2016-10-08 A request from C4ST to help get MPs to help us.

1)    A message I got from Frank Clegg asking for our support in pressing MPs to take action re. Health Canada, Safety Code 6, etc. I hope you will consider sending an email or two.


“I believe you signed up as a member of C4ST because you were concerned about the amount of radiation from wireless devices in our environment. From Feburary 27th to June 7th of this year, I, along with members of the C4ST Board, made 6 trips to Ottawa and met personally with over 30 MP’s. We were successful in getting the 2015 Health Committee (HESA) Report on Safety Code 6 re-tabled by the current 2016 HESA Committee in June 2016, then giving the Minister of Health 120 days to respond. Minister Philpott and the Liberal Government’s response is due late next week.

We understand you are busy and have a lot of demands on your time. Participants in our Moms Who Care campaign tell us it takes about 2 Minutes to fill in our email form, and what a difference it makes! MP’s tell us that emails have far more impact than petitions; that is why we are asking you to take this action.

We had one MP ask for a meeting with C4ST after receiving 2 emails!

We have grouped the recommendations into 4 categories. If you have already sent an email please consider sending another on a different category. If you haven’t yet please do this weekend. There is one week left to educate your MP and notify the MOH about the importance of the HESA Recommendations.

Click on the area you find most interesting. The email goes directly to Health Minister Philpott and your MP.

Send in your email on Education and Awareness

Send in your email on Electrosensitivity

Send in your email on Research

Send in your email on Health Canada’s Process

Frank Clegg

2)    Another good article that will be read by people new to this issue.  Please know that the reference to Jerry Day’s “legal” information does not apply to BC where meters are mandated.


3)    The final arguments concerning BC Hydro’s Rate Application are due on Tuesday. Being an intervener, I have just finished my response and will share it tomorrow night.  The BCPIAC has made many recommendations and asked BC Hydro for compromises to help low income people. One is a pilot project to not disconnect power during the winter in areas where the temperatures drop below a certain level. Hopefully, BC Hydro will announce it, because many of the changes are not being put in the Tariff or on their website because it is BC Hydro’s “business practice”.  I do not understand how people are supposed to know about these “practices” that can affect their customers.

bc-hydro    bcuc

The assistance is necessary for “low income ratepayers who are having increasing difficulty paying their electricity bills in an environment where electricity rates continue to rise while many people’s incomes have stagnated,” the written argument says.

“BC Hydro’s electricity rates have risen by 51 [per cent] over the last 11 years and are on track to increase by over 30 [per cent] in the next eight years,” it says. “Over the same period income assistance rates have only increased by $100 to a total of $610 per month (for a single person), and the province’s minimum wage has only increased by $2.85 per hour.”

Electricity is essential for survival, it says. “People can only pay their electricity bills at the expense of competing household necessities, such as food and medicine. As a result, low income BC Hydro ratepayers are having more difficulty than ever paying for electricity, which is an essential service provided by a monopoly public utility.”


4)    A large investment being made in “clean technology.”  Perhaps someone can explain a “direct-current microgrid platform”.  As I understand it (and I might not at all), direct current would be better, and safer, than the AC current that is in our homes now.


“Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
(FedDev Ontario)

Energy conservation will get a surge thanks to a $4.63-million federal investment in Mohawk College, which will help to build a new test site in Woodbridge to develop and commercialize clean energy technologies….

This investment will help to address this loss by supporting the development and operation of a direct-current microgrid platform (electrical grid includes a variety of operational and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable and energy-efficiency resources). It is anticipated that 11 new technologies will be developed…”


5)    Light poles with a Wi-Fi transmitter being installed in Los Angeles. It is becoming harder and harder to know when there is a Wi-Fi or cell transmitter near you and your home.


The SmartPoles will deliver enhanced, reliable wireless broadband coverage to businesses, visitors, and citizens by integrating small cell technology into standard city street lights–improving the wireless network for Angelenos’ smart phones in dense urban areas.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”   
~ Albert Camus

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