2019-01-15 – Another Calif. city council rejects 5G

1)    Re. Site C may contravene international agreements.

UN committee says B.C.’s Site C dam may break international deals

Says Site C would infringe Indigenous Peoples’ rights protected under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

A United Nations committee has warned Canada that continued construction of the Site C hydro dam in northeastern B.C. may violate international agreements.

The UN’s committee on the elimination of racial discrimination says Canada may have already violated an agreement it signed 50 years ago. That agreement commits Canada to prevent development on Indigenous land without adequate consultation.


2)   Further to the article about the plan to put 20,000 satellites that use 5G technology in space, here is a letter to Elon Musk, written by several European experts, warning about the hazards this project will pose to life on earth.


 3)   A pilot project to reduce costs for those opting out of smeters is being presented to the Oregon PUC.  There are so many ways of reducing fees for those with transmitters turned off or lucky enough to still have their analogs. In some countries, people are allowed to call their readings in or to take a photo and email it in. But Hydro is too eager to get extortion fees from as many as possible for as long as possible, even if they cannot be justified – and especially because they are not reported.

Pacific Power proposes Fixed-Bill Pilot for opt-out customers 

“Also according to the release, the Fixed-Bill Pilot would allow opt-out customers to pay a monthly fixed dollar amount for a 12-month period and have their meter read three times per year. The monthly payment would include an average of the customer’s most recent 12-month energy bills, a 7.5 percent adder fee to cover energy usage fluctuations, plus a $36 meter reading fee charged three times per year across 12 months or $9 per month.” 


4)  About 4 months ago another city in the high-tech area of No. California rejected microcells based on health concerns. These are knowledgeable residents, many of whom probably work in the telecom industry.

Bay Area City Blocks 5G Deployments Over Cancer Concerns.

“The Bay Area may be the center of the global technology industry, but that hasn’t stopped one wealthy enclave from protecting itself from the future.

The city council of Mill Valley, a small town located just a few miles north of San Francisco, voted unanimously late last week to effectively block deployments of small-cell 5G wireless towers in the city’s residential areas.

Through an urgency ordinance, which allows the city council to immediately enact regulations that affect the health and safety of the community, the restrictions and prohibitions will be put into force immediately for all future applications to site 5G telecommunications equipment in the city. Applications for commercial districts are permitted under the passed ordinance.” 


The city council is working on the details given that, like Innovation, Science and Economic Development (formerly Industry Canada)  the US FCC allows very little local control over the radiation-emitting devices that are put in communities.

Mill Valley joins effort to constrain 5G proliferation

“The issue is that 5G towers, which would allow for faster and higher-capacity video streaming and other transmissions, could exacerbate health symptoms already suspected as a result of exposure to electromagnetic fields, according to the EMF Safety Network, a group advocating to keep communities EMF-free… 

“What 5G does is it adds another cloud to what we refer to as ‘electromagnetic smog’ into an environment that is already pretty saturated,” said Fairfax resident and activist Valeri Hood. “In Fairfax, what we’re doing is asking our council to step up in the way councils have in the past, and just say no to 5G.”” 


I haven’t read the entire staff report but I believe it might have ideas, info that we can use to address concerns with our city councils.

Mill Valley Staff Report



From:  Marcus Schluschen  (name given with permission)

Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2019 2:01 PM

To:  tamara.mitchell@gov.bc.ca

Subject: Is this accountability?

Hello, Tamara,

This is an excerpt from a letter, supposedly written by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, to a lady whose grandson suffers for man-made, EMF intolerance, just like my wife, and thousands of others.  This cut and paste style of reply is what many of our members received from this government and BC Health.

Specific questions remain intentionally unanswered.  Is this accountability?

The bold large text are excerpts from Dr. Bonnie Henry’s recent letter.  I added my comments between the lines.

“In my role as Provincial Health Officer I, along with my colleagues across the country, continue to monitor the science around electromagnetic fields and have reviewed the recent publications with scientists at the BCCDC and the BC Cancer Agency.”

1. Doctors are not trained in the field of EMF science, and her appointment to BC’s Chief Medical Officer does not automatically and miraculously bestow expert knowledge to the holder of this office.

2. Who are these people from BCCDC and the BC Cancer Agency?  What are their qualifications in the highly specialized field of EMF science?

3. Which “recent publications” is Dr. Henry referring to?  Like her predecessor, she avoids answering these questions, once again.

