2016-10-07 Australian smeter group pushed health authority to recognize RF health effects

1)    Good news in Australia where the major smeter resistance group has pushed to get RF emissions acknowledged as part of the Health Act. A precedent that hopefully we can use.


“The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) previously advised members of the public that electromagnetic emissions were considered to be outside the provisions of Victoria’s Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.  Following a complaint raised by a member of the public to the Victorian Ombudsman, the department has reviewed its position and considers that the Public Health and Wellbeing Act has a very broad potential application and that health impacts of electromagnetic emissions could be within its scope where evidence arises of serious risks to health.”


This group has been fighting to get the health authorities to take this significant step for years. Here is an article from 2013 about the negligence of those in positions similar to Dr. Perry Kendall’s. The doctors ignored letters, responded with form letters filled with inaccuracies, and basically waited for those complaining to go away – a strategy practiced by Kendall and Health Canada.

Professor Cassels indicated he was assigned to my case and that he was working on a response that I could expect in the near future.  I would like to point out to the readers of this blog that Professor Cassels is an expert in ionizing radiation and is not an appropriate person to be assigned to a non-ionising case. I never did get a response from the Victorian Radiation Advisory Committee. Instead, 4 months later Dr Rosemary Lester who is the Victorian Chief Health Officer responded.

Dr Rosemary Lester’s Response can be found here -> Health Department Response

It should be noted that this letter appears to be a boiler plate response as it is almost identical to what others have received (word for word). I would not be surprised if Dr Lester did not even read my original letter because many of the points I raised were not even addressed.


2)    Cybersecurity strategy is being considered by utilities in Holland because of concerns about increasing attacks on utilities after utilities are “being forced” to abandon analog technology.

[4 Dutch grid operators: Alliander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra]

“Malicious or mischievous hackers, disgruntled employees or dissatisfied customers – all pose a potential threat to the increasingly digitized and interconnected 21st century utility. Security attacks against utilities are not only taking place, they are on the increase. [Engerati-Electricity Authorities Face Severe Cybersecurity Attacks] Utilities need to take action and solutions are needed from vendors.”


“Hack attacks on the energy industry are gaining momentum, especially now that the utility of the future is being forced to embrace digitization and integrate its new technologies.”


3)    For the first time, bees are put on the US endangered species list.


“A United Nations-sponsored report released in February found that about 40 percent of invertebrate pollinator species (such as bees and butterflies) are facing extinction. You don’t have to be a bee expert to know this has implications for our future food supply considering “about 75 percent of the world’s food crops…depend at least partly on pollination.”


4)    Many people who are sensitive to RF are also sensitive in other ways. One member has asked me to share this information about Health Canada’s efforts to eliminate choice.




5)    A new study confirms the harm from prolonged exposure to RF from wireless devices in its attempt to determine if there is a possible link between RF and Alzheimer’s.  Please – send this to Perry Kendall (Perry.Kendall@gov.bc.ca), your MLA [https://www.leg.bc.ca/learn-about-us/members], to your doctor. The evidence has been piling up for decades but over the last 4-5 years, it has been astounding in both quantity and quality. It is long past the time for the precautionary approach to be employed. Remove Wi-Fi in schools and smeters from homes.


The impact of wireless communication on human health is a matter of debate. Since there are widespread concerns regarding the deleterious effects of the exposure to microwaves on human tissues and the subsequent potential threat of carcinogenesis, we can conclude that the current exposure to microwaves during the use of cell phones is not safe for long-term exposure, despite the current scientific opinion. Absorption of the cell phone signal into the brain of children does not exclude serious neuronal damage, as evidenced in rat studies (50). In addition, the increased risk of tumors of the head associated with long-term cell phone use is evident since radiofrequency may cause the blood-brain barrier to leak and to favor the damage of genetic material which consists of common precursors to cancer (51). Accordingly, poor fertility and the increased chance of miscarriage and childhood cancer have been associated with cell phone storage in front pockets. Notably, the data suggested that the hippocampus can be injured by long-term microwave exposure (52), which may result in the impairment of cognitive function due to neurotransmitter disruption. These results suggest that precautionary approach underlying the restrictive use of cell phones constitutes essential appropriate guidelines to follow although additional studies are needed.”




