2016-10-24 In USA smeters are being replaced long before 20 years.

1)    More groups are forming across the USA, protesting the smeter program, as awareness spreads and concerns become known.

Smart meter opponents rally in Albany – MidHudson News – October 19, 2016:



Groups against “smart” meters rally near Capitol – New smart meters are said to be health hazard, unsecure  By Larry Rulison – Times Union – October 18, 2016:

Anti-Smart Meter Rally Scheduled for Friday in Tulsa – OK Energy Today – October 19, 2016:


2)    In Quebec, as in BC, the utilities are becoming more aggressive, continuing to tell the public lies.  I sent this comment to the newsroom on the “contact form”.


“Hydro Quebec is not being truthful when it says the analogs will be unsafe if they are not changed. The only possible problem, and the possibility of this occurring is very slim, is that the measurements may not be accurate. Measurement Canada does not certify this or any meter, including the smart meter, for safety — only for accuracy. Doesn’t the public deserve to know the truth about these meters? Such as the fact that the smart meter is not safe and has design flaws which electrical engineers have found to be fire hazards?  Ask for a signed certificate from a professional electrical engineer licensed to work in Quebec, or any Canadian province for that matter, saying the meters are safe, and you will not get one, because they cannot sign something that isn’t true.”

Hydro Quebec cracking down on meter upgrade holdouts by James foster – CJAD 800AM – October 24, 2016:

3)    Curious to see how much people at BC Hydro are paid to harass us? This is a database compiled and circulated by the Vancouver Sun which shows everyone earning more than $75,000 and there were 4,344 of them at BC Hydro in the fiscal year 2014-2015. Probably more now!

Vancouver Sun – October 17, 2016:

4)    Industry experts have said that smeters will have an estimated lifespan of 5-7 years. This despite the meter manufacturers saying, as ITRON did, that the meters will have a lifespan of AT LEAST 20 years. This was the period used in BC Hydro’s and FortisBC’s business cases. The replacements have begun in the USA. Now Austin, Texas finds the need to replace meters where they were installed in 2006-2009. The replacement is “necessary” for various reasons, one of which is the meter screen not being legible. Also, the newer generation is available. Like computers, there will always be a “new generation”. In addition, Austin is mandating “smart” thermostats in new homes to allow remote control via the internet. There is no end to the costs and to the invasive devices and tactics that will be mandated, or the lack of security via the IoT.

Please send to John Horgan <oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca> and Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca and to Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com. We are facing a never-ending cycle of replacement and upgrades. The only thing green about smeters is the money going into the corporate pocket.

“Austin Energy plans to invest $29.1 million over the next five years to replace first-generation smart meters with smarter, faster two-way meters…

“Combined with the Internet of Things such as smart thermostats, customers can control their energy use from anywhere, anytime. Greater conservation, of course, helps customers and the utility to reduce energy use, costs and emissions,” he said…

The city council has mandated that all new residences have smart thermostats. Effective September 1, the requirement was drawn from the International Energy Conservation Code, a set of model regulations developed by the International Code Council. Austin Energy’s green building staff administers the code in Austin.”


5)    Hackers say Friday’s attack was just a dry run in advance of a larger attack. Our grid is vulnerable. We need to ask everyone what measures are being taken to protect it.


Meanwhile not much is required in the way of resources or skill to mount a botnet attack, he said, adding that would-be attackers can rent botnets for as little as $100. Cottrell said the long-term solution lies in improving the security of all internet-connected devices.”


6)    Sorry, I still have no more info about the people who had their power cut, but one person in Victoria was given a choice today – take the $$meter with or without the transmitter turned off or have power cut. This was without warning. Damage was done to the homeowner’s property by the installer, and I believe a formal complaint is being lodged. Photos/videos were taken and must be taken of the installer to show the lack of respect that is being shown. The person had paid all bills and fees – the only reason for this intimidating treatment was to get the smeter on this home.



From: X
Sent: October 23, 2016

Subject: BC Hydro Meter Choices Program – seemingly urgent

To Whom It May Concern,

My concerns were expressed months ago. To date, I have not received a response.  As the year is winding down and as apparently my meter is ‘expiring’ by the end of 2016, I had expected to hear back by now. My primary concerns pertained to fire risk and this was conveyed by email on March 28, 2016.  In part, this letter reads:

It has come to my attention that my meter base is not CSA certified for the meter you want to install on my residence.  Evidentially, this is owned by me and my responsibility and the meter itself is not my property. I cannot accept a meter exchange for anything other than a replacement analog meter without written assurances from BC Hydro by qualified sources with the authority to do so that exchanging my present meter for a radio-off meter is safe practice and BC Hydro assumes full responsibility and accountability for any and all consequences in and of doing so, in the short term and the long term.

If BC Hydro insists on putting a non CSA approved meter into a socket/base approved for an analog meter or change my meter for other than a replacement analog for any reason whatsoever then put your faith and confidence in this product in writing and accept all liability associated with it – at the time of installation and for the duration of its life and any replacements in the future. This is sound and reasonable.

If it is, in fact, true that on Vancouver Island you are sub-contracting or sending out an allegedly disagreeable individual with a crew to cut power for the apparent intent of intimidation, bullying and forcing compliance, I hold BC Hydro responsible for the consequences of this behaviour as it means I am not in a position of agreeable terms as I have not received honourable consideration and legal assurances as requested.  I sincerely hope this ‘word of mouth’ information is not correct – I have not personally verified it – as if it is, we are living in a sorry state of affairs and I no longer recognize my country.