4. The BC Cancer Agency’s Mary McBride was exposed by CTV, as someone who misrepresented her credentials over many years.

The CTV’s expose revealed that McBride has no MD, nor PhD credentials!  Despite this shocking exposure, McBride remains at the BC Cancer Agency to this day, and is referred to on their website, as; “distinguished scientist”.

The CEO, Dr. Max Coppes, from The BC Cancer Agency receives the obscene salary of $561,000, while they celebrate volunteers, working for free, to raise money!

Cancer has become a shrewd business!

5. Who monitors the telecom industry in BC?

I have spoken to a TELUS lobbyist who informed me, that no government agency is monitoring them.  Industry is allowed to monitor itself!

6. Is Dr. Henry unaware that BC Hydro, TELUS and Glentel have made enormous donations to The BC Cancer Agency? 

How can this agency maintain their scientific objective, in light of millions of dollars in corporate donations?

In 2011, the World Health Organization re-classified all radiofrequency radiation, as a possible human carcinogen.

This includes the entire spectrum of non- ionizing radiation emitted by TELUS cell towers, cell phones, WiFi, and BC Hydro’s smart meters, with no exceptions!

The scientists who were part of this decision in 2011, such as Dr. Anthony Miller, are now demanding a 1 A – Human Carcinogen re-classification by the WHO in light of overwhelming, unequivocal scientific evidence of harm to living cells from non-ionizing radiation, far below Safety Code 6!

Money influence at the BC Cancer Agency.   Would they also gratefully accept millions of dollars in donations from tobacco giants such as Phillip Morris, or the Asbestos industry, who knew for many years that their products were toxic to life?

“There continues to be more research needed around cellphone use and cancer . . .” 

7. It was agreed (incl. Canada) the Precautionary Principle would be implemented when an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.

The recent 10 year NTP and the Ramazzini studies and thousands of other peer reviewed studies on cancer, proving harm to life, are not enough?

Why are thousands of studies insufficient?

It appears that this information of The Precautionary Principle seems to have escaped this government, the BC Cancer Agency, BCCDC, and even Dr. Bonnie Henry.

“. . . and we continue to recommend people make personal choices to reduce their exposure.”

8. How can any informed person take this statement seriously?

EVERYONE is exposed to cell towers, smart meter and WiFi radiation, in schools, work places, the home, and now even in hospitals, from TELUS cell towers and Shaw’s public WiFi hot spots, without informed consent!  There are no “personal choices”!

Exposing the public, without consent, constitutes a giant, illegal, unauthorized biological experiment.  We are the lab rats, and no one is monitoring anything!

“The scientific consensus, however, continues to support there is no evidence that exposure to wifi and smart metres and other devices which use radiofrequency transmission at current exposure levels poses a threat to health of children or adults in BC. The statement above remains the position of my office on this issue.”

9. This absurd statement is copied from the playbook of the wireless industry, and a complete fabrication of scientific facts!  Shame on Dr. Henry!

Dr. Kendall was unable to provide the parents with even ONE peer reviewed study by a scientist or medical expert stating “exposure to microwave radiation is safe for children and the unborn.”

When 247 EMF experts from 41 nations launch an International Scientists Appeal against wireless radiation exposure, there is no “scientific consensus”!

When thousands of physicians signed The International Doctors Appeal 2012, there is no “scientific consensus”!

When entire medical organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, issued warnings for RFR exposure, there is no “scientific consensus”!

When the American Academy of Environmental Medicine issues repeated warnings regarding RFR exposure, there is no “scientific consensus”!

The repeated attempts to misinform the public, through various government agencies, is in violation of their office, and abandonment of due diligence.

Please advise:

Where can we address our grievances to, regarding senior government officials’ negligence?

Our experience, so far, is that everyone passes the buck, and nobody is responsible for anything!

Are our letters read in person, by Dr. Bonnie Henry or the Ministers, or are our letters answered by assistants to the assistants, who have a script to follow?

How can we request an educational EMF seminar, to be held for health officials, physicians and nurses, possibly by Dr. Riina Bray and Dr. Anthony Miller?

Our experience communicating with this government and health officials is sobering.  We did not expect that this supposedly democratic government would be so disappointingly negligent in their duties to protect the public.  It appears that nothing is read by senior officials, and the fate of public health is left in the hands of junior staff.

Your help would be much appreciated!

Best regards,

Marcus Schluschen



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”     -Arnold Schopenhauer


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