MY EHS STORY  by J. Edgar Murdoch

A couple of years ago I attended a public meeting at a community facility in Salmon Arm on a lovely spring Sunday afternoon. About an hour & a bit into it I noticed myself getting dizzy & feeling faint, almost falling off my chair a couple of times. It took considerable concentration to remain in the upright position. I wondered if it was because I was sitting by a window with the welcoming sunshine bathing my person. It was not a feeling with which I was familiar & I was just a touch alarmed.

When the session had expired I waited until most people had left & with the assistance of the wall & a few chairs to steady myself I was able to make it to the exit. Although I had not consumed an alcoholic beverage for several years & was not on any mind-altering substance, that was the impression I must have left with random bystanders. The stairs down to the sidewalk had a railing … wonderful … but once reaching the concrete I was on my own with only 2 or 3 lampposts for support between myself & the privacy of my vehicle. It was then I heard a feminine voice call my name.

Turning my head abruptly to find the source of this recognition I lost my balance & had there not been one of those posts handy I would have taken a nasty tumble. The “source” came running & supported me until I regained a measure of composure & then escorted me the remaining distance to the parking area. It turned out to be the Executive Director of the Citizens for Safe Technology organization who is severely EHS compromised herself & had to leave the building because of the presence of Wi-Fi & told me that I had been sitting under a router the whole time & certainly possessed the symptoms of the malady. It was a half hour before I felt capable of driving myself home.

On two other subsequent occasions in a different venue I exhibited similar characteristics & was able to determine that indeed Wi-Fi was present but it was turned off in deference to my sensitivity & the symptoms disappeared.

Now I am in my 8th decade & have traveled extensively & performed in many, many venues world-wide, etc., but this anomaly is brand new to me & I wonder if it is just coincidental that the symptoms have appeared only since the prevalence of wireless EMR in, it seems every possible space where humankind is present … including schools, libraries & other public gathering places where developing brains are present in large numbers.

In conjunction with this awareness is another conundrum. We have lived in our home on the outskirts of The Little City for more than a quarter of a century. For the first score & more years we entertained a virtual plethora of wildlife from lowly rodents to magnificent ungulates such as deer & the odd moose plus hungry bears feasting on our fruit trees. The feathered friends that visited our feeders, trees & grounds would have filled an enthusiastic ornithologist’s diary with dozens of species. This year we were visited by a pair of nesting crows, a handful of hummingbirds that stayed only a few days & one nuthatch that put in a brief upside down appearance on our willow tree before bidding adieu. We have seen no evidence of the many warblers, flycatchers, juncos & other ground feeders, woodpeckers, etc., even the odd bird of prey that used to populate our acreage & bring joy to our senses. Of course we haven’t seen a bee in years nor are we bothered by other flying, biting insects which once plagued us in the great outdoors. The apricot tree on our property which is an early bloomer has not born any fruit whatsoever in years, although once a prolific producer. Apples now lay on the ground with no bears coming to supplement their diet.

A few months ago I had an environmental advocate attend our property with his sophisticated … & expensive … EMF meter & after determining the inside of the home to be one of the cleanest … no wireless devices here … he went outside where the volume & needle on the instrument went absolutely wild. We are on a hillside & Dr. ‘A’ pointed out cell towers, routers & of course neighbours with smart meters surrounding our version of Paradise. Apparently a sort of funnel effect influences our site in the valley.

Our whole experience has been a sad reminder that the wireless technology industry& those that produce & promote the toxicity inherent in it, including our governments & utilities, are driven solely by the profit motive which completely ignores the environmental impact & the effect it has on all living things including us humans. People’s health & welfare are being sacrificed for corporate wealth & hellfare. “A pox upon thee!”

J. Edgar Murdoch (name given with author’s permission)



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse”
~ Edmund Burke


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