I cannot agree this matter or any of its potential consequences or risks are my responsibility as it is not my choice or decision to take known documented fire risks. I would be remiss and irresponsible to not strongly state my objection. I have no concerns regarding my present meter and have no concerns with my electrical system.  I do have concerns if the meter is exchanged against my wishes and under present circumstances.

In the event there is a fire incident due to a meter exchange, it is not the fault of anything existing and only the fault of what has been altered.  Please be reminded this meter is situated on an exposed west wall so swapping glass and metal for plastic is what it is.  I hold BC Hydro responsible and accountable for any and all consequences to a dictated meter exchange that would only be conducted or accepted under my peacefully expressed duress and objection in order to keep the essential of electricity and maintain I have the right to protect and safeguard my person, my home and all things in it from risk, as does any person. Further, it has not been confirmed my insurer would cover a pre-existing fire risk or if a claim would meet their requirements or if they will guarantee indefinite affordable coverage into the future to cover these meters should they ever formally be deemed increased risk, as only time will tell.  This has been the case with earthquake coverage. Presumably, in the case of an event, BCH could claim or recover remuneration costs against my carrier, if the event is covered. Evidently, I own the base but the meter is not my property. It seems my wood stove has higher safety standards and more stringent codes than your ‘smart’ meters.  If your life has ever been touched by fire you certainly develop a high respect and regard for it in the wrong places! Diligence is necessary and prevention is the key.

In the event I receive satisfactory written assurance, by someone with the authority to provide it, that proves BC Hydro has the integrity to stand behind this product and if I have no other alternative available to me but to accept a radio off meter that I do not want, have repeatedly refused, continue to refuse and have been charged on a monthly basis to prevent, it remains my preference to receive notification of a time window in order to shut down all electronic equipment and power off to have the exchange done by an identified certified polite BC Hydro employee.  Confirmation it is radio off and will remain so is also relevant.

Otherwise, please stop this once and for all and find some available mechanical analog meters for those of us who are willing and able to pay additional billing fees to keep them and continue with present agreements entered in good faith.

If this previously mentioned information is true and correct and democracy is over and my power is threatened or disconnected by state sanctioned dictate and force, I have no option but to accept the dictate and recognize this for what it is. Regardless, I hold BC Hydro accountable and responsible for any incident or resulting damages or losses I might incur to my person, my pets and property or any person, pets or property affected by this action, now or in the future.  I truly do hope this is not what we have come to and this citizen information is not to be validated as I cannot recall voting for tyranny or fascism. What else do you call it when NO ONE has the right to make responsible autonomous adult decisions based on informed consent and/or the precautionary principle and discerned risk assessments from various credible sources or simply abide and withhold the right to be comfortable and at peace with our innate ability to make personal decisions as an intelligent real human ‘grown up’.

This whole ‘smart’ meter fiasco, to include the technology it comes with, has been disgraceful – beginning to present – and is indicative of how NOT to do things when you give yourself the authority to do them.  The pending US election has brought much to light and serves as a wake up call to millions of people globally. Regardless of ideology and all else aside, it has exposed and reiterated just how important it is to consider source and bias when presented with information and question the motives and credibility of any given source by using the ability to discern corruption and lies, as seemingly they come aplenty – particularly when the source has a vested interest in promoting a particular agenda.   It is a real shame when leaks and whistle blowers become the means to the truth.  Anyway, I digress and this is getting long and verbose.

Back to the matter at hand – I appreciate your earliest response and clarification regarding my concerns.  Please forward this correspondence to appropriate personnel and do not send me anymore glib automated responses or insult me with more pre-scripted lip service from staff with whom I am not on a first name basis.

At this time, I am sending this correspondence to BCH only as the matter is feeling urgent once again. Neither have I received notification of policy changes altering my present billing agreement with BCH.

As time permits, I may decide to forward it to other parties. It has ALL been rather time consuming and intrusive. I am speaking for the unknown others too who have been along for this ride with unspoken appreciation and gratitude for their efforts and for the multitude of others who, for one reason or another, find themselves living with the dreaded smart meter they didn’t want either, whatever their valid reason/s as incrementally and with stealth they encroached.

In the meantime, I hope some guy in a truck with a crew on your payroll does not come here following instruction with the intent of creating a scene or spectacle at my house with any heavy handed tactics or the perception of vicarious power via authority on behalf of BCH.   I am presently care giving to an elderly frail mother so, if I’m not home please instruct them to come back when I am. I also have a newborn coming to visit for awhile so please don’t cut my power either as it is inhuman and inhumane to not be able to provide essentials to one so vulnerable.

account #



From: XX
Sent: October 23, 2016
To: Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; oppositionleader@leg.bc.c
Cc: Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com

Subject: Disconnection of Smart Meters – an election issue?

More distressing information about the disconnections on Vancouver Island by Brian Stevens, of AT Maintenance Plus of Nanaimo. Shameful, but now that BC Hydro has changed the Tariff to allow them to disconnect with no notice, and free of all liability even if someone dies due to a medical device not being able to work – they are free to treat people like this. Anyone with an analog, or anyone who might be late with a payment, or who is guilty of whatever BC Hydro decides is an offense, can have this happen, even when all bills are paid. They have forgotten that they work for us, we pay their outrageous salaries. Remember, the Tariff is law – and this approved by the BCUC.  Right now, my guess is BC Hydro and its hacks are hitting people who have an analog that will expire at the end of this year, perhaps people who have in the past refused to accept a smart meter.

This issue is important to all residents of BC. In fact it could be an issue which will decide the result of the election next year. How will you stand? Are you in favour of the government’s actions on smart meters? Will you make it a plank in the NDP campaign to reign in BC Hydro and return choice to residents of BC and the BCUC and those who do not wish a smart meter or radio off meter to replace the much safer analog meter?



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”  Thomas Jefferson.

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