2016-10-15 Video re. EHS presentation by Dr. Rea

1)   A report is making recommendations to ease the way utility companies can “share” data gathered on their customers via their $$meters.

SPEER published “Improving Access to Smart Meter Data in Texas” a report that addresses the barriers to third-party companies using customer’s energy data to provide energy management and efficient practices.  In its current form, the process of providing this access is cumbersome, discouraging customer participation. Making this more convenient will encourage the development of expanded services and offerings for customers and support the various businesses which are already participating in other markets, and provide actionable information to help customers save money and energy.


From the report:

The purpose of this report is to show that the potential of the data being gathered by the smeter is not being realized, that all the corporations that could provide services should have access to that data, without onerous regulations.

“Service providers can access meter data to more quickly analyze building or systems problems, identify maintenance needs, or properly size new equipment installations. Telecom and entertainment services providers are beginning to expand digital home management services to incorporate energy features to their voice, Internet, and entertainment offerings, all based on the potential availability of interval meter data.”  Pg. 4

“Approximately 100 CSP companies have registered on the SMT portal to access meter data and offerservices to customers, indicating significant business interest in the market. In most ways, the stage has been well set for a vibrant competitive energy services marketplace, but process improvement is required to stimulate CSP investment in meter data driven services to deliver significant benefits to customers.”  Pg. 6

2)   People who are sensitive already know that the $$meter is creating dirty electricity (DE) on our home wiring. This is due, largely, to the switch mode power supply that converts enough of the electricity coming into the house to run the smeter (AC to DC). Here is a 16 minute YouTube that shows just how much of this is coming into our home.


3)   A member sent in this YouTube of Dr. Rea who has a famous clinic in Texas where he diagnoses and treats people suffering EHS.

This is a great video presentation by Dr. William Rea.  He also shows what he prescribes to his EHS patients.  Excellent information!



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