2019-01-21 Possible link between BBB and Alzheimer’s

1)   New research indicates a possible relationship between BBB leakage and Alzheimer’s.  Many RF/EMF studies have shown that exposure to even low levels can cause BBB to become penetrable.

Dr. Leif Salford, in this fascinating video, discusses the surprising results of his long term research over decades on the effects of low level radio frequency radiation exposure on the blood brain barrier in rodents. After short exposures there can be a lasting effect with an ultimately toxic results on neural structures.” 


Leaky blood-brain barrier identified as potential early-warning sign for Alzheimer’s 

“New research published in the journal Nature Medicine has described the results of a five-year study into the association between a breakdown of the blood-brain barrier and the onset of cognitive impairment. The study suggests leaky capillaries in the brain can act as an early biomarker of cognitive decline, and a new drug being developed for stroke patients may be an effective treatment.”


 2)  Dr. Devra Davis shared a very simple, short YouTube about 5G  – an effort to educate newcomers.

The 5G mass-experiment: Big promises, unknown risks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKaoLxw0qJI&feature=player_embedded  (2:16 minutes)

3)  From Kate Kheel, https://whatis5g.info/about-5g-iot/ .   A fight against 5G in California.

  1. Bill Text for HR 530
  2. Giving context to our preemption trials!! Coverage of the abundance of cases where preemption over local authority removes the public’s ability and right to protect our health.
  3. More coverage of HR 530
  4. Bill Text for HR 530

“On Tuesday, California Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D-CA) introduced HR 530  arguing that the regulator had forced the legislative branch to act because it [the FCC] had ‘failed to listen to reasonable input from communities across the country, cowered to industry interests, and failed to put the public interests first.’”

 Though the text of the bill has not yet been posted, Scientists For Wired Tech requested and received it from Eshoo’s office directly: http://scientists4wiredtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019-0114-HR-530.pdf

 The bill is short and sweet…nothin’ to it!


Actions by the Federal Communications Commission in ‘‘Accelerating Wireless and Wireline Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment’’ (83 Fed. Reg. 51867) and the Federal Communications Commission’s Declaratory Ruling in ‘‘Third Report and Order and Declaratory Ruling’’ (FCC 18–111) shall have no force or effect.

Thankfully, more and more people are making it clear they will not stand for having a cell tower antenna placed in front of their home.



From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: January 20, 2019 3:27 PM
To: janet.fraser@vsb.bc.ca; joy.alexander@vsb.bc.ca; fraser.ballantyne@vsb.bc.ca; ab.miller@utoronto.ca; carrie.bercic@vsb.bc.ca; ken.clement@vsb.bc.ca; lisa.dominato@vsb.bc.ca; estrellita.gonzalez@vsb.bc.ca; allan.wong@vsb.bc.ca; judy.zaichkowsky@vsb.bc.ca
Cc: ab.miller@utoronto.ca
Subject: You are not being told the ugly truth about the hidden dangers of electrical substations, smart meters and anything that produces electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation

A Crime Against Humanity!

Self-regulated and profit-driven BC Hydro’s website states: “Our highest priority is public safety and the safety of our  employees.” https://www.bchydro.com/content/dam/BCHydro/customer-portal/documents/projects/west-end-substation/bch-open-house-story-boards-april-2018.pdf  Yet, like all government bodies in B.C. – like every jurisdiction in Canada, the USA, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand – the Vancouver School Board, Vancouver Park Board, and the City of Vancouver’s Mayor and Council have all been deliberately and callously misinformed about the very real and known dangers of magnetic fields! All three Vancouver decision-making bodies have been thoroughly duped into believing that pregnant women, children, students, adults, the sick and the elderly can be SAFELY exposed – chronically – to magnetic fields of up to 2,000 mG!  But non-industry scientists, globally, know this to be absolutely untrue! Should BC Hydro’s proposed substation become a reality, it will condemn untold thousands of unsuspecting students, teachers and the nearby population to inhumanely high levels of magnetic fields – which scientists say are known to cause autism, ADHD, leukemia, brain tumors, brain cancers, breast cancer and many other forms of cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, cardiac problems, suicides, depression, miscarriages, memory problems, behavioural problems, etc.!


http://www.feb.se/Bridlewood/WORLD.HTM   and


With any form of radiation, distance is one’s friend, i.e., the further one is from the source of the radiation, the safer that person is. Non-industry scientists, globally, say that the ‘ambient’ (normal) level of magnetic field to which the public should be constantly exposed is not more than 1 mG (milli Gauss) – which is a minimum of 2,000 times lower than what BC Hydro has told you is SAFE!  For BC Hydro (or any utility) to locate a substation to what is a truly SAFE distance away from schools, homes, residential areas, etc. (such that the magnetic field – when measured at the school, at the home and at the residential community, etc. – does not exceed 1 mG) would cost BC Hydro some enormous sum of money – which would definitely be the case in downtown Vancouver!  

A few FACTS which all elected officials need to know include, in part:

BC Hydro’s previous Pres/COO, Jessica McDonald, showed her ignorance by naively volunteering that BC Hydro’s substations emit up to 100 mG! BC Hydro’s current Pres/COO, Chris O’Riley, also seems to be unaware of the truth!

