2016-10-21 A major hack has been attributed “smart” devices connected to the internet.

1)    Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck has written an excellent letter to the Michigan Public Service Commission regarding shut-offs for refusal to accept smart meters. The Commission is writing new rules for the utility companies that would allow shut-offs without notice for anything the utility, in its sole discretion, deems a hazard.  Where are our politicians?


2)    A member noticed a new box on a pole and has done some investigation. Going into the Jamar link, there is a photo of the box and notice the height – right at head level, shooting radiation 100-200 feet. I doubt that any agency is monitoring the total RF that is in and around our homes from cell towers, smeters, the smeter collectors, microcells, these things. Plus all the wireless devices people choose to use – cordless and cell phones, Wi-Fi modems, wireless baby monitors, etc.


“Noticed a box casually slung on a power pole, I did not feel comfortable with it but my meter could not pick anything up.

Turns out that is is a traffic counter the same as the old lines put across the road. It works on radar (uses Jamar Radar Recorder http://www.jamartech.com/files/Radar_Recorder_Brochure.pdf) (which accounts for why I felt something but the frequency was probably too high for my meter), not sure how far the harmful radiates but they say the unit can pick up cars within 200 feet which could easily put the home across the street within range of the harmful beam.

Still digging through the information about the system but looks like it is one more of the radiation devices to watch out for. Some points I have noted: “At any point while data is being collected, you can connect to a laptop (either directly or with optional Bluetooth wireless)” – the manufacturer’s manual says the unit is good for 100 feet not the 200 the consultant  claims. Uses Microwave 24.2 GHz, power output 5 Mw but as the antenna is almost certainly directional (has a db gain) the 5 Mw is a meaningless number and there does not appear to be information whether it is a pulse (probably), digital, average or what the beam pattern is.”


3)    A major hack, causing chaos for major websites, appears to be related to viruses in internet-connected devices, including “$$mart” appliances. No mention of $$meters – yet. We should be asking all of our politicians “What are you waiting for? The entire grid to be attacked?”  Why are our security and safety being being put at risk? Many experts have warned that these sorts of attacks are just “testing” their abilities, etc. in preparation for major attacks that could cripple our economy and our infrastructures, taking us back to the “dark ages”.


‘And in a troubling development, the attack appears to have relied on hundreds of thousands of internet-connected devices like cameras, baby monitors and home routers that have been infected — without their owners’ knowledge — with software that allows hackers to command them to flood a target with overwhelming traffic…

Security researchers have long warned that the increasing number of devices being hooked up to the internet, the so-called Internet of Things, would present an enormous security issue.”


The source of the “millions” of malware attacks are so-called “smart” products, or everyday products around the house which are hooked up to the internet. So, while it may be difficult to pin this particular attack on Putin – though we are sure the “17 agencies” will try – one  can blame their “smart” toaster, “smart” lightbulb” and “smart” toilet for making Twitter inaccessible.

As Reuters also adds, it was not immediately clear who was responsible for the outages that began in the Eastern United States, and then spread to other parts of the country and Western Europe.

U.S. officials told Reuters that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were investigating. The disruptions come at a time of unprecedented fears about the cyber threat in the United States, where hackers have breached political organizations and election agencies.

Here is the punchline: Homeland Security last week issued a warning about a powerful new approach for blocking access to websites – hackers infecting routers, printers, smart TVs and other connected devices with malware that turns them into “bot” armies that overwhelm website servers in distributed denial of service attacks.


4)    A member sent this. What we need to hope for is BC Hydro insiders who will speak out about the things they know – the fact these are burning up, that they are running fast, and that they are not secure from hacking, etc. BC Hydro intimidates its employees, threatening them with loss of jobs if they ever say anything negative about the $$meters. So we need to help figure out how to protect whistleblowers, people with consciences. I believe we could raise money for legal fees should any of them get fired for speaking out.


Subject: BC Hydro

Hi. I got this from a friend in (I deleted the name of the town) who has also refused a ‘smart’ meter, thought you guys would like to read it ….

“I had a visitor at my home yesterday. He usually comes about once a month. Yesterday he thanked me. Why? Because when the smart meter from @bchydro began, he lost his job. However, because of people like me, had to be hired back. It seems there were enough of us that told Hydro’s contractor to take a flying f*ck each time they tried to install the new meters, that some meter readers had to be hired back. It was a nice moment. I still don’t like paying the legacy meter charge, but knowing that I played a small part in him getting his job back made it all worthwhile for me.”

5)    A member recommended this video on a site which, frankly, I would not normally look at. I do not wish to promote conspiracies, but this YouTube has good information provided by credible people with whom I’m familiar – Dr. Magda Havas and Martin Weatherall. They speak of health issues associated with EMF and EHS.  The physicist, Dr. Tony Muc, has been consistently supportive of wireless technology and helped develop Safety Code 6 years ago. He has worked for Health Canada for many years and, I believe, has a vested interest in supporting the status quo, just as others in health Canada have done.

http://www.visiontv.ca/videos/the-conspiracy-show-2-15-electromagnetic-fields/  (22 minute video)


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”   Albert Camus
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