety Code 6), in 1979.  2) ICNIRP, in 1998! And, the WHO, in 2003! In 2005, Dr. Repacholi also established the ‘safe’ exposure limits for ELF or Powerline EMFs – with the help of eight (8) invited electric power industry representatives, while ignoring independent scientists and banning news media from attending his meetings! [16] [17]

1) Dr. Repacholi, more than any other single person, is the reason all three health agencies having similar ‘safe’ M/W exposure limits to those of the US military. Note: Although the US military’s ‘safe’ limits are determined by the military-led ICES, they are promulgated to the world by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), as if that body had determined them!
2) All of the above agencies refuse to admit that NON-thermal radiation can harm humans and all other life forms!
3) Dr. Repacholi was the inaugural Chairman of ICNIRP (2002-2006). Since 2006, he has been Chairman Emeritus! He retired from the WHO in 2006, once again becoming a consultant for the wireless/telecom industry and
electric power utilities.
4) The WHO strongly urges all countries of the world to follow ICNIRP’s ‘guidelines’.
5) ICNIRP’s recommended ‘safe’ Exposure Limits are followed by European Union and many other countries around the world (approximately 90 countries in all)!
6) In 2007, Dr. Michael Repacholi admitted that: “Half of the WHO EMF Project funding came from industry”! Earlier, he had admitted that industry had paid him $150,000 annually for the 10-years he headed up WHO’s $250-million (USD) International EMF Project!

Health Canada Scientists & Industry Leaders Worthy of Note:

  1. Art Thansandote, a senior radiation scientist with Health Canada prior to his retirement (1991-2012), continues as Co-Chairman of the US military-led ICES subcommittee 4, a position he has held for at least 10 years – long before he retired from Health Canada! This is the subcommittee that determines ‘safe’ RF Exposure Limits for the US military for frequencies from 3 kHz-300 GHz!
  2. James McNamee, is and has been a member of ICES since at least 2008! [18] (See pp-10)  It was he who stated in front of the Quebec Superior Court in 2013 that Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, for frequencies between 100 kHz and 300 GHz, is based only on heating (i.e., thermal) effects of radio / microwave frequency radiation!
  3. Daniel Krewski, until 1998, was Health Canada’s Director of Risk Management Risk Assessment Branch. He then moved to the University of Ottawa to become Director of the R. Samuel McLaughlin Research Centre, which was founded and funded by the telecom industry, who also pay at least part of Dr. Krewski’s salary! [19] [20]
  4. Bernard Lord, QC, ONB, fluently bilingual, former two-time premier of New Brunswick, who recently declined to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. From 2008 to August, 2016, he was Pres/CEO of the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association, which lobbies all levels of government in Canada on behalf of its members. Few if any government doors across Canada would have been closed to him. During his eight-year tenure, Wi-Fi usage virtually exploded in public schools, public buildings and in homes across Canada, as did wireless technology generally. [21] He also was appointed Chairman of Ontario Power Generation in 2014. [22]

Extremely Low or Powerline Frequency (60 Hz A/C electricity) Radiation

Similar deceit and dishonesty has plagued the electric power industry since the 1970s! [19] The Oct. 7, 1995 issue of New Scientist published a leaked US National Council on Radiation Protection report, funded by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), written by 11 leading US experts in EMFs, who recommended an EMF safety limit of just 2-mG (2-milligauss)! (Remember that tiny, single digit number [2-mG] as you read the rest of this.) Its findings represent a fundamental challenge to the electricity industry. The authors say that their recommendations, if accepted, could force ‘complex and costly’ changes in society’s use of electricity.” [23] [24]

What are ‘Safe’ Levels of Magnetic Fields for Us?  Who Do You Believe?

Non-Industry EMF Experts Recommend

  • 1 mG is the desired level for homes, schools and the workplace.
  • <0.2 mG is the maximum level Dr. Neil Cherry recommended for schools!
  • <1 mG is the maximum level he considered ‘safe’ for the general public!
  • <1 mG is considered by scientists to be a ‘safe’ level for homes.
  • >3 mG is known to be associated with leukemia in children!
  • <3 mG is the current US Industry standard.
  • 1 mG is recommended in the BioInitiative 2012 Report.

