2016-10-05 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium (free)

1)      From one of our members:



Not sure what the person behind this site background is but he does seem genuine in wanting to educate the world on EHS:

https://beingelectrosensitive.blogspot.ca/2016/10/about-ehs.html .

I sent my piece in and he had it up quickly.

I very much encourage people to send their EHS experience in.  It is by putting a human face on the problem that we will make progress.

2)      Ulrich Warnke has warned for many years that RF radiation has affected all life, including birds and pollinators



This loss of wildlife, as well as bugs, has been noticed by others.  Some comments show that people are becoming aware of the RF connection and are concerned.

We live on the McKenzie River. We don’t need screen doors any more. No bugs swarm the porch lights at night. Mosquitoes are rare. Swallows that lined our power lines and birds that pecked our lawn all left in the early summer of 2010, when the microwave towers changed from 3G to 4G. The bees and other insects also disappeared then. The timing coincidence was profound.


3)      In Pennsylvania, Verizon is not allowing workers to repair copper lines but rather is forcing them to install wireless (VoiceLink), leaving homes and customers without services in many cases. They are accused of deliberately allowing the copper lines and wired phone service to deteriorate, replacing wired landlines with wireless to save money. That seems to be the plan across the USA and as goes the US, so goes (usually) Canada.

“The wireless home phone service, VoiceLink, is not a proper replacement for copper phone lines because it doesn’t work with security alarms, fax machines, medical devices such as pacemakers that require telephone monitoring, and other services, the union said.

“Field technicians are required to have VoiceLink units on their trucks and to refuse to repair copper plant serving voice-only customers,” CWA local President James Gardler wrote in testimony presented to the state Utility Commission. “Our members are being told that if they actually try to repair copper plant instead of using VoiceLink, they will be subject to disciplinary action by Verizon.””


4)      EMF (magnetic fields): 1 hour long audio [http://www.electricsense.com/8335/magnetic-fields-safe-levels-exposure-emfs/]


 “Dr. Paul Heroux: Health effects of electromagnetic fields

Following is a summary of key points from Dr. Héroux’s.

Interview by Lloyd Burrell of Dr. Heroux from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) Webcast: June 26th 2014

Paul Héroux, PhD, discussed the mechanisms by which exposure to the magnetic fields generated by 60-Hertz alternating current (i.e., AC power) may increase cancer and diabetes risk.

In his research, effects on ATP synthases are observed at exposures to magnetic fields as low as 10 nanoteslas (0.1 milligauss) which is well below the IEEE and ICNIRP guidelines and below most individuals’ average exposure to magnetic fields (about 100 – 200 nanotesla).

That metabolic effects can occur at such low exposures and the absence of a dose-response beyond this threshold can explain why some epidemiologic studies fail to find evidence of health effects, including studies of leukemia in children.

In response to a question about solutions to this problem, Dr. Héroux proposed that utility companies switch from AC to DC power because the static magnetic fields generated by DC power are much less likely to produce bioeffects.

He also asserted that DC power is more advantageous from a technological perspective. I wonder what this switch would entail, and how much it would cost to implement?

5)      Canada should take a lead from India, which has RF exposure limits mere fractions of Safety Code 6. Its courts are looking at enforcement of these limits, and even further restrictions to protect the public.

“The Supreme Court Monday initiated a scrutiny of “deleterious” effects of radiation emanating from mobile towers and sought a report from the Centre on several aspects including steps taken to enforce standards for such emissions.

“What are adverse impacts of such mobile towers? Is there any agency to monitor? Have you (Department of Telecom) got a system in place to enforce the standards, if any, for radiation from such towers,” a bench comprising Chief Justice T S Thakur and Justices C Nagappan and A M Khanwilkar asked.”




Dear All on my mailing list,

I wanted to let you know about an online event that is starting soon that I thought you might be interested in.

The 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium brings together 15 experts from around the world, all sharing their perspective on various aspects of environmental sensitivities. Topics include electromagnetic hypersensitivity, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, heavy metals (including lead), indoor air quality contaminants, mould, and chemicals (including obesogens). Every interview is informative and inspiring, and contains advice pertaining to the topic.

As well, there is a private Google+ group that you can join; a free e-magazine; and there is also a textbook available through Amazon containing 15 original papers written by each of the speakers. There will also be Q&A sessions throughout the event where you can ask your own questions.

The event is free – so please register today


or go to http://ecohealthsolutions.com.au/ess/


In addition, the linked document [see below] contains the list of speakers, titles of papers and a brief overview of the topics covered.


I look forward to seeing you there!

With my very best regards

Yours sincerely

(Olle Johansson, associate professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

The cost of wireless convenience: EHS, infertility, cancer.

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