2019-01-28 What happens in Calif. could impact BC

1)  Wildfires in California, which were similar in scope to those in BC, have been related to problems with PG&E (a major utility) equipment and maintenance.  This could have major ramifications for BC, including more widespread development of micro-grids.

“Judge Alsup recently told PG&E via court order that, during wildfire season, the utility needs to turn off electricity to windy areas, even if it means lost profits and angry customers. This means that especially wildfire-prone areas could lose their connection to the grid for days—even weeks—at a time.

According to the U.S. Forest Service, some 32 percent of housing units across the country, and one-tenth of all land with housing, are located in the wildland-urban interface. In the wildlands, fire is a part of the natural ecology. In suburban areas nestled up against forest lands and other wild areas, fire is a risk to nearby real estate.

PG&E has pushed back against Alsup’s new rules. Depowering high-voltage transmission lines is not easy, the utility argues, and could disrupt connections to other grids as far away as Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, Alberta and British Columbia, and Baja California…

In the past, PG&E has been charged with skimping on safety measures and avoiding expensive, long-term projects. Burying power cables underground, where they are less likely to start wildfires, is one of those projects that appears to be skimped on—$246 million that the utility set aside for undergrounding wires went unspent.”


2)  It is hard to believe that it is a coincidence that so much inaccurate info is given by the media.  This from a Swedish newspaper, corrections by experts are being ignored. From Dr. Hardell’s blog.

Incorrect information about cell phones



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Hello, Kelsey,

This was a statement made in 2013, but what did Mr. Weaver do to help during this period when there were more than 200,000 homes where residents were fighting to keep their analogs?  I do not recall his assisting us or getting involved beyond making this statement.

Just as important, what has he done to help protect the people of BC with regards to microwave radiation which is emitted by all wireless devices, including smart meters? The scientific evidence confirms that major health effects result from exposure to such radiation, yet no politician is stepping forward to 1) help educate the public or 2) ask why the public health officials, both provincial and federal, are ignoring this evidence. Mr. Weaver, like all other politicians, is failing to acknowledge our concerns.

If people were educated, for example regarding cellphones, they could choose to protect themselves and their children. But they aren’t. Other devices such as smart meters are being forced on our homes without our informed choice. Even those of us who know that microwave radiation can cause serious health problems are being forced to have them on our homes.

I would like to know Mr. Weaver’s response to this information.   I appreciate your assistance in bringing this to Mr. Weaver’s attention.


Sharon  Noble

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”   Edmund Burke or John Stuart Mill…


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Subject: Re: Fw: Update 2018-07-16 Wireless devices use many times more energy than wired ones do. They are not green in any sense.



Here is an excerpt from Andrew Weaver’s blog, stating his support for the right of people to choose between an analog meter and a smart meter.

“There are many people who have expressed their concerns about having a smart meter attached to their home. The position that I advocated for was that people should have the right to determine what is attached to their homes.”

You can see his full statement on his blog: http://www.andrewweavermla.ca/tag/energy/page/12/

[note from Sharon Noble: See — Reality Check for BC Hydro on Smart Meters – Andrew Weaver Blog – September 15, 2013:


Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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