US Military-Industry Controlled Agencies and Allies Say

  • 2,000 mG for Public and 10,000 mG for Workers says ICNIRP!
  • 2,000 mG for Public and 10,000 mG for Workers says WHO (even though in 2002, its own International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified LF magnetic fields a Class 2B (“Possible”) carcinogen!
  • 2,000 mG for Public and 10,000 mG for Workers, says the UK!!
  • 9,040 mG for Public and 27,100 mG for Workers, says ICES! [25]
  • No ceiling required —- says USA Federal Gov’t!
  • No ceiling required —- says Health Canada!
  • Because Canada does not have its own national guidelines, Health Canada, instead, follows ICNIRP’s recommendations and says that magnetic fields of 833 mG for Public Exposure and 4,200 mG for Occupational Exposure are safe! [26]

The above shockingly-high ‘safe’ magnetic field Exposure Limits have enabled electric utilities historically to build their powerlines, substations, transmission lines, etc. dangerously close to schools, homes and communities. [27] Otherwise, they would have incurred enormous additional real estate costs to buy more land in order to provide greater (safer) ‘set-backs’ or ‘buffer zones’ separating their facilities from homes, schools, playgrounds, etc.!


US President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning to the US people, in 1961, proved to be all too prescient; but today’s extremely powerful US Military-Industrial Complex has far surpassed even his worst possible fears!

Had Health Canada the decency, professional integrity, moral strength and courage to stand apart from the US MIC and the corrupted WHO, ICNIRP and ICES, starting back in the 1970s, it would have, instead:

1) been the only Western country to uphold its mandate to protect the health and well-being of the its public;

2) admitted then that NON-thermal EMFs were known to harm humans and all living things;

3) admitted that wireless radio products / devices all emit NON-thermal EMFs (which, in and of itself, would have prevented what has now become a trillion-dollar wireless and telecom industry!);

4) rejected the dangerously high US military-determined thermally-based RF Exposure Limits in 1966, thus ensuring that Canadians would have been spared the explosion of ailments and disease epidemics which afflict us and all Western countries today.

In 2005, an honest and caring Health Canada would also have rejected the dangerously high ‘safe’ ELF or Powerline (60 Hz) EMF exposure limits established by Dr. Repacholi and his electric power industry ‘friends.’ Instead, Health Canada would have urged all provinces to ensure their electric utilities provide greater separation (“buffer zones”) between their infrastructure and homes, schools, play grounds, communities, etc.

Likewise, had Industry Canada any sense of decency, professional integrity and moral fiber, it would NEVER have permitted the wireless and telecom industry and electric utilities to use radio frequencies in the band 1-5 GHz, which militaries have known for decades are “the most dangerous to humans, as they penetrate all organ systems of the body, thus putting all human organs at risk!”  Absolutely unconscionable!

Given the above, it is clear that no qualified EMF health authority anywhere on earth is protecting – or ever has – protected Canadians (or any people in Western countries) from what scientists the world over have been warning governments about for decades – the known hazards of man-made pulsed, NON-thermal radiation, both RF and ELF EMFs!  Finally, given the Government of BC’s historic bias in favor of industry, which it always defends based on Health Canada, the WHO or ICNIRP ‘guidelines,’ it is clear that the people of BC are –  and always have been – at the mercy of the extremely powerful US Military-Industrial Complex!

If present and future generation British Columbians are ever to have a protector, SOME level of government SOMEWHERE in BC (and in every province and territory in Canada) has to come to grips with today’s ugly reality! This unthinkable evil threatens us all! Some government must rise to the occasion and start the process of awakening other communities throughout the province (and throughout Canada) of the urgent need for all local governments to unite, stand up and speak out – with one very loud voice! In BC, surely, this role falls to the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities)? Only UBCM has a loud enough provincial voice, which, if raised on behalf of the people of BC – can cause the current wayward BC Government to stop in its tracks and realize the harm it has done – and is doing – to the still largely uninformed and completely helpless residents of BC.

In the interim, individual municipal and regional governments, by now, must realize that – notwithstanding Health Canada and Industry Canada traditional responsibilities – they have no alternative but to assert themselves NOW to stop electric utilities and telecom companies from installing their hazardous infrastructure so dangerously close to our homes, schools, communities, etc. Should these lower governments refuse to assert themselves on behalf of their constituents, they and all British Columbians are doomed. Who else is there?

James Gerald (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (retired))

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