2019-01-26 TSA worker tells all about millimeter scanners

1)  Similar to the Site C situation, BC Hydro has refused to share information about the smeter program. Many times I’ve asked for evidence regarding test results showing safety and other times I’ve asked for info about the financial side, e.g. how much has been gathered from opt out fees and how much was spent to read meters. No info available. Often the response is simply that this info is confidential.  When I’ve asked the OIPC to force a response from Hydro, OIPC’s response has been that all they can require is that a response is provided, not that it is accurate or complete. Perhaps, now with this brewing, more attention will be given to these legitimate requests. Also, perhaps,  more attention may be given to the many false statements made by Hydro is selling this program.

BC Hydro in court to keep Site C expenditure details from public 

“BC Hydro has gone to court to avoid revealing the names of public employees who decide which companies are awarded lucrative Site C project contracts during construction of the $10.7 billion hydro dam.

B.C.’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) ordered BC Hydro to release the information after Vancouver freelance journalist Bob Mackin, who publishes The Breaker News, lodged a complaint about missing data in Freedom of Information responses and the OIPC conducted an inquiry.

“We’ve got a right to know who is being paid to build and operate and make decisions on any public project or any public office,” Mackin told The Narwhal. “There’s no reason why we can’t have it.””


2)  A letter from a “smeter resister” on Oregon encouraging others that many are fighting and many are winning the battle. Smeters don’t have to be inevitable – we just need to get a politician willing to speak out for us. 

Encouragement for the ‘smart’ meter battle

“What I’d like to point out is what’s been done in other areas of our country, opposing ‘smart’ meters. Vermont was the first state to have had a statewide, cost-free ‘smart’ meter opt-out. That was passed in May of 2012. Different states have different policies regarding opt-out from ‘smart’ meters, and the types of meters used instead.

States that allow analog meters, the non-computerized model, for residents opting out of ‘smart’ meters include: Arizona, Maine, Texas and most of California. Allowing these analog meters is really the only true opt-out, as they are the only meter that doesn’t generate dirty electricity, emit radio-frequency radiation, nor collect data. (The computerized meters also give utility companies access and control.)”


3)  In an interview, a TSA worker reports on her illness and that of many of her colleagues who work near milliwave scanners at airports. Very interesting report on symptoms suffered.  The Homeland Security Admin. said if they wore any RF detection devices they would be fired immediately.  Illnesses included many cancers, miscarriages, neurological problems among people who, prior to working near these machines, had been found to be healthy. This is the same frequency range to which we will be exposed once the 5G microcells are activated.


At 8:25 min Interview with US Department of Homeland Security ex-employee who reports on her extreme health issues – and the deaths of 28 colleagues – as a result of standing next to millimeter wave body scanners at a US airport.  Staff threatened with dismissal if they wore dosimeters.  Symptoms listed at 18.12, including teeth-loosening. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pheiufl6TCA   35 min.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”   Albert Camus


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