2016-10-03 More warnings from American Academy of Pediatrics

1)      “American Academy of Pediatrics Issues New Recommendations to “Reduce Exposure to Cell Phones”

Nation’s largest group of children’s doctors responds to new government study linking cell phone radiation to cancer”



2)             The Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy has issued a special edition including 15 studies by scientists in Turkey where, according to Devra Davis, research has advanced far beyond any done in the USA. Some of the studies can be read in full for free, which all have abstracts that provide summaries. A question asked by a doctor – what is needed before the Precautionary Principle is followed?

“The Journal includes experimental research findings that long-term exposure to Wi-Fi caused DNA damage to the testes indicating that the testes are a more sensitive organ to RF radiation. Research results also showed prenatal exposures to Wi-Fi increased oxidative stress in the brain and liver of pregnant rats and their newborns. In addition, the published studies indicated RF-EMF during pregnancy can damage neuron development in the cerebellum, damage spinal cord development, and induce oxidative DNA damage in brain….

“When combined with the positive results of the U.S. National Toxicology Program bioassay that found significant increases in specific types of highly aggressive and malignant tumors, the experimental evidence showing that wireless radiation can be damaging to human health has become stronger. The challenge to regulators around the world is what to do now that we have this growing experimental evidence of harm. Do we continue to wait for proof that humans are damaged by the same exposures or do we take precautionary steps to reduce and limit those exposures?” asks Robert Morris MD PhD, Senior Medical Advisor to Environmental Health Trust which has posted the key findings from each of the papers on their website.”



3)  Another excellent contribution by Kit Weaver to the evidence being gathered by so many of us. This regards health and provides a recent expert witness report which Dr. Andrew Marino presented to the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission about the harmful effects suffered after exposure to RF radiation from smeters. His expert witness report is very interesting.   As seen in the recent ITRON statements, there are many 1,000s of signals a day, with AVERAGE power density close to maximum allowed by Safety Code 6.  ITRON plays with numbers to make everyone believe their assertion that these are safe, but real numbers show a different story. IF we had the PEAK power density levels, they would certainly be frighteningly high.

Article Key Points

–   There is a “reasonable basis” for concern regarding health risks associated with smart meter wireless emissions.

–  It is “unreasonable” to involuntarily and chronically expose consumers to the electromagnetic energy emitted by smart meters. 

Over the past three years at this website I have detailed a number of concerns related to utility smart meters including financial costs, privacy invasions, cyber threats, and the increased risk of fires as compared with analog meters. Another concern relates to health risks associated with wireless emissions.

Based upon my technical review conducted over two years ago, I created a web page that documented support for the assertion that adverse health impacts could be expected due to exposure to wireless emissions from utility smart meters. Refer to “Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation Power Density Levels for Smart Meters, Various Biological Effects, and Exposure Guidelines,” at https://smartgridawareness.org/rf-health-effects/comparison-values/.

Unfortunately, smart meter deployments continue throughout the world and in some locations consumer refusals are not allowed. Such is the case in the state of Pennsylvania where consumers are not permitted by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to retain safer analog meters.

Based upon my review of peer-reviewed literature over the past few years, one of the studies that helped convince me that exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields (EMFs) could indeed be harmful included “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Evidence for a Novel Neurological Syndrome.” One of the authors of that study was Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D. [1]

Recently, it is my understanding that Dr. Marino submitted an “expert report” as part of a case before the Pennsylvania PUC. In this proceeding several consumers have alleged that their health is being negatively affected by smart meters installed by PECO Energy Company [2].

The conclusions reached by Dr. Andrew Marino and presented in his expert report are as follows:…

Read entire article at:

4)    A bewilderingly contradictory situation:   Insurance companies are encouraging people to buy the watches that track every move, the very ones that have caused serious rashes and sores on arms. They will pay for the watch but will they pay when the RF emissions cause cancer on the arm?  Remember that many major insurers exclude coverage for any RF-related health problem.

“In 2015, John Hancock (BTO) started giving members a discount on life insurance if they shared health, location and body data, while Oscar Health offered its members a free Misfit fitness tracker.”


5)    In Australia, a solar system that gives the option to keep and use a manually read (analog??)  meter for net metering. BC Hydro tells its customers this is impossible, anyone with solar must have a $$meter. Amazing how many things BC Hydro can’t do that other utilities can do…!

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) ends on 31 December 2016

You have a choice of two types of meter: A manually read net meter or a smart meter. There are costs involved with both.

What is a manually read net meter?

A manually read net meter is very similar to the meter you currently have, and as the name implies continues to be read once every 3 months. If you choose this option, you will need to contact an an Approved Service Provider (ASP). An ASP is an electrical contractor who is authorised by Essential Energy to install meters on their behalf. An ASP will provide guidance on the best option for your particular situation. Here’s a list of ASPs in NSW .




From: Finlay MacPherson (name given with permission)
Sent: October 2, 2016
To: sdishkin@sd49.bc.ca

Subject: WiFi endangering students and teachers health

Dear Steve,

As District Superintendent of School District 49, you might not yet be aware of the cumulative health damage being done to your students, teachers and other employees from exposure to the pulsed microwave radiation emitted by the WiFi routers and other wireless devices in use at your facilities.

Exposure to EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from wireless devices is proven to damage human DNA at non-thermal exposure levels.  The effects are cumulative.  Canada’s Safety Code 6 “safe” exposure limits ignore non-thermal biological effects, even though we are all biological beings consisting of billions of cells regulated by electrical signals between these cells.  All insurance underwriters exclude coverage for damage or loss due to exposure to EMR.  It is just a matter of time until those responsible for microwaving the population are deemed liable for their criminal actions.  The annual financial reports from the manufacturers of wireless devices all include footnotes indicating their concern with the effect of future health related litigation on their survival.  In spite of what the general public is being told about how wireless devices are “safe”, there is no actual evidence supporting such claims
— in fact the safety standards they quote are formulated from extrapolation of heating effects over a 6 minute exposure period, using a fluid filled dummy head. Much like the tobacco industry did, the scientific proof on health damage is suppressed by the wireless industry in order to reap the multi billions of dollars profits made annually.

Here are some informative links:



Do not be hoodwinked by the peddlers of the wireless equipment — their only concern is making money for their masters, not human health and safety.

If the schools are to be a safe environment for all using them, the responsible action would be replacement of all wireless equipment with the much safer and faster alternative — wired Ethernet connection.

I trust you find this information useful and will do all you can in sharing this message.

Finlay MacPherson



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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