Note: The upper ‘safe’ 2,000 mG magnetic field limit, to which BC Hydro alludes, was set in 2005 by the infamous and globally reviled Dr. Michael Repacholi, who, in 1979, had been the architect of Health Canada’s globally vilified Safety Code 6! Next, this same Dr. Repacholi moved to the WHO, where, while he was in charge of the WHO’s electromagnetic radiation group, helped to create what is now the corrupt ‘agency’ ICNIRP, which established – for the world – today’s obscenely high 2,000 mG ‘safe’ level for public exposure and 10,000 mG for occupational exposure! It is known that Dr. Repacholi personally invited eight (8) electric utility representatives (whose names are widely known) to join and, ultimately, help him establish what are today’s obscenely and dangerously high – but industry friendly – ‘safe’ Exposure Limits! One must presume that BC Hydro’s President and COO is unaware of this!  http://microwavenews.com/news-tags/icnirp

Contrary to what BC Hydro would have you believe, there is no commonly available material on the market that can shield hazardous magnetic fields (e.g., lead, concrete, metals, lumber, etc.)! Whereas many commonly available materials can safely shield (protect people from) electric fields.  http://www.physlink.com/education/askexperts/ae512.cfm

Elected officials in the City of Vancouver – and throughout the entire province of BC – should be shocked and absolutely outraged to learn that BC’s own crown corporation, BC Hydro – historically – has deliberately hidden from them – and all governments – the illnesses and premature deaths which, non-industry scientists around the world have long known, are caused (albeit, not solely) by powerline (60 Hz) electric and magnetic field (EMF) radiation! And BC Hydro has brazenly deceived Vancouver officials yet again, this time with its current proposal to build an underground substation – beneath a school!  http://www.feb.se/Bridlewood/HEALTH.HTM  For even more evidence of the pandemic corruption that continues to take an increasing and terribly cruel toll of unsuspecting, trusting and defenseless people – of every Western country – please see the Attachment. In doing so, readers can also gain some appreciation of how much electric power utilities (and telecom companies) in BC rely on the one American ‘product-defense firm’: “Exponent Inc.” to ‘support’ their hazardous endeavours. Readers will note that, BC Hydro used Exponent Inc. once again to ‘prove’ that the magnetic fields BC Hydro suggests will be produced by this new substation are perfectly SAFE!  (Exponent also defended BC Hydro and its quintessential Trojan ‘smart’ meters – each of which has two (2) microwave radio circuits inside, both of which produce hazardous pulsed, non-thermal radio frequency (RF) electro-magnetic radiation (EMR)!

All elected officials – throughout the province – should also be shocked and extremely irate to know that BC Hydro’s own literature states that their existing infrastructure exposes the unsuspecting public to what are known to be dangerously high magnetic fields: a) Nelson Park – up to 25.7 mG!  b) Burrard and Smithe – up to 66 mG!  c) Skytrain Expos Line – up to 222 mG!  d) Cathedral Square – an underground substation – up to 100 mG! and,  e) the proposed new substation – also up to 100 mG! Each and every one of these facilities causes inestimable harm – and continues to do so – to unsuspecting, trusting and defenseless men, women and children – and every other living thing in their proximity!

To ensure the public’s health and safety, elected officials – armed with BC Hydro’s own corporate information – are now compelled to retain the services of an independent, internationally-respected EMR and EMF ‘expert’ – one with absolutely no ties to industry! Initially, this ‘expert’ should be tasked to conduct a comprehensive epidemiological study of those people who now live and/or work, and those who previously lived and/or worked in close proximity to BC Hydro’s substations, overhead power transmission and distribution lines, and power transformers within the City of Vancouver. An epidemiological study should reveal, in part, not only how many people suffered (or are now suffering from) which (and how many) illnesses, and the number of people who have died prematurely. Health officials can then attempt to estimate how much of an impact BC Hydro’s hazardous electric and magnetic fields (EMF)s have had – and continue to have – on BC’s sky-rocketing healthcare costs!

Two of Canada’s most respected and internationally recognized EMF / EMR scientists are Dr. Anthony Miller (professor emeritus at Toronto University) and Dr. Magda Havas, Assistant Professor at Trent University. Other U.S. EMR / EMF experts can be found at Physicians for Safe Technology, whose website is:  https://mdsafetech.org

Finally, what is happening today in British Columbia and across Canada – and, indeed, in every Western jurisdiction in the world – constitutes a cruel, heartless and unbelievable crime against humanity, one that is an absolute disgrace to the human race! This unparalleled greed-driven corruption screams out for the R.C.M.P., who should be tasked with immediately conducting a thorough criminal investigation of Canada’s entire EMR / EMF scientific community – especially Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau, what used to be called Industry Canada, the R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre and elsewhere across Canada. Internationally, the R.C.M.P. should be directed to investigate the EMF / EMR scientists in the WHO, ICNIRP, ICES and the FCC. It simply is not possible for any person to exaggerate the gravity and dire global consequences of what is happening – not in Communist countries but in so-called DEMOCRATIC countries! Compared to Health Canada, Vladimir Putin (whose country, since the 1930s, has always protected its people from non-thermal EMFs and pulsed EMR – and does so today) never looked so good!


J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)

Bowser, BC



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We have never had this kind of impending risk to society.”

~ Dr. George Carlo – Author of Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards In The Wireless Age


“Any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.

~ Voltaire


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